Previous comments from The Ox on guns, hunting with his kids, shooting contributors

Particularly insightful comments above from The Ox on April 6, 2009, concerning his favorite topic this week: guns.

Go to 0:36 for the salient comments regarding hunting shooting with his sons. In particular, Ox notes “A father that goes hunting with his son will never have to go hunting for his son.”

Indeed. Specially when the “game” is contributors. Let’s go ahead and make this an OPEN THREAD.


  1. Buddubya says:

    “The Ox doth protest too much, methinks.” If he’s got to advertise and explain how much he loves guns that much then clearly its a pile of ox sh-t…

    C’mon people get real. Do not let THAT happen to Georgia!

  2. Tricia says:

    In fairness to him, he said he had “an old fashioned saying”… that could mean “prior to 2000 a man that hunts with his kids doesn’t have to hunt for his kids”.

    • Dave Bearse says:

      The problem with that angle is that the kids were still in diapers, or just out of ’em, prior to 2000.

  3. Lone Star Georgian says:

    Ridiculous. Glad the kids are okay and feel sorry for injured party.

    I also question the wisdom of a person who lets his son go hunting with no hunter safety training.

    No wait, I question the wisdom of someone who hunts on a preserve owned by an insurance company executive while serving as Insurance Commissioner.

    But I wasn’t voting for him in the first place. I can just add more reasons why now.

    • Dave says:

      Maybe Ox has already shown his son how to handle weapons and felt comfortable with having his son hunting without the nanny state sanctioned training. And before you say “Lotta good that did”, well, many folks also have taken official drivers ed classes and surprise!! some of them will occasionally get into an auto accident. This ain’t a story. Find another reason to bust Ox’s chops.

      • janna says:

        Well, we already know Ox can’t drive worth a hoot, what makes you think he knows how to handle a gun? 🙂

      • Lone Star Georgian says:


        Maybe he also hasn’t been hunting in 10 years and dragged his sons up to N. GA for a PR stunt involving firearms which SURPRISE ended in an accident.

        Hell of an example he sets for responsibility. I’m glad the AJC reported he spent the rest of the day “relaxing” and “not hunting”. What a joke.

      • Rick Day says:

        so you are on public record opposing gun safety classes for youth, even voluntary, as they are today?

        Ergo you are anti-gun.

        See how quickly I pick up distortion skills from studying the GOP?

  4. Republican Lady says:

    After endlessing watching Oxendine shoot himself in the political foot and his inability to show up at last night’s debate, why is he still running for governor? If he is this careless in private, how careless is he as the Insurance Commissioner, and how careless would he be in the governor’s seat? I don’t want to find out.

    According to Karen Handel’s website, she has been around guns since a very young age and after doing extensive research on Google, I cannot find where she has ever been involved in an AD, also known as an accidental discharge. She must have had firearms training or someone teaching her the safety component over and over and over. She is also a strong Second Amendment supporter.

    After the debates, Karen is definitely my choice for governor. You go girl!!!!!!!!!

    • Rick Day says:

      He is running because the people who simply do not care about you or me has decided he shall be the heir apparent to the status quo.

      Follow the money.

      • Republican Lady says:

        You are right of course, I was just referring to his terminology. Because I have guns, I started teaching my son gun safety at the age of seven and he started teaching his son gun safety at the age of four. The point is you don’t give a teen a gun, a few sentences on gun safety, and turn him loose with numerous people around.

    • Game Fan says:

      According to Karen Handel’s website, she has been around guns since a very young age and after doing extensive research on Google, I cannot find where she has ever been involved in an AD, also known as an accidental discharge.

      (This usually just happens with men.)

    • BuckheadConservative says:

      It’s definitely funnier than most of the stuff they’re putting out these days. All the video is missing is an shotgun opened, slung over his should Sarah Palin style.

  5. John Konop says:

    I thought this was interesting from guys who do not know each other very well!

    ….Asked why he went hunting with Yancey, Oxendine said: “We’re friends. I hunt with friends. I simply called him up and said ‘hey, what are you doing this weekend? You want to go shoot a couple of birds?’ And he said, ‘Sure.’…… ”

  6. Pine Knot says:

    Hahaha..thanks PR for the laugh…and this “man” has more than a 2 to 1 lead on ND, KH, and the rest of the canidates….Why?

