Republican in the hunt for Hank Johnson’s seat in Georgia’s 4th CD

Liz Carter (Website | Twitter | LinkedIn | Facebook), a Republican who was incensed at Congressman Hank Johnson’s (D-GA) dullardly comments following the House vote to censure U.S. Rep. Joe Wilson (R-SC), is running against Johnson for the Republican nomination in Georgia’s 4th Congressional District.

Johnson (Website | Twitter | Facebook) is already facing at least one challenger from within his own party: Vernon “Snuggles” Jones (Website | Twitter | Facebook). Additional challenges to Johnson may also possibly come from Connie Stokes and Lee May.


  1. GodHatesTrash says:

    Now, now. The Honorable Mr. Johnson engaged in a little hyperbole, but the gist of his remarks are, alas, very accurate. Mr. Wilson revealed himself to be an angry little racist whiner.

    Face facts – many of the people that hate Obama are the children and grandchildren of Klansmen, if not in the organization themselves, and given the stifling emphasis on tradition in southron culture, most apples do not fall far from the trees that bore them.

  2. B Balz says:

    Kudus to Rep. Johnson for holding arguably the best Town Hall on the first iteration of health industry finance reform. Rep. Johnson empaneled top executives, healthcare providers, nurses and doctors to discuss their views.

    Further, Rep. Johnson has hired a staff of policy pro’s that are able to quickly evaluate and act on legislation that is actually useful to his constituents, without being spendthrift. I was there, I saw it happen.

    • ByteMe says:

      Don’t foget, Congressman Johnson tried to impeach VP Cheney.

      Considering the number of Federal laws Cheney broke or ordered others to break — and then claimed he didn’t recall any of it — that’s another +1 for Rep Johnson.

    • kyleinatl says:

      Few people have had an open mind about healthcare, that’s been the problem all along. They’d rather let pundits like Hannity or Olbermann make up their minds for them.

        • kyleinatl says:

          One day, I want to write a book about how info-tainment media like Hannity, Beck, Maddow, and Matthews have helped create the mob mentality that we’re living with in today’s political climate, though that book has assuredly already been written.

      • Doug Deal says:

        Your comment really applies to the Big Program Liberals in Congress. They tune out anything that is not the Federal government involving itself into everyone’s life and taking over 1/6 of the economy with the stroke of a pen.

        There is plenty of room for stepwise changes to healthcare that truly reform it and not make it worse. One of the top of my head is the decoupling of healthcare from employment by changing the tax code. Why does my employer get a tax break for what he pays for in health insurance but every penny I spend is from after tax money?

        Other changes could be altering regulations on how coverage pools are determined to eliminate “uninsurables”.

        But they do not want small baby step reforms because they cannot hide wholesale takeover of the industry and they will not be creating yet another bag of goodies they can dole out to their favorites in return for donations and gifts.

        • kyleinatl says:

          Not really, this also applies to Big Business conservatives as well.
          Did you ever read HR 3400? Terrible bill that did nothing to address the actual problems with healthcare in this country other than allowing health providers to basically run the industry even moreso than they do now…yeah, that’ll help.

          The elimination of the concept of being uninsurable was the original focus of what healthcare reform advocates were fighting for…unfortunately, the Dems lost sight of that in their grasp for “bigger is better” and the GOP would rather do nothing at all.

    • B Balz says:

      What no sharp sticks to poke at the dog this morning, Doug? (;>) Actually I got there very early, seated nicely right up front.

      While I did not agree with Rep. Johnson’s endorsements of the 3200 bill, I was mightily impressed with intellectual panel.

      Doug, you are really the Dems best asset – STOP POSTING. Arrogant disagreement with GOP voters is hardly befitting a fellow in a Party leadership position.

      There’s this guy, Dale Carnegie, he has this book, “Winning Friends and Influencing People.”…

      • ByteMe says:

        For me, he definitely represents the GOP. You represent what I hope the GOP eventually becomes, but is trapped by the Taliban and fringe groups.

