1. anewday says:

    I believe that the birds should feel safe, while the people watching in the distance should feel in danger.

  2. BuckheadConservative says:

    The Ox has thin enough skin, this is going to really get to him. I expect a press release soon.

    • polisavvy says:

      The birds are on a limb and quite safe. If they were on the ground, they might be in trouble since his idea of hunting is just “stomping” the ground and scaring them into flight.

  3. fishtail says:

    My lobbyist friend with insurance industry contacts says that OX is getting ready to “out” a whole bunch of real estate closing attorneys throughout the State that have been overcharging their clients. OX thinks this will help his popularity with the voters, which it probably will. Why didn’t he do it sooner Click here: Title insurance company accused of overcharging | ajc.com

  4. Republican Lady says:

    OXENDINE, have you gotten the message yet that regardless of whether or not you needed a hunting license, you at least needed basic hunting safety for yourself and your sons?

    Would you let them drive with no instruction? Same type thing, education for the “what ifs” that can occur. Oh wait, you lost the red lights didn’t you? Maybe if you had taken an EVOC course, you would still have the lights.

    Try Road Atlanta in Hampton for driver’s safety and the NRA Eddie Eagle Firearms Safety course for your teens.

  5. kolt473 says:

    ethics reform from pedopeo pelosi’s culture of corruption to state house corruption for nearly 35 years under king tom murphy the first to zig zag zell reform a myth, and shall continue, just look at dumbama obama he lied about no lobbyist in his administration lobbyists all over, and howard deans relationship with jack abramoff ethics [email protected]

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