1. IndyInjun says:

    Another explosion was in Federal Emergency Unemployment Compensation, up nationally by more than 600,000 to a total of more than 6 million.

    The earlier reports for Georgia during December showed somewhat of an improvement over December 2008, but the increase in EUC was staggering.

    Some reports had Federal EUC payout in December exceeding Federal payroll.

  2. This is what happens when so much of your state’s economy is based on real estate development and the availability of cheap labor from illegal immigration.

    We had an overabundance of “million dollar” properties available in Coastal Georgia back in 2005 (probably even before). Even with that volume, developers continued to open up more and more high dollar properties, and banks continued to back these developments.

    Eventually, supply outstrips demand by so much that the invisible hand of the market stops patting you on the back and slaps you in the face.

  3. Tireless says:

    We need a Governor that makes job creation his number one priority. An expanding economic base is like a rising tide…..it lifts all boats. I trust Johnson will make job creation his first priority.

  4. Making Sense says:

    Don’t we need a Governor who has actually created jobs? Johnson has never created jobs. He’s just a contract architect and nothing more.

    Georgia needs a Governor who has actually created jobs.

    AND – I think you’ve got to do more than just say jobs 1000 times…

    But then again, when you’re a lower tier candidate, does it matter?

    • Mozart says:

      Contract architects design buildings that are built (which requires people being employed to build the buildings), and then most such buildings are used to house other people and offices and businesses…all of which lead to jobs being created, filled, and maintained.

      Actually, the mark left on the world by a good architect is felt for many years beyond that of any political act.

      Perhaps, Making Sense, if you actually had SOME experience beyond blogging and playing political games, you might know something more useful to the rest of us in society.

      • John Konop says:


        As someone in the real business world I think you are little confused. The first and main stage of job growth in the private sector comes from a company needing expansion capital for new orders over and above current capacity in general.

        The company than attempts to get a loan, BL……to fulfill the new growth via future purchase orders, so they can build the new facility, hire people……. And if all of this works than downstream businesses also gain via contact work……

        The downstream is not the creator of the jobs it first comes from the project getting funded.

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