Austin Scott: A Quick Take

I was speaking to a friend of mine late last week, who happens to be a lobbyist. When Austin Scott’s name came up in the conversation, the response was this:

“I absolutely love Austin Scott. He’s a great guy. The only time he ever does what I want him to do is when it’s also the right thing.”

I laughed. Because in a very weird way, that’s probably the best compliment a politician can ever get from a lobbyist.


    • B Balz says:

      Hey Doug:

      Not so much a ‘man-crush’ in as much as some pol savvy folk believe the two most credible GOP candidates for GA Gov are Ms. Handel and Rep. Austin Scott. All of which presupposes an Oxendine meltdown.

      In life, I hope for the best and prepare for the worst.

      Until Mr. Oxendine’s front runner status diminishes, the speculation, innuendo is only useful to pol operatives and is an exercise in political ‘future tripping.”

      I look forward to seeing what’s what in June/July.

      • Doug Deal says:

        From what I have seen, I like Austin, and I defended him from attacks by the likes of Icarus and others at Peach Pundit almost a year ago as being unserious and wasting his time. I never thought he was an ideal Governor candidate and thought he would have done better in the 8th Congressional.

        I suppose that I am suspicious that shortly after Icarus started speaking to Austin around the time of the Speaker fiasco, that all of a sudden Austin is too dreamy for words according to Icarus and his virtual sock-puppet also seems to be doing the same.

        I would hope that people would post their true feelings here on PP and not try to use it’s visibility to manipulate with what seems to be coordinated pre-screened opinions.

        Personally, I think the credibility of this website is in a seriously on the wane.

        • B Balz says:

          Perhaps, although Mr. Randall’s series was pretty well done.

          PP’s credibility and usefulness as a forum to communicate, informally, to our lawmakers ought not be taken lightly or diminished, that’s for sure.

          Ditto on Rep. Scott, I was an early supporter as well.

    • IMHO says:

      Anyone know why his first wife left him?

      No, but unless you can blame it on Ox we don’t really care, either. Seriously, I have known her for years and she holds Austin in high regard. Sometimes things just don’t work out. You are trying to imply something that you can’t back up. If I am wrong, prove it.

      • B Balz says:

        Has anyone else noticed the plethora of new PP bloggers? Some are offering interesting and thoughtful commentary, some are
        not: Making Sense.

    • lets rock says:

      Can we just leave the ex wife out this! She is remarried and on with her life and he is now married to a very beautiful lady “Vivien” who will make us a beautiful and talented First Lady not sure if many have taken a look at Vivien Scott she is a great Lady!

    • Mozart says:

      Making Sense,

      Boy-howdy, that dude with political vine must have stung the Handel folks yesterday so that you are now worried enough about Austin Scott to even give him recognition. Can’t wait to see Handel’s performance tomorrow night.

    • LoyaltyIsMyHonor says:

      Making Sense, I sure do. And so many other people who were around the capitol 10 years ago.

      But since I’m using a screen name, I will not say. Neither will his detractors as long as he continues to poll so low.

      • Mozart says:

        Sounds like you are a perfect person with a perfect spouse (if applicable), a perfect pet (if applicable), perfect kids (if applicable), and just the most wonderful perfect life one could hope for, Loyalty.

        • polisavvy says:

          So what it is exactly that you know? I mean, you’re protected from recognition with your anonymous screen name. If you have something tell it. No one will know it’s you.

  1. oompaloompa says:

    I have met Austin several times. Everything I’ve heard about him is good. He’s not my No. 1, but I think he’s solid.

    • anewday says:

      You are crazy. I don’t know who has the power to do this, but this doofus needs to be kicked off this site. Any person who hides behind a screen name and throws out idiotic rhetoric like that should not have the freedom to give opinions. I don’t care if it was Oxendine, Handel, Deal, Johnson, McBerry, or Chapman, but saying crap like that is totally uncalled for and should be punished.

      • polisavvy says:

        I have already found out who he is and on what campaign he works. He’s a real classy guy (and I am using that word very facetiously). He should remember that “people who live in glass houses should not cast stones.” He could open a dialogue about his campaign he does not want. His innuendo is purely and simply bogus!

        • B Balz says:

          @polisavvy Surely you are not speaking about me in the two comments above?? ?

          I am, as the gentleman from Eastman so eloquently states, ‘full of it’, but don’t work for ANY pol campaign.

    • ByteMe says:

      Having divorced a crazy ex-wife who filed a false police report claiming abuse and then never had to go to court to back the claim up (the DA wouldn’t let the case go forward and wouldn’t let it go away either)… just sayin’ you don’t know what went on even if you think you know.

