The curious case of Ken Hodges, Part III: Is Georgia Public Broadcasting hiding the ball on this matter?

(Note: Be sure to read Part I and Part II of this series.)

This week we’ve explored the curious case of Democrat Ken Hodges, candidate for Attorney General (Website | Facebook | LinkedIn | Twitter) and the mystifying actions he allegedly took in his official capacity as the then-District Attorney of Dougherty County in a matter of whistle blowers and Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital in Albany. We’ve also examined the actions of Republican candidate for Governor, State Rep. Austin Scott (Website | Facebook |Twitter) who has been trying for years to uncover the allegedly systemic abuse of some non-profit hospitals like Phoebe Putney with regard to their charitable obligations as tax-exempt entities.

Now, a documentary has been completed on this most interesting matter. Titled Do No Harm, the documentary is produced by The Kindling Group, a “nonprofit organization dedicated to creating documentary films that explore critical social issues and channeling them into powerful tools for community engagement and change.”

Guess who won’t let this documentary air in Georgia?

Georgia Public Broadcasting says they won’t allow Do No Harm to be seen by the public on their airwaves.

Nancy Zintak, a spokeswoman for Georgia Public Broadcasting, said the statewide network has rejected the film. “The reason that we’re not airing it is basically is it was not balanced,” Zintak said. “It didn’t come to us like a vetted news journalistic program like ‘Frontline.’ It came from an independent, non-journalistic producer. There was no attempt to show another point of view.

“The door is not closed on the film, but as it stands right now, it wasn’t up to standards,” Zintak said.

Nancy Zintak (Blog | Twitter) certainly has an unusual viewpoint as to what has or has not been “vetted” to her standards or those of her superiors at GPB.

Let’s see who Nancy Zintak thinks is up to her standards, then.

Uhhh, Nancy Grace meets Zintak’s standards for fair and balanced? Nancy Grace?!? The woman who is nightly on the attack, irrespective of the facts? That Nancy Grace? And she’s going to work on a show called “Swift Justice”!?!

Evidently so.

But for Zintak to promote her reasons for not airing the documentary makes one wonder what those that have aired Do No Harm saw that she missed. Yes, quite a few other PBS stations nationwide have aired Do No Harm. For example:

* San Francisco, CA (KQED)
* Albuquerque, NM (KENW)
* Appleton, MN (KWCM)
* South Carolina State Network (Statewide PBS System)
* Louisiana State Network (Statewide PBS System)
* New Orleans (WLAE)
* East Lansing, MI (WKAR)
* Detroit, MI (WTVS)
* West Virginia (WVPB)
* Maryland Public Television (Statewide PBS System)

I wonder why ten PBS stations or networks felt that Do No Harm was perfectly reasonable to air there (including our neighboring state of South Carolina) but Zintak’s superiors felt that it couldn’t air here because of “bias.”

Surely it wouldn’t have anything to do with the fact that two of Georgia Public Broadcasting’s Corporate Sponsors are the Medical Center of Central Georgia and Wellstar Health Systems, both members of the Georgia Alliance of Community Hospitals, a network of non-profit hospitals just like Phoebe Putney (which was the target of the documentary)?

Nah, I’m sure that’s just a coincidence…

Do No Harm is available for purchase, by the way.


  1. polisavvy says:

    Thank you so much for this three-part exposure of this type of corruption. We need to know this type of information and I, and I’m sure I speak for many of the others, appreciate your hard work. Thanks again.

  2. Rick Day says:

    wow, this is a first. A unabashed Republican complaining that something is NOT being shown on socialist public television.

    I wonder if the irony of corporate meddling resulting in censoring content is lost on those who still insist that everything receiving tax payer funds would ‘be better served’ by the private sector?


  3. Jack Smith says:

    Great job, Pete. I only wish others across the state had followed this story as closely as you have. If they had, the Hodges filth might not be leading the Democratic field in fundraising.

