Kemp Responds To MacGinnitie

Brian Kemp has issued a response to a press release from Doug MacGinnitie which called on Kemp to disclose all of his last minute cash contributions.

Our opponent’s once honorable campaign has now degenerated into a babble of irrational attacks on the leaders of his own party.

It is unfortunate that our opponent has chosen to attack the Governor, the Lt. Governor, the Speaker, over 101 state legislators and hundreds of Georgia’s top business and community leaders in a sad attempt to bolster his faltering campaign.  Republicans expect better of that from their candidates, and that is why the grassroots of our party has rallied to Georgia’s Secretary of State Brian Kemp.

The Kemp Campaign will continue, as it has always done, to comply with state ethics laws and deadlines.  In contrast to our opponent, we do not intentionally break state ethics laws to score cheap campaign talking points.


  1. old political pro says:

    That says it all.

    Pay attention Doug. I think they’re trying to be nice about it, but you’re pushing your luck.

  2. BuckheadConservative says:

    So….who did he get money from that night? Not saying? Typical.

    And for the record, Kemp has a grassROOT. As in one. Sonny Perdue.

  3. LoyaltyIsMyHonor says:

    Very disappointing that Sonny did not appoint a caretaker for SoS and let Kemp and McG duke it out in the race. Even more disappointed in Kemp for taking the weasel way out and accepting the SoS position knowing that he’s a candidate for the office….I guess he sees himself as the annointed one.

    But what do you expect from someone who had a senate district lines redrawn to benefit his Brother-in-law?…just the same old same old.

    • Ken in Eastman says:

      I would have preferred a caretaker, too. Having said that, if Sonny’s purpose was to keep the seat in GOP hands, and if Kemp had turned down the offer, then Perdue’s next call would have been to Doug. Kemp had no assurance MacGinnitie would have turned down the job.

      It’s a shame it worked out that way, but it did.

  4. Debra says:

    I thought the response was like that of a 12 year old. How about releasing the names and donations with a brief we have nothing to hide statement.

    • Reality Check says:

      Debra – if you are a MacGinnitie supporter I guess its unclear when to disclose something based on the example their campaign has set but for state ethics law purposes it will be disclosed on the 1/1/2010 to 3/31/2010 disclosure. I believe those will be submitted on 4/7/2010.

  5. ByteMe says:

    Fake issue meant to distract from the following concept not grasped by the average Georgian:

    What the heck does a Secretary of State actually do??

    • HowardRoark says:

      I’m not positive, but I think it’s very similar to what the Commissioner of Agriculture does. At least that’s what Brian Kemp told me.

    • Ken in Eastman says:

      Umm, don’t they, like uh, conduct our foreign policy? You know, negotiate treaties, work out trade agreements and stuff?

      You know, actually other than be the superintendent of elections, handle incorporations and some licensing stuff, I don’t know offhand and I refuse to look it up because I am going to bed.

  6. Howard Roark says:

    For those of you who have never completed a campaign report there are required reporting periods. Both candidates have met the law. One candidate has poked his own party leaders in the eye in order to grandstand through a press release, which is not a very smart move. Free media was the goal here and that he got. In the process he shot himself in the foot which sort of reminds me of Barney Fife.

    • BuckheadConservative says:

      I don’t think the “party leaders” you speak of where ever on his side to start with. They tend to fight like hell against outsiders, reguardless of how much good those outsiders could do. And at least one party leader listed (Perdue) poked Doug directly in both eyes just a few short weeks ago.

      • Reality Check says:

        Right, I guess you missed Kemp’s list of endorsements at the GOP State Convention back in May. It was by far the most impressive list of any state-wide candidate.