        • polisavvy says:

          I am crushed that you don’t want to meet me. Haha! I’d love to me you and a few others on here. Unfortunately, I can’t be at tonight’s debate; however, I’ll be at the next. 🙁

        • Ken in Eastman says:

          ByteMe didn’t even make it to Vesuvius and I was disappointed.

          A liberal who can make me laugh and has solid opinions is a rarity. Perhaps ByteMe is on display somewhere.

          Anyway, ByteMe, if you decide to sit down and have a brew or two while discussing politics, I’d like to be there. I do think it would be fun.

          I’ve already had the great pleasure of meeting Mr. B. Balz and I will personally vouch for his insight, affability and conversational skills.

          • ByteMe says:

            Thank you, Ken. Sorry to disappoint, but I have two little ones and a workday that usually starts around 5 am, so getting out at night is a rarity I save for taking the lovely Mrs. ByteMe on an evening out to a good restaurant.

            • B Balz says:

              Our loss, Byte, your humor and point of view is refreshing and keeps folks grounded. Your views represent what I would envision pragmatic, progressive Dems to be.

              Keep on truckin’ (Ancient is, as ancient does…)

          • B Balz says:

            Ken you embody the high ideal of Statemanship, being able to say I am full of it and make me feel great about it. (;>)

  2. I came about as close as I could to endorsing Scott without actually taking the plunge in my column last week (the candidate’s people found the column and posted in on

    To most Georgians he remains an unknown, but I really think the ball is in his court. If some money is out there among the reform-minded Peach Pundit faithful, I think Scott’s in a great position to make a serious spring push.

    It’s time for the “I really like Scott, but I’m still supporting a more well known candidate” crowd to reconsider their allegiances.

    Dark horse or not, this guy is exactly the governor we need. As an independent, I can’t understand why the state and national G.O.P. aren’t already throwing their weight behind Scott. He’s a democrat’s nightmare — a young, well-spoken, sensible and ethical republican with a constructive ‘change’ message.

      • NorthGAGOP says:

        Walking 1000 miles qualifies you for Governor? Actually, it was a stunt to try to get earned media all across the state.

        • anewday says:

          As far as I can see he has qualified in every way the the Ga. Constitution says that one needs to be qualified to be Governor. On top of that he has been in Ga. State Legislature for 14 years and has been on the Ways and Means, Appropriations, Rules, and has chaired the Governmental Affairs committee. If you look at the history of past Governor’s all Governor’s except for Lester Maddox were in the legislation before they became Governor. If that is the measuring stick then Austin is second to none in this race.

          • polisavvy says:

            Excellent post, anewday. I have been waiting on NorthGAGOP’s responses to my questions. Still waiting, too.

    • polisavvy says:

      What, in your opinion, makes him not qualified? Is it because he hasn’t become the joke of the State and had his ethics questioned? Is it because he hasn’t gone around the country inquiring of the President’s birthplace and using such great terms as “ghetto grandma?” Is it because he is not considered one of the country’s most corrupt Congressmen? Is it because he is an intelligent, well-educated man? Is it because he did not quit a job that he was elected to in order to run for a job he’d like better? Is it because he doesn’t want us to secede from the Union but, instead, believes in smaller and less government? Is it because of total transparency on his disclosure filing? Is it because he doesn’t take money from lobbyists? Is it because he hasn’t served his constituents well for 14 years? Is it because he actually walked through those counties in Georgia because he wanted to, not because he was getting paid by the State (taxpayers) to do so in the normal course of his job? How is it just a media ploy when you do walk across Georgia in order to hear the concerns of Georgians so you know what really matters to them? What is it that makes him not qualified? I’d be curious to hear your answers.

      • lets rock says:

        He also did not borrow funds and mortgage his home to make his disclosure look great! He turned in exactly what we the tax payers gave him to become our governor! He is the man I am voting for July 20th and again in November! See you all at the Scott Inauguration!

        • polisavvy says:

          You know, as late as yesterday, I was still on the fence about who to vote for; however, when I awoke today and saw that the only thing anyone could say ill of Austin Scott was some completely bogus crap about an ex-wife and a crush, it became much clearer to me. We need someone who will be a “stand up guy” for us (I think that yesterday’s story on Representative Scott’s quest for the truth shows his integrity). We need someone who will buck the system when the system needs bucking, regardless of the toll it could take on his political career. We need someone who will actually take the time to visit Georgians (not at taxpayers’ expense) and ascertain their issues and concerns. We really could use a man like Austin Scott as our Governor.

          For those who don’t think he has the experience, I strongly disagree. I think ChiefofStaff65 summed it up pretty well; therefore, no further explanation is needed. Think of the governors of Georgia who have been in office since you were old enough to know anything about politics, and you will see the same pattern of experience with Austin Scott that you will see with those who have already served. The only difference is that a few were lawyers (which may or may not be a good thing).