  7. macho says:

    He is such a raging dickhead, it’s almost incomprehensible. I have my favorite in the race for Governor, but can see how the other candidates are preferred by others, except for Ox. I honestly don’t know how somebody could support such a phony. It’s as if he tries to act like the worst cartoon version of a politician. From the videos of his wife after labor, to pretending to like football and getting GA’s bowl game screwed up to lying about hunting with his sons and not having a hunting license for 10 years. Seriously, where does it end. Right down to the picture of Ronald Reagan in background, perfectly aimed at the video, everything is so planned out. It’s so transparent.

    Not to mention the Academy Awards trips and the $120,000 campaign contribution. Do we really want a Governor obsessing over Hollywood movie stars? Good golly, I don’t think the state can afford the subscriptions to all the gossip magazines at the Governor’s mansion.

  8. Three Jack says:

    “A father that goes hunting with his son will never have to go hunting for his son.” Since his son has already shot one guy, why would a wimp like ‘the ox’ ever dare to “hunt” him?

  9. kolt473 says:

    John Oxendine unqualified for gov, past record of auto accidents, March 1996 Gwinnett County damage to car $17k crashed into trees, told police had swerved to avoid deer next vehicle purchased for Oxendine equipped with blue lights&siren at time state fire marshal 2ooo weaving through traffic on 285 crashed into a private truck damage to private pickup $7k the vehicle Oxendine driving crown vic totaled cost to state 18k ag thurbert baker handled investigation, remember ray lewis super bowl shooting investigation? Repeated misuse of emergency equipment by Oxendine led to his emergency equipment privileges revoked. removed the lights sirens removed and requested permits be deactivated. 2003 REPORTED BY AJC TO KAREN HANDEL during tight budget spent $25k specially loaded crown vic with supension package purchasing dept officials told him not to buy vehicle. after blistering report, Oxendine’s action blantant disregard for established authority. When informed he would not be allowed to purchase vehicle, response in general, ”Try and stop me.’ ” Oxendine eventually reimbursed state for vehicle and issued this statement: ”I have stated publicly my disagreement with the report’s findings of fact and conclusions. Although this office is not bound by the Office of Inspector General, I have decided to purchase this vehicle personally and donate it to the Georgia Dept of Insurance to finally resolve this matter and demonstrate this offices commitment to fiscal responsibility. then there’s his father’s questionable land deal cost him part time judgeship Gwinnett his father signed papers for a land deal under investigation, land in question near Lawrenceville, sold to Gwinnett County DA asking a grand jury to investigate whether the county illegally used tax dollars to purchase this and other parcels from well connected land owners. Jim Oxendine is listed on the paperwork as the power of attorney for the seller of the land near Lawrenceville. His secretary’s appears as the notary public—and Oxendine gives his address as the Gwinnett County Courthouse [D.A Danny] Porter says the signatures show the judge was practicing law on the side. Oxendine son involved shooting of hunter private quail farm you know details of shooting so i want post other to say the preserve is co-owned by Delos ”Dee” Yancey ill CEO of State Mutual insurance Co., based in Rome. Oxendine has since returned contributions. his exploits almost exciting as Sara Palin’s but with his colorful driving record, disregard for authority misuse tax payer dollars, I couldn’t see him in governors mansion with his disregard and arrogance with state funds during austerity , even though hes apologized. Same goes for Gov Roy Barnes 15 years ago let the teachers and the state flag go because he didn’t wish to lose dollars from NCAA. so who’s left hate to see a man let loose on state budget again when he was advised not to do it and then do it again if only a Scott Brown would appear this year choices limited this information posted verified and correct.

  10. kolt473 says:

    barnes thurbert baker 1993 super bowl ray lewis alleged murdered bystander, reasons unknown. the botched investigation of baker to protect lewis allowed him to walk free. barnes backed baker at time of the incident however i don’t trust either of these two back in govt barnes backed kasim reed in mayor election, therefore barnes will expect reeds appreciation by delivering votes to secure him election, as for contributions in and out of state then the issue of the flag and teachers not forgotten even though its been over 15 years its going to take barnes ”deep pockets” negative ads” and reeds voters to secure the office for roy. sorry governor the flaggers teachers haven’t forgotten how you handled issues, as for ag baker the alleged botched ray lewis shooting investigation hasn’t been forgotten either.

    • Romegaguy says:

      I know facts dont usually matter here on Peachpundit and as much as I dislike Thurbert, it was Fulton DA Paul Howard that botched the Ray Lewis investigation in 2000 and not Thurbert. In 1993 Ray was a college Freshman at University of Miami where he was probably a criminal too but Thurbert was in the State House then and probably wasnt investigating that either.

  11. GodHatesTrash says:

    The Ox – one of many many many Georgia moron politicians.

    Just being goobernatorial – following in the buffoonish footsteps of Perdoofus, Miller, Maddox, and the Talmadges. Clowns all.