  7. Howard Roark says:

    The Kemp Campaign Leadership Team & Endorsements from Elected Officials:

    Kemp Campaign Leadership
    Mr. Craig Lesser, Co-Chair
    Mr. Wesley Langdale, Co-Chair
    Mr. Clay Newman, Honorary Co-Chair
    Mr. Don Leebern III, Honorary Co-Chair
    Mr. Steve Croy, Finance Com. Chair
    Mr. Harold Reynolds, Treasurer
    Mr. Mark Middleton, Legal Counsel
    Mr. Steve Croy – Chairman

    Statewide Supporters
    PSC Stan Wise
    PSC Lauren “Bubba” McDonald
    PSC Bobby Baker
    PSC Chuck Eaton
    DOT Chair Bill Kuhlke
    DOT Board Member Roy Herrington

    State Senate Supporters
    Sen. Jeff Mullis
    Sen. Chip Rogers
    Sen. Tommie Williams
    Sen. Chip Pearson
    Sen. Don Balfour
    Sen. John Bulloch
    Sen. John Crosby
    Sen. Ronnie Chance
    Sen. Jeff Chapman
    Sen. Bill Cowsert
    Sen. John Douglas
    Sen. Greg Goggans
    Sen. Johnny Grant
    Sen. Bill Hamrick
    Sen. Seth Harp
    Sen. Jim Butterworth
    Sen. Lee Hawkins
    Sen. Bill Heath
    Sen. Jack Hill
    Sen. Judson Hill
    Sen. Ralph Hudgens
    Sen. Bill Jackson
    Sen. Dan Moody
    Sen. Jack Murphy
    Sen. Mitch Seabaugh
    Sen. Preston Smith
    Sen. Cecil Staton
    Sen. Don Thomas
    Sen. Ross Tolleson
    Sen. Renee Unterman
    Sen. Dan Weber
    Sen. John Wiles

    State House Supporters
    Rep. Jay Roberts
    Rep. Mark Hamilton
    Rep. Michael Harden
    Rep. Jim Cole
    Rep. Sean Jerguson
    Rep. Gene Maddox
    Rep. Terry England
    Rep. Tom McCall
    Rep. Jon Burns
    Rep. Calvin Hill
    Rep. Joe Wilkinson

    State House Supporters cont.
    Rep. Bob Lane
    Rep. Barbara Sims
    Rep. Tommy Benton
    Rep. Carl Rogers
    Rep. Mark Williams
    Rep. Ed Setzler
    Rep. Ben Harbin
    Rep. Lee Anderson
    Rep. Cecily Hill
    Rep. Jay Neal
    Rep. Bobby Reese
    Rep. Melvin Everson
    Rep. Jeff May
    Rep. Ron Stephens
    Rep. Bill Hembree
    Rep. Richard Smith
    Rep. Clay Cox
    Rep. Larry O’Neal
    Rep. Matt Ramsey
    Rep. Mark Hatfield
    Rep. David Knight
    Rep. David Ralston
    Rep. Donna Sheldon
    Rep. Vance Smith
    Rep. Jay Powell
    Rep. Jill Chambers
    Rep. Billy Maddox
    Rep. Roger Lane
    Rep. Mark Butler
    Rep. Chuck Sims
    Rep. Allen Peake
    Rep. Rick Austin
    Rep. Tim Bearden
    Rep. Matt Dollar
    Rep. John Meadows
    Rep. Steve Davis
    Rep. Penny Houston
    Rep. Tom Dickson
    Rep. John Yates
    Rep. Martin Scott
    Rep. Billy Horne
    Rep. Terry Barnard
    Rep. Willie Talton
    Rep. Paul Battles
    Rep. Mickey Channell
    Rep. Doug Holt
    Rep. Stephen Allison
    Rep. Barry Loudermilk
    Rep. Mike Coan

    Former Legislators
    Rep. Chuck Harper
    Rep. Barbara Bunn
    Rep. John Heard
    Sen. Joseph Carter
    Sen. Jim Whitehead
    Sen. Nancy Schaefer
    Sen. Don Cheeks
    Sen. Charlie Tanksley
    Sen. Joey Brush
    Sen. Mike Crotts
    Sen. Dan Lee
    Sen. Chuck Clay

    Sheriff Joe Chapman- Walton
    Sheriff Jud Smith- Barrow
    Sheriff Scott Berry- Oconee
    Sheriff Al St. Lawrence- Chatham
    Sheriff Mike Jolley- Harris
    Sheriff Butch Conway- Gwinnett
    Sheriff Stan Evans – Jackson
    Sheriff Kip Thomas – Madison
    Sheriff Howard Sills – Putnam
    Sheriff Robert Markley – Morgan
    Sheriff Roger Garrison – Cherokee

