GA Sportsman Of The Year Candidate John Oxendine Told By DNR To Take Remedial Hunter Education Course

A real hunter would have already taken this course, as required by GA Law. But not John Oxendine. He has friends with private hunting preserves. He’s not close with the owner, at least when he’s explaining away $120K in illegally laundered campaign contributions run through 10 Alabama based PACs. But he was close enough to shoot him this weekend, though another man was the recipient of the birdshot.

Nonetheless, DNR has given Oxendine “verbal guidance” to take the mandatory course. Perhaps Ox would have taken it if it were offered via twitter?


  1. Technocrat says:

    Why was the older groundskeeper/caretaker out in the fields when Specifically warned that hunting would occur that day?
    Will a check show dealings with other candidates in attempts to discredit? Why was he hiding in bushes?
    I see dirty conspiracies in everyone, having spent years in New Jersey.

    • IndyInjun says:

      Most of those quail shooting preserves feature hunting pen-raised birds, requiring staff to deploy coveys around the place, tend to the hunting dogs, etc.

      Maintaining shootable populations of native, wild quail has proven difficult for even the wealthiest plantation owners.

      Given the presence of spectators, I strongly suspect that they were videoing the “hunt” as others here on PP have suggested.

      How this is going to go over to 100% of licensed Georgia hunters who have been forced to take hunter safety training as a precondition to being allowed to hunt is fairly predictable.

      Ox is the biggest fake I have ever seen run for office.

      • polisavvy says:

        Amen! How many more hits can his campaign take before they start seeing the handwriting on the wall? Regardless of Rasmussen’s poll, I don’t feel that he is the best GOP candidate out there. Granted it was based on name recognition; however, the only type of name recognition he has received lately has not been exactly good. This truly can’t be helping him with the voters.

    • Romegaguy says:

      does anyone when groundskeeper/caretaker hunting season is? I was thinking about trying to get a few this season. Also if you know the bag limit let me know

  2. PaulRevere says:

    It’s a shame Oxendine isn’t more of a sportsman. I’m afraid the only hope he’ll have of beat Barnes would be to take the office by gun point.

  3. ready2rumble says:

    The other gem in the article is:

    “Oxendine, the state’s insurance commissioner since 1995, and his sons were hunting at the Northwest Georgia Quail Preserve, co-owned by Delos “Dee” Yancey III, who is CEO of State Mutual Insurance Co., based in Rome”

    Ox breaks state law by not attending safety training, and goes to the $120,ooo man’s preserve to hunt.

  4. B Balz says:

    Must be a slow news day since PP ‘peppered’ this topic pretty well last week. Move along, nothing to see here, folks.

    • IndyInjun says:

      Actually, there is.

      Last week when I brought it up about the safety training requirement it was ignored by most and one disagreed that it was required.

      I was trying to figure out whether the training was required when one hunts on one of those preserves. Now I know.

      Every other hunter has to have it, but Ox is too good to follow the rules. This story waves this like a huge warning flag to the very cohort that Ox is trying to impress with ‘being a hunter’

      It speaks volumes about his arrogance.

      If he acts like this now, how would he be as governor?

      I shudder to think and so will most other Georgians when his opponents start putting ads together on the illegal funds from regulated entities, the tweeting about being places he’s not, the tweeting about UGA playing somebody they are not playing, the mil-spec Crown Vic, running around with rotating lights impersonating an emergency vehicle, the experienced hunter with no license for a decade, an insurance regulator putting his sons at high risk, and skipping hunting requirements that everyone else has to comply with.

      This man has a snow balls chance in hell of getting elected.

      I hope he keeps running, though, he makes me laugh regularly.

        • B Balz says:


          No offense meant, you’re point regarding mandatory training for hunters is a new development. My point should have been clearer.

          Will voters care about this or any of the other 120,00 absurdities Mr. Oxendine can claim as his alone?
          In other words, won’t the typical ‘that’s just politics’ mentality prevail, over these gaffes? Maybe his Dad being forced to resign would have some resonance.

          Unless the poll numbers show significant movement in a scant 90-120 days, Mr. Oxendine may very well be the name voters know best. And that could be the worst for GA.

    • polisavvy says:

      It may seem that way; however, he is the source of his own missteps. Of course people are going to comment on his actions. If he doesn’t want adverse publicity or people commenting all the time, then perhaps he should avoid such things.

      • drjay says:

        this is like the 5th post about this specific subject in the past few days, and the alleged shooter is his teenage son who certainly did not ask to be dragged into this, i get that ox and his campaign have made missteps, but the continued posting and joking and harping on the hunting thing has run its course in my opinion…

        • polisavvy says:

          Then perhaps you should direct your feelings directly to Peach Pundit or the AJC who keep putting them out there. It’s like, “If you build it, they will come.” If the articles/cartoons are there, then people are going to keep commenting for the fifth, twelfth, or twentieth times.