          So, unless people have real issues or stories that have validity, I think the time for innuendos should end. Yes, there was a first wife. Yes, they have a child together. But get this, they are very good friends — all of them. Just because there is an ex-wife it doesn’t necessarily mean that there is some sordid story of lust and infidelity even when it does involves a politician. Some things, including marriages, just don’t work out.

    • Mozart says:

      What “qualified” Jimmy Carter or Sonny Perdue to become governor?

      (filing NorthGAGOP’s statement in the book of Top 1000 Irrelevant Conversation Starters for Georgians)

  3. Hmm… is HandelPundit losing its steam? Austin Scott’s front-page treatment here sure has gone from zero to sixty over the past couple of weeks. However, I still know next to nothing about the guy. The bio on his website is business-focused with no pandering to the abortion-and-gays crowd, which is a refreshing and positive sign. Holy cow, he even has a college degree!

    However, I’d like to know something deeper than “everybody thinks he’s a nice guy”. I tend to pick my politicians based on whose controversy is the least serious kind of controversy, but when I’m told that there IS no controversy then I assume I’m being bulls**tted.

    • Mayonnaise says:

      Maybe Scott and Handel can pool their money together. Then they would be a solid 4th in cash onhand.

      Seriously, Austin is a great guy but he can barely afford a new pair of sneakers for his next walk.

      • polisavvy says:

        Do you really believe that Austin can’t afford a new pair of sneakers? Come on, you can come up with something better than that, can’t you? Anyway, July is still a while away. I have said it before, and I’ll say it again, the people in the lead could fall behind because of adverse publicity/scandals or whatever which could be divulged at a later date. Money can be raised by candidates particularly when support begins to wane for any of the frontrunners. Endorsements, which have not been announced, could become game changers. This is politics, and we all know that anything can happen. Name recognition polls don’t obviously mean as much as you may think — bad publicly helps with name recognition, not campaigns.

      • lets rock says:

        Mayonnaise my husband and I will buy him all the shoes he needs and you a jar of mayonnaise if needed just let me know.

  4. ChiefofStaff65 says:

    Austin’s a nice guy, but… What’s he done to qualify him for Governor?

    Well, before I go into any detail, I am going to respond to this by asking?

    What did Joe Frank Harris do to qualify him for Governor?

    Well, he served as a nine-term state Rep and was a small business owner from rural Georgia and worked to bring the Olympics to Georgia.

    What made Sonny qualified for Governor?

    Well, he was a former State Senator who was a small business owner from rural Georgia and in his first term lived up to these qualifications.

    What made Roy Barnes qualified to be Governor?

    Well, he was a state Representative and Senator and small business owner…I will leave lawyer out because that’s just a negative 🙂

    What made Carl Sanders, one of the highest rated Governors in modern Georgia, qualified to be Governor?

    Well, he served a total of 6 years in the Georgia Legislature, owned a small business and well the lawyer thing again.

    What makes Austin Scott qualified to be Governor?

    Well, he served 14 years in the State Legislature, owned a small business, so far from what we have looked over, does not seem to be beholden to any lobbyist based on the last 14 years disclosures, actually walked and wanted to talk with people and it did not cost you $500 a plate and a black tie. Just that alone. From what I understand, the guy gave out his cell phone number on his walk to citizens to call him.

    I don’t know.

    From what I have read on PP and other websites/articles, I have found nothing, not one thing, zero other than rumors like above about “his first wife” that reflects on him negatively.

    It’s come down to two choices, well researched and I can tell you Austin Scott is one of them.

    Just my four cents worth of thoughts.

    • polisavvy says:

      My sentiments exactly, Chief. Where have you been? I was hoping you would appear today and wondered where you were yesterday. I, like you, would love to hear whatever story IMHO has; however, his silence is almost deafening.

      • IMHO says:

        polisavvy, you misread my post. I was repeating the comment of MakingSense, and telling him/her to put up or shut up. I am offended when someone poses a question that implies strongly there is something amiss, when that is not the case. MakingSense is trying to imply there is some scandal there when I know there is not. Austin Scott and his family are solid as a rock. So sorry that I was not clear!

        • polisavvy says:

          Sorry, I misread your post. I meant my comment to be addressed to Making Sense. I, like you, hate it when people just say crap in order to try to raise suspicion and then say nothing further. Their silence pretty well says it all, don’t you think? Once again, sorry about posting my comment to you.

  5. lets rock says:

    I think we all need to be taking a better and close look at Austin Scott for our governor of our state! I was a Eric Johnson girl until I heard him speak and now I know who my guy is and it is Austin Scott.

