Race for the Ninth Shrinks by One

Georgia’s Ninth District Congressional race shrank to 9 tonight after the withdrawal of Tom Dooley. Dooley made his announcement via Facebook:

Hello my friends,
While traveling the 9th District, I have met many wonderful people full of hope, and steadfast devotion to this great nation of ours. As you all know I feel I have been called to serve once again. I believe that with the candidates currently running for the 9th District U.S. House of Representatives, We will be represented well in Washington; Therefore I am withdrawing my candidacy from the 9th District U.S. House of Representatives Race. I would like to express my deepest gratitude to all of the people that have supported me. Thank You for all the support, kind words, and warm hearts. It has mean so much to me. As I said I feel I have been called to serve, we need effective representation throughout all levels of our government, not just Washington, therefore I am also announcing my candidacy for the Georgia 3rd District House of Representatives; the people of the 3rd District deserve effective representation and I believe I am that representation. Please feel free to contact if you have suggestions and comment. As you all know I will not be silent on Federal Issues either, I will speak without fear and hold all elected officials accountable. Thanks again for your support. I will be changing the name of the group, and I hope all of you will stay a part of it. Thanks again for your support.

Dooley looks to run against Tom Weldon (R-Ringgold) in House District 3.

The Ninth District race has lost a good and sincere man in Tom Dooley. I have heard him speak and can say that he is a patriot who cares a great deal about his country. I cannot say that I blame him for his decision. Fundraising is tough during tough economic times and, with so many candidates in the race, every penny stands to be raised by other candidates. The race is tightening and fundraising numbers will be interesting going forward. You can find the up-to-date fundraising numbers released by the Federal Election Commission on the FEC website.

Be sure to keep an eye on this race. It’ll be interesting to see if any other candidates drop out in the future.


  1. Back in Black says:

    “the people of the 3rd District deserve effective representation and I believe I am that representation.”

    …Because you were so effective in your race for congress?

  2. GOPGeorgia says:

    Tom Weldon won a three person race in the primary without a runoff…I’m just sayin….

    I’m kinda curious on what Dooley thinks that Weldon should be doing that he hasn’t. I’m sure he will tell us soon. I haven’t heard any complaints, and I think Weldon’s a good guy.

    Dooley is a nice guy and I wish him luck in getting his message out.

    • Making Sense says:

      Good Lord it’s the defender of the status quo coming on here to tout his defense of all things never changing…

      • GOPGeorgia says:

        I’ve met both guys and I like them both. I’ll let the voters decide. I don’t take sides in a primary. I don’t automatically favor incumbents. If you have a problem with that, that’s your problem and not mine.

        I’m not opposed to change. I just don’t want it said that I used whatever influence I may have to cause the change (or to protect the status quo.). I’m not an advocate of backroom deals where I could help someone out for a favor to be named later. That may be what you’ve seen from other people, but you haven’t seen that from my area in at least 18 years and you won’t see it from me.

        We have a lot of guys running for congress up here and it’s important that they think they are dealing with someone who is fair. I’m sorry if that offends you.

        • Nathan says:

          Props, Doug.

          I like both Weldon and Dooley. I think Weldon has done very well as a freshman representative in the House. I think Dooley is very sincere in his candidacy and loves his country and state. I wish more political types had a heart like Dooley.

          I don’t live in the 3rd House District, so I’m not going to meddle in their affairs. Like Doug said, it’s up to the voters to decide. I wish both men luck and may the best man win.

          Now, back to the circus that is the 9th District Congressional race…

  3. Back in Black says:

    Actually, Making Sense, GOPGeorgia made sense. Which part did you disagree with? That Tom Weldon actually lost the primary? That He’s not a good guy? That Dooley will tell us soon what Weldon should be doing?

    You sound like a negative idiot, Making Sense.

  4. Making Sense says:

    I have nothing against GOPGeorgia, but like he said himself, he doesn’t want to instigate change or be responsible for it. That’s all.

    And I don’t know Dooley or the other person at all.

    Just saying – you can count on GOPGeorgia to be the voice of, “You all settle down here – we don’t need no primaries”.

    • GOPGeorgia says:

      Making sense,

      You aren’t making any sense. I don’t know who the GOP Governor nominee will be, or who win will the congress seat up here. I have guesses about some races such as SOS and Insurance Commissioner, but that doesn’t mean I’m right or that I want to share them. I could take a guess in this race for state rep, but that doesn’t mean the voters would agree with me. The primaries are very much needed and still undecided. I want a vigorous debate on issues to make sure that we get the best ideas, candidates, and government we can get.

      • polisavvy says:

        Sorry GOP Georgia, I totally understood what you were saying and, to be quite frank, don’t understand how what you said could have been misinterpreted. Keep up your good, insightful posts. 🙂

    • Jeff says:

      Making Sense:

      Quite frankly, you’re not making any sense.

      Doug sticks up for his Party line. He is a member of his Party’s Executive Committee – it is to be expected, to a greater or lesser degree, that someone in such a position be a strong advocate for their Party.

      I’ve seen Doug stand up on issues where he thought his Party was in the wrong when it didn’t involve taking a side in a primary fight.

      I don’t agree with everything he does or every position he takes, but I do think when he starts gaming things out and looking at numbers, he appears to be pretty solid – and that is all I have seen him do here. Any candidate worth their salt needs to at least run the numbers when they look at a race, and if you’re in the 9th, Doug would be a good one to talk to about that.

  5. steelfist says:

    How about Tom Graves leading in fundraising again. That is awesome. Wasn’t it jut a few months ago that people were on this blog saying he couldn’t raise the money?. He’s raised it and he continues to do it each quarter.

    • polisavvy says:

      It just goes to show that no race is guaranteed this early in the game. The doubters will always be there. It’s good to see them proven wrong on occasions.

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