Lilburn revolt against the Mayor

Seems some residents of Lilburn are in revolt over the Mayor‘s failure to sell land she owned next to a Mosque for a proposed expansion after (1) the City Council nixed the proposal and (2) she recused herself from the issue. Yes, you read that right. She took herself out of the decision loop on the issue because of her conflict of interest, won’t be able to sell the land, and still didn’t do right in the eyes of some voters. More lunacy on this issue here.


  1. Provocateur says:

    Those “voters” mad at Preston can best be described as “stupid.” But…this IS Lilburn, after all…

  2. Goldwater Conservative says:

    This is usually the point where the news media would take advantage of the authority-disorder bias.

    No matter what happens in public policy or politics, many people just want to see drama and conflict unfold.

    Some people just can not be pleased.

  3. I’ve been following this in the news for a while.

    The comments coming from some of the voters who are mad at mayor are astonishingly ignorant. People seem to think it’s a problem for the mayor of Lilburn to own land in Lilburn. Where the heck else is the mayor of Lilburn supposed to own land? Owning land means you have the right to sell it.

    The residents quoted in the paper and on TV keep saying they’re worried about an increase in traffic on Lawrenceville Hwy. It’s transparently b.s.. That stretch of Lville Hwy is the Land Zoning Forgot™ . To suddenly feign concern about land-use, at the precise moment a mosque wants to expand, is transparent Islamophobia.

    By the way, nice photo.

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