  6. chefdavid says:

    Wow! After looking at his websites for the first time I would have to say Austin wins hands down. Why is that important you may ask? If he is limited on resources as many of you say, than how can he produce the best product with the least amount of funds? He is giving us more bang for the buck. A good product for less money. That sounds like a good start to me. I can say I have been listening to him on committe meetings and he seems to ask the hard questions of those that other committee members don’t seem to ask.
    I will have to look into him more.

    • lets rock says:

      That is what we need a tough governor not one that sits in the back guarded by his sweet little “WHATEVER” executive asst. Sonny is not a true Republican which we all know but Austin Scott is a true Republican and was born in this state! We all need to pay close attention to this man he would make us a great governor “Austin Scott”

  7. Joshua Morris says:

    “I absolutely love Austin Scott. He’s a great guy. The only time he ever does what I want him to do is when it’s also the right thing.”

    Is it just me, or does this statement really have problems on multiple levels?

    • Joshua Morris says:

      1. How does this person define what is ‘the right thing?’
      2. Is this person admitting that sometimes he/she lobbies for something that is not right?
      3. Why would this person ‘love Austin Scott’ if he didn’t help him/her more than not?
      4. So what does the statement really mean?

      Just mulling…

      • polisavvy says:

        I guess anyone can read anything into whatever they want. As for me, I interpret it this way:

        The lobbyist will only approach Austin Scott if he/she feels as though it is something that he (Scott) believes will benefit the citizens or not. If it doesn’t, when he (Scott) probably wouldn’t go along with it, and perhaps the lobbyist knows that it would be a total waste of time to do so. I know it’s hard for some to believe but I feel that there are still some politicians who try to the very best of their ability to do what is right/legal/just. As for the expression ‘love Austin Scott’ that could be said because the person really respects him. I love a lot of people, which, in my mind means that I respect them. It doesn’t mean anything romantic whatsoever. (I enjoy reading your comments and respect your opinions and would say something like, “I just love him.”)(Note to you: I do enjoy your posts).

        So, in summary the statement means to me that the lobbyist respects a man who will try to always do what is in the best interest of his constituents and the citizens of Georgia and that the lobbyist know what type(s) of issue(s) he (Austin) will consider good for Georgia or not. This lobbyist is probably very familiar with him and his track record. As an aside, I think that the statement was totally innocuous and meant only with good intentions and respect. I guess beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and everything is up for any type of translation, right?

  8. B Balz says:

    Rep. Scott wanted to avoid a taxpayer mess like the South Fulton incorporation and stood fast to make sure those voting for incorporation in North DeKalb had the best facts available.

    He was stripped of Gov’t Affairs Chair, for a very short time period for sticking to his guns on this issue.

    Rep. Scott demonstrated to me he believes in finding out facts in his research behind our water war. He called out Southern Company on their hand in the matter.

    I don’t work for the man, but hope to see him go all the way on this.

    • lets rock says:

      Briardawg I have to agree with you he may have a temper so what big deal so does my husband but he is a honest man you know where he stands and he looks you in the eyes when he speaks with you and he always speaks he never just walks by you and not speak like some of the others.

  9. Frank Lee says:

    Austin Scott walked about 1,000 miles in Georgia. He didn’t do it as a publicity stunt. He did it to find out what the taxpayers in this state want. He listens to the people not the lobbyists.

  10. ByteMe says:

    And is it me or is the comment thread screwed again? Is this what happens when the mods do a little comment deleting or what?

  11. JayBee says:

    I attended the Big 5 debate. Austin Scott was the only candidate to even mention the concept of “liberty” or ‘personal freedom”. To me that was the grand slam!

    It’s true, Scott will have to fight his way to the top. He needs to do just what he did last night… stand toe to toe and talk the issues. The man is squeaky clean.

    I understand now why the OX attempted to highjack the BeaconCast debate by threatening the organizers with not attending if Scott was allowed in.

    To get name recognition Rep. Scott needs is a good personal scandal that will generate headline news. He could go on a hurting trip and have a “crossfire” accident. He could have his ex-wife put out a press release disclaiming their amiable divorce. He could accept 100s of 1000s of dollars in lobby money and return it only after the AJC exposes it. He could strong arm some elected official into supporting his campaign. How about a behind closed door meeting to secure a no bid contact with the state? That should do it.

    But seriously folks, I can only support a candidate who has less skeletons in the closet that I do.

    That candidate is Austin Scott.

    • B Balz says:

      “I attended the Big 5 debate. Austin Scott was the only candidate to even mention the concept of “liberty” or ‘personal freedom”. To me that was the grand slam!”

      DITTO THAT! Great post.

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