    Com. Chair Charles Bannister – Gwinnett
    Com. Chair Melvin Davis – Oconee
    Com. Chair Kevin Little- Walton
    Com. Chair Josh Herring- Thomas
    Com. Chair Grady Thompson- Tift
    Com. Chair Hunter Bicknell – Jackson
    Com. Chair Ron Cross – Columbia
    Com. Chair Anthony Dove – Madison
    Com. Chair Billy Pittard – Oglethorpe
    Comr. Helen Stone- Chatham
    Comr. Jim Cutler- Catoosa
    Comr. Buck Davis- Troup
    Comr. Stanley Thomas- Madison
    Comr. Chuck Horton- Oconee
    Comr. Jim Luke- Oconee
    Comr. Margaret Hale- Oconee
    Comr. Bruce Scogin- Madison
    Comr. Dwain Smith- Jackson
    Comr. Charles Allen – Columbia
    Comr. Scott Dean – Columbia
    Comr. Tim Fleming – Newton

    Jim Luken, Watkinsville
    Jim Joiner, Jefferson
    Doug Haynie, Arcade
    Linda Blechinger – Auburn

    City Council Members
    Brian Brodrick, Watkinsville
    Clerks of Superior Court
    Clerk of Court Cindy Mason- Columbia
    Clerk of Court Kathy Trost- Walton
    Clerk of Court Angela Watson- Oconee
    Clerk of Court Regina McIntyre- Barrow

    Local Elected Officials
    School Board Chair Mark Banks – Walton
    Tax Comr. Danny Powers – Chatham

    Former Local Elected Leaders
    Winder Mayor Buddy Ouzts
    Tax Comr. Andy Pipkin- Henry
    Com. Chair Bill Byrne- Cobb
    Com. Chair Jimmy Dixon- Lee
    Comr. Ester Fleming – Newton

    • BuckheadConservative says:

      Where have I seen this list before? Oh, yeah…in 2006. When Brian was unsuccessfully running for Agricultural Commissioner.

  8. Howard Roark says:

    Kemp Campaign First to Build Grassroots Organization
    The Kemp Means Business Grassroots Leaders

