Mike Evans And Icarus Send Birthday Greetings To Tom Graves

Today is Tom Graves birthday. Happy Birthday Rep. Graves. I hope you’ve had a great day.

Mike Evans, the man who Graves once risked his political future for, has decided that Tom’s present should be Evans’ endorsement of Senator Lee Hawkins. There are two paragraphs in his press release that will almost make me miss Mike Evans. Almost. I’ve decided to add my own commentary to them, as a lovely parting gift for Mr. Evans:

As you know, I have never shied away from calling out President Obama, Speaker Nancy Pelosi or other Washington liberals for their damaging policies. (except when I am getting paid with your local tax dollars to get me some damaging Obama/Pelosi stimulus money) I am 100 percent in support of bringing stronger, effective, conservative leadership to Congress.

Thank you to all my friends for the support you have given me in the past. I now urge you to join me in supporting Lee Hawkins in the same ways you have supported me (you know, buy giving me money because my consultant told you I was the only one who could raise money. Yeah, about that. Sorry.)

Sincerely, (I have no idea what this word means, but I’m told it’s customary to put it here)

Mike Evans

So, Mike Evans drops out of the race to earn a living. His job is being a lobbyist. His current political ties are in transportation. Jeff Mullis, is the Chair of the Senate Transportation Committee. Mullis is officially remaining neutral, but has hosted a meet and greet for Hawkins, and Mullis’ aide, Kailor Gordy, has gone from the Mike Evans campaign to Lee Hawkins “with the support of Senator Mullis and Mike Evans”.

O.K., we get it. It’s politics. Or at least, the politics of money. Evans will most likely be lobbying transportation issues, and he doesn’t want to cross Jeff Mullis. Mullis meanwhile, has already tried to push a horrible candidate on his constituents, and has been resounding rejected by them, thus his “official” in name only neutrality. Watching him dressed like a Christmas tree at the Walker County GOP dinner with Evans and Kemp stickers as ornaments was somewhat amusing. Watching the results come back incredibly lopsided against his chosen candidates was much more so.

That same Walker GOP dinner was the first time I had ever heard Tom Graves speak. For the Evansbots who constantly have accused me of being Tom’s plant on these pages, you should know that prior to that evening, we had only met once, at the State Convention in Savannah. I didn’t catch his name when we were introduced, didn’t know who he was, and only later was told I had been chatting with Tom Graves. We weren’t exactly best friends.

But as this race has developed, I have been able to watch and listen. I have learned more about him and his character. And I have found the elusive qualities of someone who can actually articulate true conservatism in a positive, uplifting manner, as opposed to the all to common angry and bitter diatribes we too often settle for today.

And though I remain ever cynical, I am willing to bet that in Tom Graves we have a future GOP superstar who will not only admirably talk the talk, but walk the walk.

There are many fine candidates remaining in the 9th Congressional GOP primary, I will not be able to vote for any of them, though I will encourage my friends and relatives who can to vote for only one: Tom Graves.

I am not delusional enough to think that Rep. Graves would have rather had my endorsement for a birthday present than that of Mike Evans. But mine is what I have to give, and today, I offer my support to Tom Graves.


  1. Part-Time Atlanta says:

    Well then, Happy Birthday (hopefully Congressman) Graves.

    And just so I’m clear: Hawkins was a lobbyist, hired a consultant who is a lobbyist, got a new campaign manager who is a lobbyist, said the word lobbyist one time, and now just got the endorsement of a lobbyist? If this is true, my question now is: Will Hawkins grow a pony tail?

  2. appachtrail70 says:

    Personally I think an endorsement from Icarus is more valuable than an endorsement from Mike Evans. The lobbyist community is already solidly behind Hawkins, while the blogosphere might have a couple undecideds, who haven’t yet gone into Tom’s camp.

    • steelfist says:

      appachtrail70 I agree with you. Now Tom has the endorsement of the 2 most influential bloggers in Georgia – Icarus and Erick.

      On top of this, saw where Tom raised the most money of any of the 9 candidates running and has the grassroots support. Way to go Tom.

    • Dave Bearse says:

      Me too. An endorsement from Icarus’, as someone Democrats like me respect, is much more important (at least in the general) to those that pay attention than that of a hanger on.


    The “only” reason the lobbyist are supposedly behind Hawkins, would be because he can be bought, and Graves can’t be. Graves is on of the most up-front, honest decent men around the Capital. I say, let the “best” man win!!

  4. AlanR says:

    But how does Oxendine fit into this conspiracy? Did I miss something?

    And if being a lobbyist is a terrible thing, what does it say about legislators who take their contributions, dinners, and other perks?

    Just asking.

  5. GOPGeorgia says:

    Mike can endorse who he likes, but I wish he had done it either a day before or a day after Tom’s birthday.

  6. “I am willing to bet that in Tom Graves we have a future GOP superstar who will not only admirably talk the talk, but walk the walk.”

