Big news in the midstate

Challenging Ned Sanders is no easy feat.

Houston County District Attorney Kelly Burke says he is considering a bid for the Houston commission chairmanship in this year’s election.

“I’m really just exploring the idea right now,” said Burke, 51, who is the in the middle of his fourth, four-year term as the county’s head prosecutor. Burke, who previously served as magistrate judge for Houston County, said he is also considering helping to field and back another candidate.


  1. MSBassSinger says:

    Now that leaves me with divided feelings. Replacing Burke as DA would be a good thing, but his brand of airheaded incompetence could lay waste t0 Houston County government.

  2. Guese says:

    Honestly I see this a great thing, I hope that Kelly does decide to run for chair. Not that I want Kelly on the board, but that I believe that he can not beat Ned. In failing to win election, Kelly does the best thing he’s done for HC in a long time….remove himself from office. The citizens of houston county deserve a DA who is willing to prosecute actual criminals rather than seek to punish children who are attending a school out of zone. But recently according to the direction of the DA’s office in HC, one would feel that the biggest problem facing the county was school children.

  3. CajunJoe says:

    I will say 2 things regarding Kelly Burke. First, he is a co-defendant with Ken Hodges in the false prosecution for Phoebe Putney fiasco you have been reporting on for days. He is at best inept as a prosecutor, and more likely as bad as Ken Hodges in every respect.

    Second, visit and form your own opinion about him. It has to be one of the funniest websites I have ever seen publically lampooniong a public official.

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