Committee Assignments

Speaker Ralston has announced Committee Assignments. You can see them here.

Ben DUI Harbin is still head of Appropriations.

Mark Hamilton took over from Austin Scott on Governmental Affairs.

Bill Hembree replaces Earl Ehrhart in Rules.


      • AubieTurtle says:

        No one likes the an ‘enforcer’ except for the one who they’re enforcing for. I don’t doubt that eehrhart stepped on many toes and rubbed plenty of people the wrong way while working for the previous Speaker.

        • eehrhart says:

          Excellent analysis Aubie

          The calculus is just what you described. Consider this: The job entails saying NO to over 200 of the biggest egos in the State of Ga. (mine included). I spent five years doing this. Over 90 % of the bills do not reach the floor and someone has to be the person who says no. It goes with the job that the Rules Chair will never win a popularity contest and if they did they would not be doing the job.

          No Regrets here.

  1. Medic8310 says:

    Appropriations Chair FAIL for the Speaker!
    Ehrhart was keeping MOST in subcommittee where it was getting nowhere. Cities could prosper enormously from a MOST if approved by voters, but it has to get past the GGA 1st, thus keeping a bill stuck in subcommittee does not help the citizens of GA.

    • eehrhart says:

      Might want to check your facts….

      No subcommittee’s of the Rules committee for legislation. I can say that I do not even know which standing committee this was assigned to; so the idea that I had anything to do with it in any manner is somewhat off base to say the least

  2. AthensRepublican says:

    Also, not much mention on PP, but David Ralston did eliminate the “Hawk System” this week.

    • AubieTurtle says:

      What was the point of even having a House of Representative made up of more than the Speaker under the hawk system? Glad to see it go.

    • macho says:

      I always liked Earl as well. He had some great moments with Speaker Murphy. I also respected that fact that he wasn’t afraid to get on PP and tussle with folks, not many politicians do that.

      • 1magnoliapeach says:

        I haven’t seen him here since the fallout Like him or not, he is always one to speak his mind, I hope he will return to post this session.

  3. eehrhart says:

    I have a new and substantive role with the Appropriations committee on which I have served for 18 years. I truly look forward to this and can say that the reduced stress level will be a welcome change.

    Speaker Ralston will do an outstanding job leading our Republican House. I trust and respect him.

    I have served for 22 years and have enjoyed being a part of creating the majority we now enjoy. I am particularly appreciative of the reference above to the Murphy years as those were some of my most enjoyable moments as the protagonist. 8 years as the Minority Whip under Murphy was as thrilling as it was a lesson in humility time and time again. The man could play the game.

    I also enjoy the “tussle” on this site and have no plans to go away and not participate.

  4. IndyInjun says:

    Thanks for all of your efforts, Earl, and thanks for being involved in discussions on here.

    You all have an impossible job even without bad actors lousing things up.

    You probably have seen this, Recession or No Recession,
    State Tax Revenues Remain Negative

    Both nominal and inflation adjusted
    figures indicate that the first three quarters of 2009 marked the
    largest decline in state tax collections at least since 1963.

    The year-over-year change in state taxes, adjusted for
    inflation, has averaged negative 12.5 percent over the last four
    quarters, down from the 1.4 percent average growth of a year ago
    and 1.6 percent two years ago. ….The local tax slowdown is less severe than the state tax slowdown.

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