Connie Stokes Poised To Take On Hank

As Pete mentioned, people are lining up around the block to take on 4th District Congressman Hank Johnson. While I didn’t personally witness it, I’ve been told DeKalb Commissioner Connie Stokes was handing out business cards at the Wild Hog Dinner this past Sunday, telling folks she intends to run for Congress, and that her public announcement is imminent.

I know Congressman Johnson lives in fear of people wearing white hoods but other than that what has he done to rile people up?


  1. drjay says:

    isn’t his health a bit fragile, that’s really the only thing i can think of offhand–that and the fact that he won in a primary challenge–which may lead to one of two things, either latent hard feelings for anyone who felt a kinship with mckinney or an idea that hey he did it, maybe if i want to be a congressman there is no reason for me not to do it to him…

  2. Progressive Dem says:

    It sure is kind of Hank’s former colleague Connie Stokes to jump in with both feet when the only reason to challenge him is because his health is poor. No issues, just opportunism. Speaks to her character.

  3. Ida Claire says:

    As far as riling people up recently there was a nationwide movement to contact Hank Johnson regarding the issue of Sherry Peel Jackson, an ex-IRS agent, who was detained at the Atlanta Penitentiary before she was moved to Florida last month. Jackson began a crusade against the federal income tax, was incarcerated and it was reported that she was in ill health while in prison and not receiving proper treatment.

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