1. fishtail says:

    What a pompous windbag. Totally ineffective for the last 7 years, who is going to listen to him now?

  2. GOPGeorgia says:

    I saw the title of this post and thought it was about a PP poster. Of course, some may have thought it was about me.

  3. AthensRepublican says:

    I listened to the speech in its entirety and heard nothing but an American history lesson on hard times and how people endured back in the 1700s. Nothing of substance. The Democratic response delivered by Labor Commissioner Michael Thurmond was pathetic and weak. Nothing of substance.

    • AthensRepublican says:

      Oh and the mental health funding…is this another way to assist Glenn Richardson in his retirement?

  4. GodHatesTrash says:

    Seriously, what does it say about a state that amoral pondscum the likes of GOP Goobernor Perdoofus can get elected not just once, but twice?

    Talk amongst yourselves.

    • IndyInjun says:

      what does it say about a state that amoral pondscum the likes of GOP Goobernor Perdoofus can get elected not just once, but twice?

      I actually don’t think Sonny has been that bad a governor. Would Cagle or Richardson done that much differently?

      I do believe a tough, energetic, and entrepreneurial corporate executive type could roll up his sleeves, ditch all public appearances, jump deep into the state departments and make at least $500 million a year in difference.

      The Dems were inefficient and the GOPers have been even worse. Key core competencies have atrophied.

      • BuckheadConservative says:

        “I do believe a tough, energetic, and entrepreneurial corporate executive type”

        We have one of those running, but for Secretary of State. Doug MacGinnitie.

  5. Harry says:

    Some of you are living in an alternate universe. Most of the rest of us grass roots type people think Governor Perdue has done a pretty decent job, overall.

    • AubieTurtle says:

      Well of course you do. He’s used the power of the state to impose your religious values on everyone in the state, regardless of their individual values.

        • AubieTurtle says:

          You like to explain again why no one in the State of Georgia is allowed to buy alcohol on Sunday, regardless of their religious beliefs and values? You’ve been quite vocal in thread after thread about the sins of alcohol and your desire to prevent ANYONE from buying on Sunday since it insults your religious sensibilities.

          Sounds like imposition to me but then again, those who impose themselves on others often think it is no big deal while those being imposed upon feel quite different.

          Sonny has used his office as a tool to impose his religious beliefs, which match your on the topic of alcohol, upon all the citizens of the state each and every Sunday.

        • AubieTurtle says:

          How many of them are able to buy alcohol in the grocery store on Sunday? Answer: none of them regardless of their religious values. No one has been forced to convert to another religion but the values of one particular religion (and not even the whole religion but rather a subgroup of that religion) has been imposed on everyone using the power of the state.

    • Ken in Eastman says:

      Harry, I agree.

      Has he been a great governor? I would say no, at this point. I think he’s been at least average to a little better than average.

      I can think of several governors that have done worse.

    • B Balz says:

      1.) Calling Gov. Perdue amoral is absurd.

      “I do believe a tough, energetic, and entrepreneurial corporate executive type could roll up his sleeves…”

      and get to work helping corporations continue their work of screwing us. We don’t need a businessman, we need a Statesman who knows the language of business (accounting).

  6. Progressive Dem says:

    Why should today be any different? No vision, no goals, no plan, no accomplishments. Why did the man run for governor? He’s like the dog that chased the car.

  7. mitchmartin says:

    As I admitted in an earlier thread, I am an unashamed Sonny supporter. I have disagreed with him at times, but I believe he’s a good man and he’s done a good job. His terms have been bookended with recessions, and that’s what I suspect he will be remembered most for. I think it is hilarious when a pompous windbag like Pete attempts to project his own d-baginess onto others. Its like I said to someone the other day, when you are so predictable that I know what you are going to say before you even say it, its kind of a waste of time to even open your mouth.
    So, Pete, stop wasting your time.

    • Pete Randall says:

      Wow, you should also let Jim Galloway at the AJC know that you think the same of him:


      “But a governor with the chutzpah to pray for rain knows something about Old Testament prophets. The key to success in the prophecy business, old hands will tell you, is to maintain a certain vagueness.

      In that sense, the governor’s last state-of-the-state speech was the political equivalent of a well-thrown knuckleball.”

      Full of sound and fury, signifying nothing, indeed! Maybe you should wonder, if I’m so predictable, why people like me are saying what they are saying. Surprise, it’s because Perdue IS an empty suit with absolutely no legislative accomplishments during the last seven years.

      • ByteMe says:

        And yet Republicans voted for him TWICE just because of the (R) after his name. Flaggers only voted for him once, because he screwed them over in his first term.

      • trainsplz says:

        Absolutely no legislative accomplishments = true. But to be honest, most of the stuff that they would’ve passed made me thankful for the deadlock. Can you imagine if the current legislature had actually gotten their hands on a statewide transportation sales tax? Yecch.