      • GOPGeorgia says:

        B Balz,

        I wouldn’t ever poke a dog with sharp stick unless my life were in danger. I might smack one on the nose with a rolled up newspaper, but not hard enough to actually hurt it.

        I am many things, but I don’t consider myself arrogant. If people are willing to talk, I think I am fairly good at finding common ground when I am dealing with reasonable people. BTW, are you having trouble finding my number? You’ve mentioned that you had planned to call….

        As far as my post on this thread goes, it’s not my video. I think those people had their minds made up before they went. Johnson introduced impeachment articles against V.P. Cheney and I found that interesting. Two of those items are facts and one is an admitted assumption. I fail to understand how that comes off as arrogant.

        As far as I know, I’ve only had one GOP voter that I’ve had real disagreements with on here. I tend to disagree with people who attack me and lie about me.

        • B Balz says:

          You sure as heck had a major and unpleasant disagreement with me a few weeks back.

          After reading and then re-reading your posts, I decided calling your office would not be productive at this time. We are in separate Districts, and whatever I may think, certainly won’t change your mind. Nor should it.

          There may be a time when I will need to reach out to you regarding Legislation that is important to thousands of Georgians, but until we see what comes out of Rules, no need.

          By the way this symbol (;>) signifies a ‘wink’ normally associated with a wisecrack and not a literal comment.

          You’ll get the hang of this internet thang…

          • GOPGeorgia says:

            B Balz,

            Perhaps I should have been more precise. As far as I can recall, I haven’t had a disagreement that turned personal and carried over to another thread except with one person. You and I had a disagreement over where life begins. I tried my best to pin you down to when you think life begins and you dodged it to the point where we have up on the conversation. I told you I wasn’t mad at you in the thread, I was just trying to pin you down on third trimester abortions and if you thought a baby was a gooey mass at a day before birth or a baby.

            That was debating and arguing points. Your first statement on a topics didn’t include “I think GOPGeorgia is _________ and that’s why he is an _________.” We were discussing an issue, not me responding to an unprovoked personal attack from left field.

            I have admitted I was wrong on here in the past and I will do so again, when I think I am wrong. Sometimes, as in this case, I may need to explain myself a bit further. Feel free to try to change my mind when you think it needs changing.

          • B Balz says:

            I disagree with you in an agreeable manner. Common ground is tremendously useful and we share that objective.

            Your characterizations about me ‘dodging’ the loaded and absurd question framed above is disingenuous and ridiculous.

          • GOPGeorgia says:

            I’m sorry if you felt offended by saying you dodged a question. Let me try again then.

            Is it a baby or a gooey mass when it is born naturally? I have you on record as baby.

            Is it a baby or gooey mass when it born via c-section?

            The important question is if it it’s a baby or a gooey mass, the minute before, hour before, day before, or week before?

            I know your previous answer was that “abortions are bad,” but I don’t think that really answered the question.

          • B Balz says:


            Let’s not threadjack here. Next week, I will call you, I appreciate your apology and am willing to have a civil chat with you.

  3. EAVDad says:

    If you want to be a member of U.S. Congress, the first step is to proofread your website. From her bio:

    “Lets go to work with those in Congress who want to bring accountability and prosperity back to us, the People of the Unites States of America! I’m proud to be an American!”

  4. TheGOPman says:

    I have been following this young lady for the past three weeks. I have heard her speak, and follow her FB and Blog. There is finally a candidate in District 4 with common sense that can actually help the people.

    @ B Balz…what meeting were you at? Hank can’t even speak, or articulate why he supported the Health Care bill. The meeting was a joke.

    • B Balz says:

      Rep. Johnson speech was less clear than it is now due to a medical condition he bravely made public. Nice comment, very nice. See if Doug has any spare sharp sticks….

      I did not say I agreed with Rep. Johnson.

      I stated the panel was superb, better than anything else that had come out anywhere in the US at that time. By any measure hearing from Grady’s top ER surgeon, execs from MAG (Who brought down the house with their OPPOSITION of 3200) and others made the event worthwhile.

      It isn’t on or off, left or right, all the time.