    Make no mistake–Hodges isn’t just a bad candidate, Hodges is a truly evil and corrupt candidate. He is the personification of filth, hypocrisy and sanctimony. Those who care for honesty and fairness ignore this primary at their peril.

    • polisavvy says:

      Is there a way to get the local newspapers/organizations across the state to pick this up? If so, how could we help them do so? Any ideas? I’m game.

      • Jack Smith says:

        I don’t know, Polisavvy. It’s really important that the story gets out. Galloway follows it a bit, but other outlets like GPB are apparently going to blow it off. This guy has to be stopped and November is too close to the AG’s office for comfort.

        I’m waiting for someone to show some stones and demand that Hodges reimburse the taxpayers for his defense. It’s not like he doesn’t have the money.

        • polisavvy says:

          I know it could take a lot of work and in some areas probably not well received, but could we go on a blitz by sending emails to all the local newspapers? We could give
          them a brief synopsis of what’s going on and provide them with links so they could research it themselves. They then could produce articles in their local papers and let the readers read what’s going on. That way the voters would know the story and could make informed decisions. Is this doable or am I crazy? (Before the nasty people say I am crazy, I’ll go ahead and admit that on occasions, I am).

  4. shrike071 says:

    Pete – you’d be well-served by getting off your duff and doing some actual “journalism” if you want to be taken seriously. Pick up the phone and call over there, perhaps – or is that too much work for you?

    I strongly suspect that the Nancy Grace program is being shot at the GPB studios, and not being aired by GPB. The word on the street is that GPB is using their facilities as rental/production sources to outside clients as a means to keep the lights on.

  5. Bucky Plyler says:

    I betcha (Palinese) they wouldn’t court Neil Boortz or Herman Cain, who are GA based, if they had TV shows. (I’d like to see Cain on TV, that would be good!) SO, just keeping the lights on may not be the primary concern.

    I think Pete has it right…it’s more about who’s money they are receiving thru sponsorships & who’s money they want to continue to get.

  6. richie.rashad says:

    Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital has been accepting black and low-income patients and treating them for free since the 1870’s! Now the racists come around and try to say that Phoebe is bad because it takes care of black people in South Georgia and treats indigents in the area with no contribution from the local governments. Ken Hodges investigated these racists who used KKK imagery to intimidate employees and patients. Ken has earned the trust of the black community in South Georgia.

    • ByteMe says:

      Except it appears he also used his government position to legally intimidate the hospital’s detractors and provide evidence in a civil legal proceeding when no criminal investigation was warranted. And that makes him not worthy of the trust of higher office.

    • CajunJoe says:

      I have actually seen the fax you called “racist”. It was questioning why Phoebe had no blacks in senior management. I have been to that hospital many times. The truth is, if you are black, you are a lot more likely to carry a mop or a food tray than a briefcase. I don’t know if that is right or wrong, but it was a pretty valid observation in a community with a black mayor, and black top executives at every major industry in town except one: Phoebe Putney. Phoebe execs wanted to create the perception it was racist to aim hate at the senders. It was an editorial, nothing more, nothing less. It was not a crime.

  7. richie.rashad says:

    how wrong you are about Phoebe and Ken Hodges. Imagine during the era of Jim Crow that Phoebe Putney wrote into the charter of he hospital that blacks could not be turned away. As a result, poor from across Southwest Georgia flock to Phoebe. There are a diverse group on the Hospital Authority and in the Hospital’s management. The fax-mongers represented greedy doctors and a for profit hospital in their attempt to discredit Phoebe. Anyway that was a minor part of Ken’s work – he put away a lot of criminals!

    • CajunJoe says:

      No one to my understanding has ever said Phoebe turns away anyone…the problem was (is) how a 501(c)3 “charitable” organization was treating sick folks AFTER they went home.

      Ken Hodges blew the opportunity to move up in the political world when he decided to prosecute 3 men as a favor WHEN THERE WAS NO CRIME. Putting away CRIMINALS was the job he was paid to do. Trying to put away men he knew were not guilty of any crime is, well, morally corrupt.

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