    That is Tom Graves! He’s got solid character, is highly competent and connects well with people (aka, NOT ARROGANT). I certainly hope he wins.

  7. Archon says:

    A conservative? Then can someone tell me if Mr. Graves voted for the budget last year.

    I know other conservatives in fear of loosing their committees and other perks(Chip Rogers) voted for a budget balanced with federal bail out money. I’m just wondering if Mr. Graves is that “kind” of principled conservative we can count on.

    Does anyone know?

  8. Holly says:

    Happy birthday to Tom Graves!

    I really can’t get past the pettiness of announcing an endorsement of a rival on a former friend’s birthday. That’s got all the class of a character from Jersey Shore.

  9. kyleinatl says:

    Am I the only one that thinks Tom Graves looks kinda like the young Al Pacino?

    I guess it’s just me…

  10. jackson says:

    I wonder what Icarus would have said if Evans would have endorsed Graves, like Graves wanted…and asked for.

    Would the title have been “Slimeball, Lobbyist, (Insert Insult Here), Mike Evans endorses Tom Graves?’

    My guess is that he is probably a good guy if he endorses Tom, and a scumbag if not. Isn’t that right?

    Seriously, dude, let it go. Evans is out. Let him live his life.

    It think its sad that people like you digress to trash people so mercilessly who are working/running against people you support, as if all non-Icarus Republicans are scumbags.

    Your bitterness and vindictiveness may serve you well in politics for the short term but its obvious you are not a better person for it . I feel sorry for you.

  11. chefdavid says:

    We all know that Mullis has to support someone on the east side of the district. That way when re-apportionment comes up he will be able to run for the newly created seat. And his pick who will then be a sitting Rep. will be able to return the favor. Go Tom Graves.

    • HankRearden says:

      I wonder why Mullis did not run this time. Everyone seems to think it is his ultimate goal. Does anyone have any info?

  12. macho says:

    I’ve heard some swipes at Tom, but can somebody give me a sound reason to vote for Hawkins over Tom. Is Hawkins more conservative, more experienced, a better leader, etc…

    • Joshua Morris says:

      @macho, Hawkins is more experienced and is a better leader. I think both of these guys are conservative, although the Gravesbots like to spam threads with mischaracterizations of and pot shots at Hawkins.

      Hawkins has shown his leadership ability as the past President of the Hall County Dental Society, past Editor of the American Academy of Dental Practice, past Secretary of GDA’s Northern District Dental Society, and past Treasurer for the Georgia Dental Association as well as its past President (2003-04).

      He also has served as a board member of the American Cancer
      Society, Director of the Kiwanis Club, a member of the Board of Trustees of the Northeast Georgia Medical Center, Board member of the American Heart Association of Hall
      County, past member of the City Planning Commission and a
      Board Member of the Hall County Historical Society.

      Senator Lee Hawkins has served Georgia’s 49th District well with an unequivocally conservative record.

      There is no question that Dr. Hawkins is a servant to his community, a competent and compassionate caregiver, and a true leader. His experience in healthcare and running a business gives him a notable edge on the largest issues our Nation faces today. While there are many fine people in this race, Dr. Hawkins is the best choice to represent the people of the 9th District.

      • Jeremy Jones says:

        All of those might be true, I don’t know him that well, I will take your word at it. However, at this time of exploding government spending, we do not need a Congressman who just in the past couple of months applauded the reciept of federal stimulus money for his district. His near exact words,

        I am generally against stimulus money, but this money will bring much needed jobs to North Georgia.

        I do not think many people dispute the benefit of the money, but us Conservatives do dispute both the appropriateness and need for the money at this time.

        If he cannot stand up against this type of pork when he had no vote on it, how can we expect him to fight to turn down other federal wastes of money?

          • steelfist says:

            Pushing for taxpayer funded teeth cleaning may make you a great dentist and a leader among dentists, but does not make you a conservative.

          • Joshua Morris says:

            steel, spamming threads with baseless anecdotes may make you a good Gravesbot, but it doesn’t make anything you have to offer worthwhile.

  13. kcordell says:

    I thought Mr. Hawkins was going to withdraw. Wasn’t that the rumor “steelfist” spread on PP just a few weeks ago? After that I consider any criticism of Mr. Hawkins from “steelfist” as laughable.

  14. steelfist says:

    kordell – this is what is laughable – From Lee Hawkins’ Twitter Account: “Lee Hawkins I’m the first candidate in the nation to call for passing a Constitutional amendment to require a balanced federal budget.
    Yesterday at 4:50pm via Twitter”

    You’ve got to be kidding me? This guy puts out there that he is the first candidate in the nation to call for a balanced budget even though Congress has debated and voted on that several times since 1995 and maybe even earlier. Looks like Hawkins’ hired Ox’s Twitter guy. Ha ha haaa. Amateurs.

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