  5. Progressive Dem says:

    Her campaign is DOA.

    Reapportionmenthas pre-determined this as a Democratic win. The only competion will be in the primary. All of the elections for Congress are predetermined by party in Georgia except the 8th and 12th. Apparently Georgia isn’t for competition.

    • kyleinatl says:

      Agreed, this campaign is a waste of time and money that could be better spent in trying to get someone elected in the Macon or Savannah areas where the Dems are actually vulnerable.

      A Republican will win the 4th the same day a Democrat will win the 3rd.

      • drjay says:

        well esp. if someone is willing to run, there is something to be said or the basic idea of a 50 state strategy, as outlined and used successfully by howard dean for the dems. any seat can be won by either party if the breaks go right, loom at what happened in mass. just his week, you can’t win if you don’t run, who would have thought new orleans would elect an asian gop rep, but they did, who knew mark foley had a thing for male interns, but he did…i do realize those are bizarre turns of events, but that’s kinda my point…they next bizarre turn of events might by brewing in ga 4, but you can’t win if you don’t run…

        • kyleinatl says:

          well I get your point completely, it’s bound to end in heartbreak for Ms. Carter. The demographics of the district are simply not in her favor. I use 2006 as an example, when Democrats were winning all across the country, Lynn Westmoreland still couldn’t be beat. I think the same applies for Hank Johnson (or Vernon if he wins the primary).

          • drjay says:

            assuming she goes into it knowing she’s the underdog, i doubt it will be heartbreak–and who knows, something crazy could happen like vernon jones wins the primary and something from his colorful past surfaces that actually has some legs to it…i realize it’s a long shot, but like i said stanger things have happened…

          • kyleinatl says:

            this is the same district that elected Cynthia McKinney until a better Democrat came along, when that Democrat left, they brought her back…just because she has a D by her name, until somebody better came along.

            Just sayin…

    • Doug Deal says:

      I would say it is actually the 8th, 12th and 2nd. The partisan index of the 2nd and the 12th are pretty much identical. Without an incumbent, both would likely be tossups. This year, they might even lean Republican.

  6. Harry says:

    You nitpickers need to give this lady a little respect. Sure, she knows she probably won’t win. The point is, she’s willing to stand against a party hack and use this opportunity to advance Republican principles.

    • kyleinatl says:

      Maybe if she put a little substance on her site, a bit more respect would be due..

      For example. under “Key Issues” on “Healthcare”

      “I will work to bring efficiency driven reform that creates Quality Health Care, Innovation, Employment Opportunities and Accountability! The American people deserve more and do not need government bureaucracy to cloud access to quality care and step between patient and doctor privileges.”

      Doing what and how exactly? Sorry, empty party-line jargon doesn’t mean much if you don’t share your ideas to back it up.
      At the very least, you know what Congressman Johnson stands for and how he wants to go about doing it (HR 3799 for example) whether you think he’s a “party hack” or not.

      • lizcarter says:

        I welcome you to dig deeper. As I’m sure you are aware, campaign sites are always “high-level” messaging. I’ve provided the “meat” you are looking for on my blog and I welcome you to read my stance and suggestions on providing true healthcare reform to America. It’s located at
        As a side note, I provided this and other suggestions to Rep. Johnson and I was ignored.

        I thank all of you for your comments. It’s healthy and I commend you for getting involved and voicing your opinion. Do realize, that saying I can’t win or that I’m DOA is only going to make me work harder to win.

        When I win, and I’m being serious with this invitation, I hope you’ll come to the party. Dist 4 is not a democrat seat carved in stone, the people deserve more. Democrat leaders have had their chance and have been apart of the Dist 4 for a very long time. I’m a conservative who believes in representing all the people and welcome you to come meet me at one of our events. I believe Dist 4 can be on the rise with new leadership.

        Where you guy’s part of the crowd Monday saying a 3:1 ratio in MA is not going to elect a conservative on Tuesday? It’s no longer about party; it’s about the people.

        @Timothy, what’s wrong with business acumen in Congress? At this point, it’s what is needed.

