Gwinnett Grand Jury

Is scheduled to convene on Friday. Indictments cannot come soon enough in my opinion.

I know there are many folks of the legal persuasion who read PP. Perhaps they would like to chime in on how Grand Juries are different than regular juries, what goes into selection for a grand jury, etc. This seems to be an area that the media and grade-school civics classes gloss over.


  1. A grand jury serves for a specified term, dealing with multiple cases. Grand juries are designed to be a check on prosecutors’ authority. In order to go forward with a felony criminal case, a prosecutor must persuade a grand jury that there is sufficient evidence to justify doing so. In Georgia, grand juries also have certain investigative powers.

    A regular jury (“petit jury” if you want the jargon) serves as the fact-finder for a single trial.

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