If You’re Stranded In The Snow Don’t Blame The DOT, Blame Yourself.

Times are tough over at the DOT. A snowstorm is coming, and the DOT spokesperson just couldn’t resist whining about budget cuts. If you people would simply support a tax increase all those DOT people could clear the roads for you. But no, you’re too greedy.

UNDATED – Ice isn’t the only “freezing” problem facing the Georgia Department of Transportation this weekend.

DOT spokeswoman Teri Pope said a hiring freeze has left over 600 positions unfilled. She said 400 of those unfilled positions are in the maintenance offices, and she said those maintenance crews are the ones that respond to severe winter weather.

“So we were short handed to start with and now with the furlough requirements on us, this has been a very difficult response to plan,” said Pope.

She said those mandated furloughs mean that a lot of employees have already put in their maximum amount of hours for the month, and that causes a scheduling situation.

“So we’re very thankful that the weather is not really going to hit until midnight because at midnight starts our new work week and then we can schedule people just like we need to and not have to worry about it,” she said.


  1. BubbaRich says:

    I’ve heard commenters (reporters and people-in-the-street) whining that we should be prepared in the same way as, say, Maryland or Vermont cities are at dealing with massive snow or ice weather events. This is ludicrously ignorant. It would cost us a large fraction of the money they pour into preparedness, and we would get to use it once or twice every 5 years.

    Much better is the level of preparedness our DOT and communities have established, and just be prepared NOT TO DRIVE FOR A FEW HOURS, YOU IGNORANT MORONS. It’s the kind of thing you have to plan for, even if you have to plan to miss a day of work every few years.

    • Republican Lady says:

      I agree with Bubba Rich. The types of vehicles needed to clear roads of ice that comes every two to three years is cost prohibitive in this economy with those sunk costs sitting on a lot somewhere rusting and gathering dust. If DOT can’t stop laying off people, how are they going to buy and maintain superflous equipment?

      Just take a day off here and there during our scant snow seasons, drink hot chocolate, build a fire, pop some corn, and watch old Sherlock Holmes movies on Ted Turner’s networks.

    • macho says:

      Why would we make such a huge investment in DOT ice-removal when global warming will eliminate the need in a few years?

  2. HowardRoark says:

    “If you people would simply support a tax increase all those DOT people could clear the roads for you. But no, you’re too greedy.”

    I’m fine with that.

  3. Jeremy Jones says:

    The problem will get worse every year, because every year we become more and more accustomed to getting what we want when we want it. People act the world will end if they do not get to go see a new movie tonight, or be home within 30 minutes. I am scheduled to perform tonight at 9:00. It would normally take me about 20 minutes to get to the venue. Today, I will give myself an hour or so.

    It is called planning, something our government cannot do, and the government is usually a reflection of the people.

  4. Ludwig Von Beachbum says:

    Anyone ever see a DOT dump truck or tractor that was over 2 years old or was dirty? I passed a DOT field worker the other day and he was so fat he looked like he needed a wheel barrel to put his stomach in.

    We have state vans that haul MR kids that look like their 10 years old. It is pathetic the condition these vans are in.

  5. chefdavid says:

    What is wrong? Let us look at the past and some of the bills introduce.
    We want to sit back and gripe on how the federal goverment is borrowing on our grandchildren and then comes along SR821.
    They want us to change the GA constitution to allow GDOT to give multi-year contracts when the don’t have the money. This is after all the news of this:
    And a statement from the governor:
    An article right here:

    And they still defy everyone:

    What about this bill last year?

    Who is on the sponsorship of some of these bills? How can you ask for a bill to help them manage the money and then ask for one for us to amend the constitution? How can DOT be trusted? We wonder why we didn’t get any high speed rail money? Is there a common denominator between all those committees and the bill sponsors?
    What about SB200? I can’t seem to find the article that said it still has people scratching their heads on how to interpet it.

    • Game Fan says:

      The DOT can’t be trusted. Nor can any other government agency. But as a proponent of plain vanilla government, GAME FAN supports the DOT as opposed to the current onslaught of new “regional authorities” and “partnerships” which these “Republicans” can’t get enough of. It’s all about the money. Politicians and lobbyists and corporate C.E.O.s and revolving doors, ect… But as it stands now, the DOT (or whoever is in charge of the situation this week) can’t even fix the drainage around Spaghetti Junction. Conservatism 101: GOVERNMENT fixes the roads and bridges, and/or sets up a competitive bid scenario.

  6. BJ Van Gundy says:

    What’s strange is the stated inflexibility of WHEN the furlough time is taken.

    Wouldn’t have sounded like the department had it together if they had said that they would simply have to postpone the planned furlough days until… I don’t know…. Wednesday?

    Sure would have sounded a bit more like they halfway cared about the safety of the general public if they would have smartly described their flexibility to deal with to deal with the weather situation.

    Instead. It comes across as a whine of “You know, if they weren’t forcing us to furlough our employees then we could do what we are supposed to do.”

    Seriously. The Governor should be looking to fire someone over this sort of whining…

  7. trainsplz says:

    Oh, Lord, I’d love the opportunity to vote for a penny transportation tax. I’d give an extra 3 cents if it went to the Beltline, Peachtree streetcar, and Brain train, respectively.

    • ByteMe says:

      The Republicans want you to rely on yourself. The Dems are busy focusing on those who don’t even have a place to be snowed into to.

      • Donna Locke says:

        So why did the Dems give my snow shovel to somebody in Florida?

        Anyway I’m out, as of this afternoon.

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