Senate Minority Leader Robert Brown Gives a Big “FU” to State Employees

State Senator Robert Brown refused to take state furlough days in 2009, while other members of the State Senate did.

He is joined by State Rep. David Lucas who, likewise, refused.

The difference is that now that the Senate MInority Leader has been caught, he says it was a mixup and he swore he had turned in the paperwork.

He used that excuse about his delinquent taxes too.

Will Robert Brown give the money back in a show of solidarity with state employees? The teachers in Bibb County, who Brown represents, are being forced to take four more furlough days after an initial three furlough days.

Ironically, the supposedly cold hearted Republicans took the furlough days last year while the leader of the Senate Democrats couldn’t even be obliged to send in his paperwork to join the effort.

But that’s okay. He’s all in favor of raising everybody’s taxes, including the furloughed employees’ taxes.


  1. Ken in Eastman says:

    I won’t repeat what I wrote about what David Lucas would have to do to lose an election in his district (because I almost thought I over did it – just a little), but it would have to do with farm animals, Strom Thurmond, Stalin, Nazis, public indecency and at least one stupid human trick. Ditto for Senator Brown.

    Their constituents do not care. Period.

    • HowardRoark says:

      My intial reaction was “This guy may find himself on a permanent furlough” The I saw his district and thought “Nevermind. No shot”

  2. ByteMe says:

    He’s all in favor of raising everybody’s taxes, including the furloughed employees’ taxes.

    That just blogger-snark or do you have statements from him to that effect?

    Also, from the article:

    Legislators make about $17,300 a year, plus per diems and mileage reimbursements to cover expenses.

    For any of you that know how many days the legislators work (it’s over 3 months of the year), taking a few days out of their tiny pay (but not out of their work) is ludicrous grandstanding on the part of the politicians.

    Won’t do a damn thing about the lack of revenue coming into state coffers and won’t cut expenses enough to matter. Do the stuff that matters instead of grandstanding!

    It’s a dog-and-pony show for the masses. And Erick loves it, of course.

  3. Erick is too busy to looking for diabolical conspiracies (worth three or four hundred bucks) to really explain the story in full… so I’m hoping someone else can fill in the gaps. What kind of “paperwork” do state workers have to file as part of their furloughs? For all the state workers I know, their procedural obligations were simply to sit on their ass at home that day.

    • drjay says:

      i think for the legislators it actually does involve an active effort on their part. they aren’t (can’t) actually being furloughed. like say a school teacher, they are essentially volunteering to work x number of days without compensation. therefore paperwork is required…

      • So, in other words… he wasn’t furloughed. State legislators make less than $200 per day, so it sounds like we’re talking about him sending in a written request for the state to keep that day’s $200 as a symbolic gesture.

        I don’t know anything about delinquent tax excuses, and the other comments on this thread make me suspect that Erick is just pulling stuff out of his rear. However, I DO know that a few hundred bucks is hardly worth leaving yourself vulnerable to this kind of attack during a recession… so the forgot-to-drop-off-paperwork story sounds a bit more plausible to me than Erick’s deliberate-plot story.

        Hmm… can’t help but notice that after months and months of near-silence on this front, we sure are seeing more Democrat related posts lately. I guess that after a few months of Erick pissing everybody off to build up his kook cred… going so far as openly discussing the details of Cagle’s Rumor-That-Shall-Not-Be-Named… it’s time for the front-pagers to rein it back in and rebuild their favor with the important people?

        • LoyaltyIsMyHonor says:

          Their salary is codified in state law. So unlike a state employee they have to give consent to being furloughed. But here’s the kicker, the House handled it one way, an “opt-out” letter, while the Senate handled it another way, fill out forms. Geez, they couldn’t even find a standard way to handle this.

          That said, Lucas and Earnest Williams should, in particular, be held in contempt.

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