    Appling – Stephen Tillman
    Co-Chair – Kathy Tippins
    Atkinson – Darrell Evans
    Bacon – Jay Williams
    Co-Chair – Gene Davis
    Baker – Stanley Collins
    Baldwin – Lyn Chandler
    Banks – Tony and Stephanie Waldon
    Barrow – Mike Pentecost
    Bartow – Matt Gambil
    Ben Hill – Scott Downing
    Berrien – Keith Stone
    Co-Chair – Eddie Owens
    Bibb – Cade Joiner
    Bleckley – Joe Meadows
    Brantley – Ray Gillis
    Brooks – Dozier Lovett
    Bryan – Buddy Polk
    Bulloch – Mike Anderson
    Burke – Jimmy Dixon
    Butts – G.S. Gator Hodges
    Calhoun – Willard Dukes
    Camden – David Rainer
    Candler – Dean Stone
    Carroll – Greg Camp
    Catoosa – Alvin Worley
    Charlton – Joe Hopkins
    Chatham – Patrick Connell
    Chattahoochee – Audrey Welker
    Chattooga – Butch Eleam
    Cherokee – Cindy Castello
    Clarke – John Padgett
    Clay – Ronnie Kuykendoll
    Clayton – Judy Turpin
    Clinch – Russ Goodman
    Cobb – Josh Mackey
    Coffee – Dominic Larricia
    Colquitt – Kirk Friedlander
    Columbia – Sarah Scott
    Cook – Ronnie Sumner
    Coweta – Jake Shepherd
    Crawford – Jarred Waters
    Crisp – Pam and David Dollar
    Dade – Ann Brown
    Dawson – Clint Bearden
    Decatur – Dan Provence
    Dekalb – Gary Maurice
    Dodge – Brian Lowery
    Dooly – Billy Sanders
    Dougherty – Karen Ho
    Douglas – Byron Hunt
    Early – Peg Harris
    Echols – Randy Courson
    Effingham – Billy Dasher
    Elbert – Rina Thomas
    Emanuel – Chip Jackson
    Evans – Peggy and John Perkins
    Fannin – Steve Morris
    Fayette – Warren Elwell
    Floyd – Dr. Adam Clemons
    Forsyth – Richard Ward
    Franklin – David Phillips
    Fulton – Tom Ladow
    Co-Chair – Jared Thomas
    Gilmer – Stacy Nicholson
    Glascock – Jeffery Tucker
    Glynn – Ruby Robinson
    Gordon – Alvin Long
    Grady – Richard Robinson
    Greene – Ashley Sardella
    Gwinnett – Johnny Barrett
    Co-Chair – Mimi Laney
    Co-Chair – Jim Nash
    Co-Chair – Jeremy Brand
    Habersham – Chan Caudell
    Hall – Bill Frobos
    Hancock – David Steed
    Haralson – Danny Hutcheson
    Harris – Mike Jolley
    Hart – Bob Matthews
    Heard – Terry Harper
    Henry – Trea Pipkin
    Houston – Judy Sanders
    Irwin – Horace Hudgens
    Jackson – Tonya Phillips
    Jasper – Mary Carter
    Jeff Davis – Lonnie Waters
    Jefferson – John Adams
    Co-Chair – Wayne Miller
    Jenkins – George Parker
    Johnson – Blaine Burley
    Jones – Cecil Etheridge
    Lamar – Nancy Thrash
    Lanier – Alex Lee
    Laurens – Buddy Adams
    Lee – Scott Suber
    Liberty – Jared Peden
    Lincoln – Al Bean
    Long – Ron Adams
    Lowndes – Gerald Hall
    Lumpkin – Melissa Dove
    Macon – David Miller
    Madison – Brenda Thompson
    Marion – Ray Willis
    McDuffie – Ned Harbeson
    McIntosh – Mary Lou Forsyth
    Co-Chair – Kelly Spratt
    Meriwether – Courtney McCoy
    Miller – Jay Wells
    Co-Chair – Rhonda Wells
    Mitchell – Tim Pinson
    Monroe – Ruth Cole
    Montgomery – Keith Hamilton
    Morgan – JoAnne Parker
    Murray – James Stallsworth
    Muscogee – Dennis Hendrix
    Newton – Delia Fleming
    Oconee – Cokey Elder
    Oglethorpe – Bobby Miller
    Paulding – Edward Leidelmeijer
    Peach – David Futral
    Pickens – Mr. and Mrs. Charles McClain
    Pierce – A.J. Strickland
    Pike – Steve Hicks
    Polk – Larry Reynolds
    Pulaski – Carolyn Ragan
    Putnam – Leslie Clark
    Quitman – Billy Edmondson
    Rabun – Kurt Cannon
    Randolph – Jimmy Bradley
    Richmond – Brian Epps
    Rockdale – Kathleen Cominski
    Schley – David Theiss
    Screven – Osal Evans
    Seminole – David Williams
    Spalding – Eddie Freeman
    Stephens – Lee Hicks
    Stewart – Rossi Ross
    Sumter – Jerry Battle
    Talbot – Noneen Stevens
    Taliaferro – Justin Brock
    Tattnall – Pam Avery
    Taylor – Scott Ray
    Telfair – Ernest Dyal
    Terrell – Wilbur “T.” Gamble
    Thomas – Josh Herring
    Tift – Bill Brim
    Toombs – Lisa Davis
    Towns – Bryan Miller
    Treutlen – Gerald Hook
    Troup – Buck Davis
    Turner – Pat Story
    Twiggs – R. Darren Mitchum
    Union – George and Sue Upchurch
    Upson – Jim and Jana Fletcher
    Walker – Jim Powell
    Walton – Rod Trahan
    Ware – Carlton Corbitt
    Warren – Scott Johnson
    Washington – Benjie Tarbutton
    Wayne – Adrienne Browning
    Webster – John Downer
    Wheeler – Russell Clark
    White – Julie Price
    Whitfield – Sonja Foster
    Wilcox – Rex Bullock
    Wilkes – O.A. Denard
    Wilkinson – James Dean
    Worth – Jack Bass

    • BuckheadConservative says:

      Looks like he as at least 159 votes. Names on a press release look pretty, but I wonder if these guys could have gotten him elected if he didn’t get bailed out by the governor.