        • ByteMe says:

          What deadlock?? He vetoed almost nothing.

          What people are saying — myself included — is that he never exhibited one iota of public support for ANYTHING… other than fishing. He’s been 8 years of wasted opportunity.

  8. Ludwig Von Beachbum says:

    I cannot stand Sonny Perdue. He is so crooked that when he dies he will need to be screwed into the ground.

    With that said this place should put itself on higher ground and show a little more class than democratunderground and cut out the ugly name calling assaults in the headers.

  9. dorian says:

    I think it is Macbeth who said it first Ludwig, and I we ought to borrow a page from Perdue and enact merit pay for the governor too. Make it retroactive. I want a refund.

  10. BuckheadConservative says:

    If you boil it down to “Are you better off now than you were 8 years ago?” then Sonny has been a bust. Most of the good we’ve seen from the past 8 years has come from the legislature. From a policy standpoint, Glenn Richardson did more for the state than Perdue. (Not that I’m defending Glenn)

    If you look at it from the perspective of “Has the state government continued to function, and has Sonny brought shame on us all through some sort of scandal?” then maybe he hasn’t been so bad. I’ll be glad when he’s gone and we can get some Constitutional officers in there with a vision.

  11. fishtail says:

    Meanwhile, please start a thread on this…tired of waiting…Political Notes: Ralston moves to replace chairmen
    by Tom Crawford on 1/14/2010
    Rep. Austin Scott (R-Tifton) is one of the first House committee chairmen to lose his position as Speaker David Ralston prepared to replace six or more lawmakers in leadership positions.

    Scott, who is running for governor, “resigned” his chairmanship of the Governmental Affairs Committee, the speaker’s office announced Thursday evening.

    “I accept the resignation of Rep. Austin Scott from his position as chairman of the House Governmental Affairs Committee,” Ralston said in a prepared statement. “I praise him for his statesmanlike action for putting the House first.”

    Ralston had been indicating for several weeks that he would remove several chairmen and vice chairmen from House committees as he moves his own leadership team into place. Ralston said earlier today he would disclose all of the committee leadership changes “by midnight Thursday.”

    Ralston confirmed he is axing all three of the “hawks,” House members who answered to former speaker Glenn Richardson and could vote to kill legislation in any House committee. The ousted hawks are Rep. Clay Cox (R-Lilburn), Rep. David Casas (R-Lilburn) and Rep. John Lunsford (R- McDonough).

    Each of the hawks “voluntarily gave up their role,” according to an announcement from the speaker’s office.

    “While this system was initiated to enable House committees to more readily meet their quorum requirements, it has become a tool used strictly for partisan purposes,” Ralston said. “Under my leadership, I am committed to working across the aisle and ensuring an equal voice to all House members no matter their party affiliation.”

    Rep. Earl Ehrhart (R-Powder Springs) is widely expected to lose the chairmanship of the powerful Rules Committee, where Ralston also plans to make procedural changes that will cut down on the chairman’s ability to revise legislation that’s already been marked up by another committee.

    Rep. Tom Knox (R-Cumming) of the Insurance Committee, who’s a statewide candidate for insurance commissioner, was also said to be in line to lose his chairmanship.

    Ralston is expected to replace at least three vice chairmen on the Appropriations Committee: Edward Lindsey (who has moved up to speaker), Mark Butler and possibly Bob Smith.

    • Clone Of B. Plyler says:

      Pull over Mr. Fishtail..I’m Sgt. Clone of the PP Threadjack Police. Let me see your PP card & blogger’s liscense……..Mr. Fishtail do you realize that this thread is about the Gov. & not Mr. Ralston? I’m going to let you go this time w/ a warning (because really your topic is more intereting) Have a nice threadjack.

      • IndyInjun says:

        He doesn’t get a break for fishtailing?

        Fishtail never is far from Sonny, for Sonny is the fisherman’s friend. There should be a Sonny plague embedded in every boat ramp.

  12. IndyInjun says:

    B. Balz wrote We don’t need a businessman, we need a Statesman who knows the language of business (accounting).

    Seriously, this is the great thing about having term limits. Doing all of the public appearances, global travel to represent the state and the other claptrap of the state keeps the governor too busy to mosy over to the Revenue Department to evaluate operations for himself, too occupied to ramble over to DOT and dig into a few random projects, and too limited to consider whether a state bank, like North Dakota’s might save $hundreds of millions.

    Statesmen? – not just GA, but the whole of the USA better find some PDQ and rediscover ‘shared sacrifice.’

    When Sonny tried to broach shared paid with state benies when this last term started, he got smacked down hard. I do salute him for trying, while wishing he had gone the extra step so we could sing his praises for bravery.

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