Hardie Davis Wins Runoff

Hardie Davis is now the Senator from the 22nd District.

Davis won Tuesday’s special election runoff with 5,801 votes, or 55.48 percent, to opponent Harold V. Jones II’s 4,655 votes, or 44.52 percent. Davis replaces Ed Tarver, who quit the seat last year after President Obama appointed him U.S. attorney for the Southern District of Georgia.

But when, exactly, Davis will step into his shoes is uncertain. Because no one won a majority in the Jan. 5 special election, Augusta’s legislative delegation has been short a senator since the General Assembly convened Jan. 11. Davis has already missed the first 10 days of the 40-day session.

Under customary practices, Richmond County Board of Elections Executive Director Lynn Bailey said, Davis would likely be sworn in a week from Friday. The elections board should have Tuesday’s results certified Thursday or Friday. Then it would take another week for the Georgia Secretary of State’s Office to prepare the oath of office documents and send them to Augusta.

Davis, though, said he’s hoping to get the process streamlined so he can be sworn in Monday in Atlanta. He hasn’t missed anything major in the Senate so far — only votes on three minor bills — and he said he’s eager to delve into issues involving the state’s $1.25 billion shortfall, education funding and protecting the Medical College of Georgia.


  1. drjay says:

    it does seem like their would be a way to expedite this process, considering the ledge is in session right now…if there is no contraversy why can’t oath of office documents be prepared already–why does it take a week to do this anyway? seems like you’d just grab a form off the stack and fill in the blanks no?

    • Ken in Eastman says:

      Actually, yes I do.

      One more Dem vote won’t matter and it’s the right thing to do; people deserve representation. I think Brian is smart enough to see that.

  2. rightofcenter says:

    More important than the fact that he is a Dem is that he is a Tech grad. We need more Tech folks, now! Seat him!

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