Campaign Disclosures

The spreadsheets I’ve been working on are complete. I’m sure there will be comment on the meaning of these numbers but for now you are free to think what you will. We’ll tell you what to think later.

Statewide Races
Contested State Senate Races
Contested State House Races


  1. TPNoGa says:

    Just curious, how did Barnes raise that much money? What are the sources of such a huge amount of contributions? Are these from small individual donors? I mean, Ox raised a little more than half and people think he is using his office to get the money. If Barnes was able to raise that much money from Joe Q Public, we are in trouble. (By we, I mean the GOP AND the people of GA).

    • Tireless says:

      I did a quick sort of his data and found at least $1m came from lawyers and law firms. He also had a long list of business owners/CEO/Presidents sending in max contributions. I noticed a lot of construction/contractor/road builders gave him money. Apparently many view him as a means to get some of that worthless Obama stimulus money… know, the shovel ready BS with all the strings attached to it.

      • Ken in Eastman says:

        Ah, the roadbuilders may be interested in the opportunity for that second loop around Atlanta that coincidentally go through land owned by Barnes supporters. Coincidentally.

  2. Tireless says:

    Take out his previous loan of $250,000 and Deal’s burn rate is pretty incredible. Kinda like Washington’s.

  3. chefdavid says:

    I wonder what polititians gave to who. It would be interesting to look at for example Graves old seat to see who all the current polititians are giving to. I think you shouldn’t be able to recieve any money from outside the district you are running from.

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