MacGinnitie Launches

Secretary of State candidate Doug MacGinnitie launched a new website aimed at improving military and overseas voting in Georgia.

MacGinnitie began his focus to increase voting opportunities for military personnel last October when he created his Military Voting Advisory Committee (MVAC).  MVAC a panel comprised of military and civilian experts have been working to develop a plan to alleviate the problem of inadequate ballot access for deployed soldiers.  Along with MacGinnitie, their goal has been to meet with local elected officials and military personnel to find a solution to the growing problem. is the latest effort from MVAC to bring awareness and shed light on the voting problem that deters America’s heroes.

“I’ve launched this website because I believe it is critically important that we make it easy and efficient for our military personnel serving overseas to vote in our elections here in Georgia,” said MacGinnitie.  “I have joined forces with the best and the brightest to ensure that we can make a difference to military and deployment voting.”

In 2008, research acquired by the Heritage Foundation suggested that 75-80% of military voters from across the United States were disenfranchised by their inability to request and return an absentee ballot within time limits as required by law. To make matters worse, for those military personnel who did cast an absentee ballot, many of those were rejected by local officials.  Military absentee ballots are rejected at a much higher rate than other absentee ballots.

“Our heroes deserve a voice in Georgia elections, and it is the job of the Secretary of State to ensure that military personnel are able to cast a ballot,” stated MacGinnitie.  “The men and women who fight to defend our freedoms at home and abroad undeniably deserve the right to vote and be heard; I am honored to be a part of the team that is bringing this issue to the forefront.”

For more information about Doug MacGinnitie and his plan to curb the problems associated with military and deployed voting, visit or follow on Twitter at


    • PaulRevere says:

      Your comment is funny (+1), but I think it does point something important. The way politicians typcially work, we’re used to seeing them kick the can down the road. They tend to get comfortable with their job, and don’t really have any incentive to innovate. Sometimes it feels like they keep problems around for problems sake.

      In the business world however, you have to constantly be pro-active in providing value to your customers. Innovation is how you survive. You’re incented to solve problems, not go around talking about them.

      I applaud Doug MacGinnitie’s willingness to tackle this. I’ve been impressed with the headway he’s made in this campaign. Given the way he’s approached this issue, it’s not a surprise. First class.

  1. HowardRoark says:

    The site is done well. Looks like he’s giving this more than just lipservice. Good job, Mr. MacGinnitie.

  2. Camden Conservative says:

    Two of my family members are active duty marines. I’m glad to see a candidate acting on his words. Military voting continues to be an issue, and I’m happy it’s being addressed.

  3. GAModernWhig says:

    I am patiently waiting for the first ideolog to get on and turn this into a bad thing. This one might just be a good enough idea to block even the worst of those who want to turn everything political.

    MacGinnitie, well done and good luck.

  4. BuckheadConservative says:

    Well done. This is a big issue, and I’m glad he’s taken it up. Keep on truckin’ to election day.

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