  5. IndyInjun says:


    I get your point.

    I intensely disliked Howard Dean, but the “Dean Scream” overkill made me sympathize with the ‘poor’ guy.

  6. Dawgfan says:


    I’m no fan of the Ox, but the fact that he was hunting at a hunting Preserve without every taken the Hunters Safety Course is not a sign of any character flaw he may have. ANY Georgian with or with out a Hunter Safety Card can hunt on a preserve. Preserves are allowed to issue their own licenses so people from out of state can hunt in Georgia. There are many reasons not to like the Ox, but this is a minor one at best.

  7. IndyInjun says:


    Another Dawg here, BTW, and one who is so old that he got licensed way back before hunter safety was required.

    Ox is going to have a hard sell that he is a hunter if he only hunts preserves and doesn’t buy a license for a decade. Most Georgian’s cannot afford to hunt on those preserves and won’t relate at all to Ox as a “preserve only” hunter.

  8. Making Sense says:

    Fools, you’re missing the point…

    Yancey is the guy who funnelled $120,000 in illegal contributions to Oxendine’s campaign and that Oxendine claimed not to know very well. Keep in mind that the ethics commission is still investigating this item.

    Now he’s buddies with him and just happens to call him up to go hunting?

    Oxendine is one of the most corrupt politicians in the state and probably worse than Rod Blagovich.

    • HowardRoark says:

      Yeah, we got that. Thanks for the insult, though. I hope Karen doesn’t talk to potential donors like that. That probably explains a lot.

    • IndyInjun says:

      I am missing nothing. Quail hunting was once a passion and Oxendine is peeing on a grand tradition, over and above the illegal contributions.

      Ox is a many-faceted fake, so each of us can pick one at the time to focus on, not necessarily to the detriment of all of the others.

  9. South Fulton Guy says:

    Does anyone know if DNR formed a conclusion of the alleged finding that two types of buckshot were pulled out of the victims leg?

    If Oxendine made his son take the fall for the sake of his campaign, when the blame should have been shared, then that is really pathetic and telling about whether he’d throw GA residents under the bus as Governor.

    • IndyInjun says:

      BUCKshot are used in deer hunting and might have been fatal. They would have done serious damage.

      BIRDshot are used in quail hunting and are fairly small, but there are more of them. At the distance that the shooting occured they would not have been fatal. The report said the shot were of the same size even though the shooters were using different gauges of shotgun. Shot cannot easily be traced to an individual gun.

      • polisavvy says:

        Thanks for explaining that to me. I really know absolutely nothing about hunting (except what I do on the Wii).

        • drjay says:

          it said “buck” shot in the ajc, i assume that was either a typo or a sissy journalist who did not know the difference between bird and buck shot and thought buckshot was a fancier word or whatever…

      • Part-Time Atlanta says:

        If Ox was hunting quail with buckshot he’s an idiot. I would really like to know if DNR discovered he was using buckshot or if the hospital has a record of pulling buckshot from the guy’s leg. Hate to pile on, but seriously?

  10. Republican Lady says:

    I read somewhere that the Ox called the head of the DNR at home before talking with the officer/agent on the scene. If that is true OX, what is the number for us humbler folk?

  11. Dave Bearse says:

    Any more information about Ox’s reported private audicence with DNR higher ups the day after the shooting? One incidence may be coincidence, but two begins to establish a pattern (a la Deal and the Revenue Commisioner, special access to decision makers).

  12. rugby says:

    How long before The Ox puts out a statement saying: “Most Influential Blog in Georgia Labels Oxendine ‘Georgia’s Sportsman of the Year”?

  13. B Balz says:

    Meanwhile, after the buckshot is passed, the man is setting up 3 X $ Ox signs at strategic intersections in Dunwoody. I would guess other GA towns will have the same signs soon.

    The Ox Cart will roll out a calculated campaign judging by how carefully these signs are placed, out of right of way, bi-directional, high vis locations.

    The Ox team may not understand BCC’s or buckshot, and I wager the voters could care less.

    I’m just saying…..

  14. AthensRepublican says:

    Channel 2 has another story on The Ox tonight at 6 p.m. There is a link on the WSB site for the one that ran yesterday. He claims he is not a “big Elton John fan.”

  15. Bloodhound says:

    Just to be clear, Ox did violate the law by hunting without having completed the hunter safety course:

    27-2-5. Required hunter education courses

    (a) It shall be unlawful for any person born on or after January 1, 1961, to procure a hunting license or to hunt by means of weapons in this state unless that person has been issued a certificate or other evidence the department deems acceptable which indicates satisfactory completion of a hunter education course as prescribed by the board.

    He did not need a license but he did need a hunter safety cert.

    Also, in earlier reports, he had stated that he had purchased a license to hunt dove in 2007.

    Now he says he never has purchased a license?

    Did he dove hunt without one?

    Why all the ‘white lies’?

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