      • AthensRepublican says:

        The answer is “yes.” This support was in place long before the Governor announced the appointment.

        • BuckheadConservative says:

          A.) We don’t know that. It wasn’t released until he was already an (I)


          B.) There is a difference between a list of names and a grassroots organization. Would these people have worked hard and effectively to get Brian Kemp elected in an open primary. I wish we could take away Tiny Tim’s crutch and see if he can walk on his own.

          • AthensRepublican says:

            A. Too extensive to put together at the last minute. I am also aware many of these people endorsed Kemp some time ago. You can ask a few of them.

            B. Where is Doug MacG’s “list of names?”

          • BuckheadConservative says:

            I don’t know. Hopefully he’s building one. I’m sure when he does release it, it will be a quality one. Kemp’s strategy seems to be “do it first” while MacGinnitie’s seems to be “do it best”.

          • AthensRepublican says:

            We will see if Doug has built up much support outside of Sandy Springs. I will say Doug is a nice guy though.

  9. Camden Conservative says:

    Kemp acted very “honorable” when he called Gary Black a “a liberal lobbyist” during the Agriculture primary. People must have forgotten that he attacked Gary’s character grasping for straws. Kemp definitely put himself and politics before the party.

    How many offices has he run for again?

  10. Howard Roark says:

    I believe March 31 is the next required reporting period, then a June 30 report.

    All contributors between Jan 1 and March 31 will be listed on the March 31 report which is due by April 7.

  11. AlanR says:

    The nerve of some candidates to actually ask others for money — get them to come to some cheap event and get a check from them.

    Any responsible, civic minded, proper, socially acceptable candidate, who wears the right tie, the kind we would all like to attend our club, would simply write a check.

    A really big one.

  12. TPNoGa says:

    When is the dang primaries? I can’t wait to get all this breaking of the 11th commandment over with and focus on keep King Roy from his former throne.

    Honestly, I don’t know enough about the SoS position or Ag Comm. position to care who is running.

  13. abbyadams says:

    A question: Did Kemp lose any of those endorsements when he accepted the gov’s appointment? It’s hard to imagine that every single one of them found nothing obviously unethical about Sonny’s whole switcheroo

  14. UGAalum says:

    Chalk this up to “unrelated” and i realize this is a local political blog, but no mention whatsoever of

    B R O W N !

    Screw the Dems and ObamaCare!

    • AubieTurtle says:

      There was an earlier thread on the Fulton Co. GOP making phone calls on behalf Brown. That seems to be a good place to discuss the outcome of the election. Also there is an open thread where it can be discussed.

  15. UGAalum says:

    So i guess even though it is the big elephant in the room, no one will talk about it because that is just not what’s done around here?

    Kinda quirky to me – i mean, it ultimately will have an effect on regional/local 2010 races – but hey, if that’s what y’all do, then so be it.

  16. ReynoldsGA says:

    Where did the maturity in this race go?

    First, MacGinnitie begins by calling Brian Kemp out on an ethics issue? Wasn’t he the one who broke ethics laws on this last disclosure? I think this is a shot at free press.

    Secondly, Kemp’s list might be impressive, but his response was not. I would like to see the Secretary of State rise above the immature political games his opponent is playing.

    Also, can any MacGinnitie supporter please explain to me what he would do differently had he received Perdue’s appointment? Are you telling me he would not have done the exact same things?

  17. Three Jack says:

    i was a fan of kemp, but the arrogance displayed in this message where he defends one of the worst governors in ga history totally changes my perception of him.

    hey brian, you already got the appointment…you can now remove your nostril from perdue’s butt cheeks.

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