Administrative note

In order to lower Steve Perkin’s blood pressure, comment voting has been removed.

An fighting force of extraordinawy magnitude is being assembled to moderate away all comments that are negative of Karen Handel abusive in nature.

You have our Gwatitude.


    • Ken in Eastman says:

      Perhaps you can get them to post Steve Perkins’s direct cell number? Or better yet all methods of communicating directly with Icarus!

    • HowardRoark says:

      I did too. Now I’ll just have to divert those energies toward refreshing Drudge twice as much as usual, which is already a lot.

    • IndyInjun says:

      That was the worst thing about that rating thingy.

      I didn’t care about what kind of rating a posting got, but if one went to the trouble to post, it should not just disappear like that.

      Although I support Handel, it was pretty ridiculous how one sided the ratings were that were used against supporters of opponents.

  1. Hey, that sounded like you were being critical of me! If only I had a minus sign to click on… grr.

    In all seriousness, comment voting is actually cool. I just pointed out that the “handelbot” manipulation was getting pretty blatant. If the plugin supports filtering, so that repeated votes from the same IP address don’t get counted, I suspect that would eliminate most of the sockpuppet shenanigans.

    • Ken in Eastman says:

      Steve Perkins,

      Yeah, the manipulation of the comment voting was the problem. I miss it. Maybe they’ll come up with something better.

    • Tyler says:

      I actually enjoy not being able to edit posts. The only preview I need is re-reading the post before I hit “Submit”. And what makes this site really great is that we don’t have an “Edit” button on comments. Be careful what you say, it could come back to bite you.

      • Lawton Sack says:

        I understand why PP doesn’t have an edit button once the post is posted. I just think that if the post could be seen as a preview before posting it would be great. Just a little window that shows you exactly what your post is going to look like and one final chance to correct spelling and grammar.

        Formatting changes sometimes between what you see when typing and what you get when you post. I still don’t know what Life and Liberty’s ASCII drawing is supposed to be.

        P.S. When are they going to add your name to the right under Contributors? You have to finish your hazing first? ๐Ÿ™‚

        • Tyler says:

          “P.S. When are they going to add your name to the right under Contributors? You have to finish your hazing first?”

          I sense that they haven’t even begun to haze.

          I’ve sent your idea for a preview to the others. If it reaches the TMC, we may see something come out. Either that, or we’ll all be punished for daring to dream.

          • Tyler says:

            Your question was about the format of Peach Pundit, which is part of the topic of the thread.

            You are not OT, therefore no punishment is necessary. Unless you really want it. Because we can arrange that.

          • IndyInjun says:

            As I am sure he would have thumbs downed this post, Icky is one of the worst thread jackers on here.

            Yeehaw, some threads on here have been hijacked to Cuba, so maybe we do need sky marshalls on board.

            You may reinstate ratings, so that this post can be properly dissed.

      • IndyInjun says:

        Be careful what you say, it could come back to bite you.

        For Long time PUNditeers, it is a black hole, that we have danced on for years.

        Me, I hate it when I hit “Submit” on a posting where I was entirely too nice.

      • I actually enjoy not being able to edit posts … Be careful what you say, it could come back to bite you.

        Hmm… well how about a WordPress plugin that simply throws up a warning pop-up when your username is “Erick” and the post or comment contains the text “Cagle”?

    • BuckheadConservative says:

      I hear the Center for Puppetry Arts is pretty flush these days. Maybe they can make room.

  2. Donna Locke says:

    What?! They dump that comment voting the day after I spend a little time doing that! And I didn’t usually! I feel cheated!

    Seriously, that was a useless feature. I do favor the preview feature, which someone(s) mentioned above. Sometimes I copy and paste info I have stored in my e-mail, etc., and the formatting doesn’t translate. And sometimes links need a check before posting.

    • ByteMe says:

      I’ve seen on other WP installations an edit button the is there for x minutes and then disappears. That might resolve everyone’s issue with that. Preview is only useful if you’re adding HTML tags.

  3. Ludwig Von Beachbum says:

    Stopping the comment voting was a good move to make the Blogg appear to be unbiased when it is obviously bias.

    The secret “swearing an oath of loyalty to Karen Handel ” requirement if you are a published writer here is still on. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • John Konop says:

        I heard Chris wrote a secrete program that somehow got Erick, Indy, Icarusโ€ฆโ€ฆ..all on the same page about being concerned about ethical behavior of officeholders. I am not sure how it works but I have a team of highly trained code breakers working on it. My top guy thinks it has something to do with words.

  4. LoyaltyIsMyHonor says:

    I’ve posted drunk on here several times. Only to read what I had written the next day and either 1) Not recall that I had posted that; and/or 2) Wish I hadn’t posted that. A couple of times I had wondered if I had been banned….So, yes, an edit feature would be nice, but what would be the fun in that? ๐Ÿ™‚

    — Sent from my IPhone.

    Signature: “Bring it on!”

  5. Technocrat says:

    I am just amazed that so few comments concerning Handel’s and Deal’s poor showing at fund raising.
    Even the fact that the OX mortgaged his only asset, his paid off home and 2 old cars for the $250k.
    That should scare Roy as to his commitment.

    Handels husband makes more than she DID, so they just have to eat more cheap fast food for a year. “It will do her good to lose 40#.”…so she can get a job on FOX after the Primary.

    Hey but look at NJ new GOV’s corpulence:
    “Despite the constant travel and take-out food of a political race, Mr. Christie said he had lost 25 pounds since June by working with a trainer three mornings a week.”

    • Kellie says:

      Tech, I am sure you are the picture of perfect health but it doesn’t come easy to everyone. Mrs. Handel does not need to lose 40 lbs. She is just like the rest of us; we could all lose a few.
      Why do people always go after a woman’s appearance?

  6. Demonbeck says:

    I would like to see us move to a more bulletin board-type format, where threads with new comments jump to the top and threads where you have posted are marked.

    Post editing and quoting should be added/made easier as well.

  7. Technocrat says:

    “Why do people always go after a womanโ€™s appearance?”
    20 years living with strippers I guess does tilt one’s view of appearences.

    Perfect health ha, at 62, I’m 25 pounds overweight [26.7 BMI and 45th percentile for age and height] and know the toll it takes on energy.
    Actually it was a form of Constructive Criticism, so she doesn’t get sick on the trail.
    I understand the OX is at the gym 5 days per week at 6:30am, 16 years of experience has probably taught him the rigors of a Statewide campaign, but Handel should know from the 2006 riding/flying with Sonny around GA.
    This years poverty budget means lots of driving vs the platial hitch a ride with Sonny.

    People I know in the other campaigns want me to shut up for fear she might lose weight and get more electable.
    Fair and Balanced.

  8. fishtail says:

    Following this logic, Handel’s opponents should regularly send donuts and chocolates to Karen to prevent her from looking “hot”.

    • B Balz says:

      I love chocolate, hate the new format (voting was a cool thing), think Governor Perdue is OK, and cannot wait to see who in GWINCO hangs.

      In other news, Karen Handle does exist as Icarus indicated, the death penalty is still not a deterrent, and I wish Mayor Kasim Reed and the new legislative session my highest hopes for success.

      Pray for Haiti and our troops in harms way.

  9. benevolus says:

    I have to admit, I had come to like the ratings too. I didn’t care about them when they were here, and now they’re gone…

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