  12. GodHatesTrash says:

    And let’s not forget Westmoreland and the Georgia Peach – both the bottom of the barrel, even for Georgia.

      • Ken in Eastman says:


        In real life, it’s Ty Cobb.

        In the bizzaro, through-the-looking-glass, Welcome-to-Oz, Twilight Zone, Heart of Darkness, Mordor-like, possibly drug induced world of GHT, I’m thinking it would be anyone or anything. My best guess? I think it’s a boy’s wooden sled he played with as a hatchling.

  13. macho says:

    It would be interesting if Barnes and Ox faced off, because the two of them are the biggest phonies going. There is Barnes, who says he’s a ol country lawyer, but lives in a mansion just outside Atlanta. Who rails agains special interest groups, but raised $20 million from them in his last run for Governor. Then there is Ox who says he’s an avid hunter, but hasn’t had a hunting license for the last decade. He say’s he’s not barely knows Yancey, but likes to go hunting with him. He tries to act like the average GA football fan, but couldn’t tell you what bowl game they are in (just like Coakley’s Schilling comment in Mass.)

    Barnes would win, just because he’s smarter, but the campaign would be very entertaining. To fake politicians trying to pander to different groups.

    The problem is the public creates these clowns. Anytime a politician acts like a normal human being, we nitpick him to death.

  14. kolt473 says:

    its time these 1960 segregationist lawyers get out of the 20th century and get into the future, and it’s time this 1950 NAACP bunch move into the future as well. democrats are still misleading minorities decades later violent crime has increased, everyday child getting killed the violence is numbing. A man in the white house elected to bring supposed change instead acting like hugo chavez and blaming BUSH. blacks, drop the dems find your own voice, for the last 50 years those policies have hurt and demeaned you made you solely dependent for everything ward nine NEW ORLEANS still hasn’t been rebuilt 5 years after Katrina, dems still use it as reminder of gop failure. Look at 5o years of the great society war on poverty that was worse, quit believing this bunch of liars, not needed anymore elect 21st type leaders drop these old segregationists.

    • ByteMe says:

      Again, fact challenged. Since 1993, statistics are clearly showing violent crime on the decline. Blame it on longer prison terms, better crime scene science, or even on abortion being legal and available (that’s from Freakonomics), but violent crime is on the decline.

      As for the rest, please try to think through what you’re going to write first. You really don’t make much sense with your run-on thoughts.

      • Ken in Eastman says:

        The decrease in violent crime is surprising because we are also seeing a continued decline in two-parent families.

        Longer prison sentences may be part of it just based on the demographics of criminals – after about age 45, few people are violent and longer prison sentences keep that age group off of the street.

        Still, the dissolution of the lower income American family, especially among blacks, can largely be traced to the 1960s and Johnson’s “Great Society.” This has created a large number of problems within society, including – just my opinion – a decrease in the effectiveness of our educational system.

        • ByteMe says:

          Personally, I like the part where given all the possible reasons, the only reason that explains it is Roe v. Wade making abortions legal, which then eliminates a whole class of unwanted kids who 17-20 years later would have committed these crimes.

          But the anti-abortion folks have all the answers 🙂

  15. KingWulfgar says:

    I don’t understand how anyone actually supports and campaigns for this joke. I’d vote for Barnes before I’d vote for Oxendine and that has nothing to do with this “hunting incident.”

    If he gets elected, Georgia will be the laughingstock of the country.

          • IndyInjun says:

            Carter is an embarrassment, but not one for whom I ever cast a ballot. When he ran for governor, I voted for Republican Hal Suit. When he ran for POTUS, I voted for Republican Gerald Ford.

            Only these fake Republicans who harmed me with their votes are enough to make me vote Dem and that is on RARE occasion.

            Ox being the GOP nominee would be such an occasion.

          • polisavvy says:

            I feel your pain and totally agree with you. Please don’t hold it against me, but I actually voted for him for POTUS (was too young to vote for him for governor). I guess you could say that I was young, stupid, and misinformed. I did learn the errors of my way, though.

          • benevolus says:

            That’s funny, I often say the same thing, except I voted for Ed Green/Libertarian my first time, when I was “young and stupid and misinformed”.

  16. capitolguy says:

    Some awesome stuff from the Ox, regarding this incident in Galloways recent piece.

    I love this quote, “I still believe in hunting and I still believe in guns,” the Republican candidate for governor told them. “I still will hunt, and my family will still hunt.”

    If you’re going to continue hunting, you might want to buy a license every decade or so.