        • kyleinatl says:

          Thank you for your response to my (and other’s) thoughts about your run for District 4; I have a few thoughts if I may share them:

          #1. You should make your ideas more transparent and easier to find directly on your website, not a separate blog. Most voters won’t do that much digging.

          #2. Thank you for the link to the .pdf, of which I’d love to discuss the details with you, but I’ve been sitting here waiting for it open for about 10 minutes, maybe someone else is having better luck and it’s just my internet connection.

          #3. You should probably be out campaigning rather than posting on Peach Pundit.

          Best of luck to you!

        • Progressive Dem says:

          There are so many differences between the 4th District and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts that a prediction/hope based upon Tuesday’s senate race is rather specious. I can think of a senario for Ms. Carter to win, but even that is totally dependent upon the actions and decisions of Democratic candidates: 1) Congressman Johnson drops out; 2) Vernon Jones wins the nomination and 3) Jones gets caught with a “live boy or a dead woman”. If this combination of circumstances occurs, we might have an anomaly and the lady might serve in a caretaker role for one term.

          I’d like to see a competitive district, not only in the 4th, but in every congressional district in Georgia. The legislative process depends upon elected officials who are willing to work together with people of opposing ideas to solve common problems. When we elect or gurantee a seat to ideologes who is never seriously challenged, the legislative process turns into a shouting match of red meat talking points. I bet Congressmen Marshall and Barrow are better propared and informed than most of the Georgia delegation. They have to be on their toes and to truly understand the debate. They can’t go into and issue with their mind made up. The House was designed to have turnover. Democracy needs competition. Neither party has a lock on truth or good ideas.

          • Ken in Eastman says:

            “Permission Slip” Jim Marshall ducks, weaves and bobs like a featherweight boxing a super heavyweight. He does not answer questions.

            The 8th Congressional District is a mainstream conservative district. Marshall votes with Barney Frank (D-MA) about 85% of the time and Lynn Westmoreland less than 45% of the time.

            Marshall is not a conservative and looks more like a Green Dog Democrat – a Yellow Dog Democrat who supports Nancy Pelosi with a dusting of blue chalk on him.

            So, is Marshall up on the issues more than others? Who knows? If he ever actually answered questions we might be able to tell. Maybe.

            What I do know is that on the Cap and Trade Tax bill his staff could not tell us how he would vote two hours before the session started that day. He still needed a Permission Slip from Nancy Pelosi (D-Outer Space).

        • polisavvy says:

          I absolutely wish you the best. At some point you have to stop listening to the “doubting Thomases” and do what you think is best. These same posters are pretty well saying that there are candidates in the Governor’s race who are already down and out. I strongly disagree.

          I was directly my critique more to the two gubernatorial candidates who used “worser” or “Well, look…” I sincerely hope that you did not take my critiquing as an indicator that you could not win. That was most definitely not my intention. If you thought it was, then I apologize. I worked in a law firm for 27 years and for that reason I notice errors/typos right off the back. OCD about those things.

  7. Timothy James says:

    Carter is a lightweight, chock full of platitudes and deliriously convinced that a Republican wave in 2010 will push her into power.

    She markets herself as some kind of leading businesswoman. Look at her company’s web site:

    LOL. Looks like a real powerhouse.

  8. IndyInjun says:

    I read the article cited in the original post and did not see Ms. Carter defending Joe Wilson.

    That was a relief.

    Joe Wilson exemplifies the kind of RINO that needs to be driven out of DC. His voting record reveals that he is NOT a “REPUBLICAN.”

    There isn’t a bigger liar in the place than Joe Wilson.

    I swear, sometimes I see him on TV and it looks like you can still see the nosering that George W. Bush led him around with.

    So Liz Carter, I commend you for taking on this race.

    Just don’t be a Joe Wilson party hack who doesn’t know Republican principles if they smacked him in the face.

  9. B Balz says:

    Good on Ms. Carter for choosing to respond to Peach Pundit and sharing additional information about yourself with everyone.

    Best luck!!

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