Fulton GOP Makes 7000 Calls For Scott Brown

We received this press release from the Fulton County Republican Party. Well done folks!

ATLANTA – The Fulton County Republican Party attracted volunteers from Fulton, Gwinnett, and Cobb County this week for phone banks to help State Senator Scott Brown win the U.S. Senate seat that was held for decades by Ted Kennedy. In five days, volunteers placed over 7,000 calls using the new Fulton GOP G.O.T.V. (Get Out The Vote) phone system.

“By electing Scott Brown, the people of Massachusetts are fundamentally changing not only the politics as usual environment that existed in the state for decades, but the short-lived filibuster-proof Democratic majority in Washington,” said Shawn Hanley, Chairman of the Fulton County Republican Party.

“The outpouring of support from our volunteers is a testament of the historic nature of this special election, and the American people’s belief that Scott Brown’s vote is the only way to stop the health care reform legislation from passing.”

The Fulton GOP will host an Election Night Victory Party on Tuesday, January 19 starting at 7:00 p.m. The party headquarters is located at 5920 Roswell Rd Suite B-115 Sandy Springs, GA 30328. Polls in Massachusetts close at 8:00 p.m. Please join us to watch the results come in on two 50” screen TVs.


  1. Rick Day says:

    I can just hear it

    “Howdy. Im from the Geeeeee Ohh Peeeeeeeeeee and we cit-zenz want a’ll yall g-d yahnkeez ta vote fer this here Brown fella ’cause he ain’t Brown like “yew know whooooo” ya catch my drift, good buddy?”

    Oh yes. Brilliant move.

    • DMZDave says:

      The Fulton County GOP HQ is in Sandy Springs and among those volunteers, there were more than a few refugees from Taxachussetts on the phones. That said, the ugly Southern stereotype you attempt to perpetuate is just so… Jimmy Carter.

  2. joescobb says:

    Brilliant? Of course Dick Day. It’s nice to see a true grassroots organization lead the way when it comes to one of the most important Special Elections of our lifetime. Kudos to you in Fulton.

  3. seenbetrdayz says:

    I hate to bring it up and burst any bubbles, but I wonder how many of those who are supporting Scott Brown know that he supported the state healthcare plan for Massachusetts (mandatory coverage).

    Maybe it isn’t as bad as it seems (maybe a guy could defend the free-market at the federal level but not on the state level . . . *cough*), but part of me says, “if this is the best chance the Republicans have to stop Obamacare, the Republican party is still dead.”

    • anewday says:

      I’d like to believe that he could have learned from healthcare in Mass. It has been a huge burden on the citizens of that state. I like how people on here believe that one can’t learn from past mistakes.

  4. joescobb says:

    er……we already had that? “Special Election” Dick. Not a recount.

    And for seenbetrdayz……this is the best chance to stop Obamacare, true. Considering we may do it in a state that goes 3 to 1 Democrat over Republican it doesnt really seem it’s just Republicans trying to stop this mess does it?

  5. BuckheadConservative says:

    I think Doug MacGinnitie and his team made some calls. I got a e-mail about it. I thought that was pretty cool.

  6. LoyaltyIsMyHonor says:

    This is gonna be good. The same Georgians who are helping out Scott Brown with these phone calls will be condemning him as a “RINO” in a few months because he’s not like “us.”

    • seenbetrdayz says:

      Like I said, it’s ‘iffy’.

      I’ll bet 5,000,000 in Zimbabwe fiat notes (trying to pre-empt a threadjack) that former Mass. state-mandated insurance supporter Scott Brown will at some point “compromise” a “workable solution” on the national healthcare bill, rather than oppose it, as he should.

      What’s that word that gets thrown around here so much by “conservatives”?

      —Oh yeah, “pragmatic.”

      You’ll see “pragmatic” solutions to the healthcare bill.

      In other words, enjoy your ‘free’ healthcare, ’cause it looks to me like it’s coming either way.

  7. c_murrayiii says:

    Wow, guy hasn’t even gotten elected yet and already he isn’t “conservative” enough for you. If Brown wins, its because he is the right kind of “conservative” for Massachusetts. As much as I’d like every Senator running as a Republican to be a true, 100% Conservative, the facts are Ron Paul, Paul Broun, DeMint, or whoever isn’t a “RINO” could not get elected in Massachusetts, no matter how much people are angry at the libs in DC. Brown seems like a sensible guy, a guy who is seeking to serve his state and represent the people of Massachusetts by casting a vote against an unpopular health care proposal. He has worked to earn the voters trust and has not acted entitled like his competitor. Just the manner with which he has conducted himself on the campaign already puts him light years ahead of most pols who only seek to serve themselves (Coakley, Chambliss, Graham, etc.). Give the guy a chance, he’s better than the alternative.

  8. DMZDave says:

    Congratulations to the Fulton County GOP and to Shawn Hanley their Chairman for bringing volunteers together and giving folks an opportunity to make a difference. It seems to me that is what Republican grass roots effort is all about and Shawn Hanley and his Executive Director Orit Sklar deserve some kudos and not this ridiculous carping – unless of course you are a Democrat and then I suppose you probably shouldn’t be too happy with ole Shawn and Orit and their hundreds of close personal friends who are involved and likely to stay involved.

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