    Also love this line from Galloway, “The way that Oxendine described the incident to Doug Richards at 11 Alive, you’d almost think that being sprayed by a shotgun is part of the hunting experience.”

    Ox also says, since he’s the most likely nominee for Governor, everytime he blows his nose it’s a story.

    • John Konop says:

      If OX does keep hunting it would be better for the safety of others if it was done by his family alone and nobody is in range.

      I would suggest the OX family try paint ball over shooting each other and friends for safety reasons rather than use shot guns for a bonding experience.

      Not to be over dramatic, but I would not suggest blowing your nose is the same as shooting a friend. But in fairness unlike OX I never thought of shooting people with real guns as an experience that I would promote with friends and family.

        • John Konop says:

          I have been out shooting with me oldest son who is 15 now and if this happen to my family I would have a different tone. If I was OX I would use this as an educational experience about gun safety. In all seriousness teenage boys are teenage boys and this should not be a green light for them to not understand guns are not toys.

          • ByteMe says:

            How can someone without a hunting license and without having gotten hunter safety training for his kids actually have a successful teaching moment with this incident when his first response is to worry about his political tush?

  17. IndyInjun says:

    Since this is an open thread and I have no posting privileges…

    Unfunded Benefits Dig States’ $3 Trillion Hole

    Yeah, I know, this is a national story, but Georgia happens to be a state and one with a known $20 billion unfunded healthcare liability and a teacher retirement fund that is down $10 billion in 2 years.

    The situation is almost certainly worse

    [blockquote] By (government) standards, public pension plans are 88 percent funded. Unfortunately, government accounting rules create economic fictions…. Using the more conservative standards imposed on every corporate pension plan, state plans are only about 60 percent funded, which translates into a shortfall of more than $2 trillion relative to the funding that should exist today. [/blockquote]

    Given that the annual budget is now in the high teens of $Billions, isn’t Georgia in the “insurmountable” category?

    Or will the people of Georgia see taxes triple to pay the promised benies, which are arguably backed by the taxing authority of the state constitution?

    Any Keynesian respondents will be asked to show the math on how we ‘outgrow’ this crushing debt problem in Georgia.

    • John Konop says:


      Possible solutions;

      Option 1

      Go to Vegas and bet on red and or keep investing in derivatives.

      Option 2

      Keep pretending we do not have a problem and hope you die before it all blows up.

      Option 3

      Index the funds based on average life expectancy, increase the fees and or decrease coverage % so we are no longer giving out 3 dollars in service for every 1 dollar paid out in service.

      I am voting for the rational responsible option 3, but hey being fiscally conservative is never popular.

      • IndyInjun says:

        Alas, an answer is not politically possible, no more than FDIC insured depositors taking a ‘haircut’, military retirees taking a cut, SS recipients taking a cut, etc.

        There will be blood in the streets, for NOBODY is willing to sacrifice and EVERYBODY is sure that their benies are stand supreme over others.

        There will be a total collapse with all losing everything before there can be a political solution and that is why only a fool will run for office before that time.

        • benevolus says:

          I know that ‘revolution’ is an attractive concept in a Guy Fawkesian kind of way, but I suspect we would just default on our debt before things got too dicey.

  18. kolt473 says:

    open thread here goes can’t convince me violent crime decreased, when local media gives you 24/7 coverage. ones reusing to see it are folks believing it when its a daily dose of news bread&butter for wsb, tell me streets safe, the only time we got a break from violence, was during the September floods, murder is up just look at atlanta, chicago&detroit.

  19. kolt473 says:

    show down between OX&BARNES heres how it’ll play out with race&class envy, barnes ads will place ox as friend to rich special interests doesnt care about working poor, on the other side he’ll be what the poor powerless want voice of the people, where have I heard that before? it will come down best well financed, barnes will get his money from out of state funding, plus unions ox bank loans neither candidate is viable both have baggage, barnes has the advantage street saavy and smarts, but hes got baggage, so has ox might be spoiler to enter late in game, watch to see who blinks first.

  20. macho says:

    The think to remember is it’s not the boy’s fault, it’s Ox’s fault for putting him in that situation. He needs to own up to that and admit his screw-up. Any experienced quail hunter will tell you there were way too many people carrying loaded guns in that field; it’s not supposed to be like laser tag.

    Ox should turn this in to a positive and enroll in a hunting safety course with his son. It would be a wonderful example for the citizens of Georgia. They could be taught how many people are supposed to carry loaded guns during a hunt and proper field placement. I’m sure the instructor would also mention, for Ox’s benefit, that getting shot is not supposed to part of the experience.

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