About The Threadjacks

We’ve generally taken a lighter hand to threadjacks around here, especially when we’re not in either a session of the General Assembly or approaching election day.

We’ve got a lot of new folks visiting and reading, and we’re going to do our best to stay on topic.

You will too.

If you feel compelled to talk about something other than the topic of the thread discussion, look for an OPEN THREAD. If any of the front pagers direct you to one, I would suggest you go. Consider that (and this) your warning.

Those who choose to ignore it will be given a time of quiet reflection.



      • John Konop says:

        I am warning everyone if the PP has an after dark Icarus will get caught with a lobbyist. This scandal will drop Erick at least two slots on his rankings. And OX will become a front page poster.

        Remember you heard it here even before TMZ.

      • Ken in Eastman says:


        Is it possible to designate open threads with an (OT) under recent comments. It might help curb threadjacking – cause when ya gotta post, ya gotta post!

        Plus is there a definition of threadjacking somewhere? It might be useful if one doesn’t exist.

        • Icarus says:

          Threadjacking is when a commenter decides he or she would rather talk about an issue that is more important to him/her than the one that is actually being discussed in the thread. In blogging etiquette, it’s considered rude.

          Sometimes it’s blantant, where someone just jumps into the conversation with a different topic and no segue. Those aren’t tolerated much, and will usually get deleted.

          Other times, if a topic strays too far out of bounds, we’ll generally ask you to reign it back in if it looks counterproductive. That’s a much harder call in for us when trying to moderate, but if a few commenters seem interested, we’re usually inclined to let it continue.

          Then there’s the third where a few of our loyal commenters are single-issued, and they have one hammer in their tool box, and every problem looks like a nail. When they take a hammer to a thread that needs a screwdriver, well, we usually try to be gentle – at first…

  1. B Balz says:

    Sad to see a man fall so far, so fast. We pray for his well being and that of all errant bloggers.

    I can only say I too am a sinner. Hate threadjacking and not Indy.

    Power corrupts.
    Absolute power corrupts, absolutely,
    And it absolutely rocks!

    Is the mike off? Am I still on? Am I ….

    • Icarus says:

      Indy is free to write 100,000 words here on the Weimar Republic, The Gold Standard, his Fraudster dejour, and though he knows and has been telling us for years this would happen, it is too late for us to do anything about any of it, as we are all doomed.

      Doing it here doesn’t gum up other discussions. It’s what open threads are for.

      • IndyInjun says:

        he knows and has been telling us for years this would happen


        That HAD have been hard to admit.

        We are hardly doomed. There is a difference between the possible and the politically possible.

        It is possible to avert disaster, it just isn’t politically possible.

        Those of us who predicted this state of affairs and invested accordingly have a golden future. The reaction on here reinforces this knowledge, as if dead money in stocks for a decade and skyrocketing commodity investments, especially the metallic ones, were not enough proof.

  2. Jeremy Jones says:

    Most political followers agree the GOP is going to pick up seats in the upcoming election in congress. However, the WAY they are going to do it is what will be surprising.

    Last week I attended a lunch with about 17 people. The lunch was strictly political and the discussion revolved around, “What can we do?” Of course, that is not a surprise. The element that is a surprise, less than 5 people at that lunch have ever voted in a mid term primary election and all were planning to do so this year.

    The surprise of this election year will not be the end results, though I tend to think the GOP will pick up more seats than do most people think. The surprise will be WHO gets the next congress elected.

    I only hope those people stay vigilant and hold their newly elected leaders to their promises and statements.

    2010 will be a watershed year in politics. Will the GOP finally stand for true Conservative principles? If I am elected, I will do my best to ensure they do.

    Thanks for reading.

    Jeremy Jones

  3. Tireless says:

    Are y’all going to do any sort of analysis on the campaign contributions and expenditures of the folks running for governor? If not, why not?

    I started to look at the figures and quit when I was starting to sense my blood pressure rising. Ox is racking in money from all of the folks he regulates……and where did he find that money to make that large loan to his campaign? Barnes is Barnes….lawyers sending money to lawyers, no surprise. Handel, who seems to be a favorite at this website, is not raising much but spending plenty. It would seem with her high profile she should have been loading up on dough…….maybe attacking the state’s entire repub establishment isn’t winning her friends except for the folks at the AJC and Barnes campaign HQ. Deal and Johnson had respectable collections, although Deal is spending a ton on lawyers……can a person use campaign funds to defend himself in non-campaign related legal matters? I’m sure there is plenty of interesting stuff in those disclosures….which is why I asked the opening question.

  4. IndyInjun says:

    Well, I went back and looked. I didn’t hijack any thread, but folks responding to elements of my postings went OT.

    These things happen.

    In reviewing that topic, Icky protested a posting I did not make and made a personal attack on me right out of the blue.

    Keynesians are really sensitive about sound money these days. I wonder why.

  5. 51% Still Blame Bush for Nation’s Economic Woes
    But, I bet an even higher percentage believes Obama’s admin has made things worse, not better. I base that opinion on this part of the survey. Sixty-two percent (62%) trust their own judgment on economic issues more than the President’s.
    All this proves, BushObamanomics SUX! Maybe it’s time to try something really different… instead of the back and forth between , Gov is the answer, Twiddle -D and Twiddle -R… I’m just saying. Libertarians truly believe that you, the individual, is the best at controlling your own destiny and would like to get government barriers out of your way.

    -That is all…. for now.

      • What DNA understands is that people are sick of the “solutions” coming from the elected/re-elected status quo… and believe more in themselves, as they should, than the possibility that these jokers know what their doing. Did you see the “a leader picked randomly from a phonebook could do a better job” poll? I’d have to agree that they probably couldn’t do much worse.

        • ByteMe says:

          And yet they still won’t flock to the LP. Perhaps we want something a bit less random than the poll indicates.

        • Jeremy Jones says:

          Exactly, but a campaign like mine, with, if I do say so myself, a pretty smart candidate who knows and understands the issues, is willing to engage in an open debate, is never given a chance because he cannot turn to political friends and get $100,000 in the bank within a week.

          The candidates are out there, one just must look harder for them. Here’s a good start 😉


          • Ken in Eastman says:

            The obvious answer is to make more rich friends. Somewhere, I’m sure, there’s an online seminar for that.

  6. IndyInjun says:

    You see, the Keynesian cure for debt is to blow it away with government spending. By igniting the fires of inflation, one can pay off yesterday’s teacher pension with tomorrow’s devalued currency.

    Successful ignition requires dry, low interest tinder. The problem with de minimis interest rates for “sovereign” debt is that pensions and 401k plans need stable, safe investments with a positive return over inflation.

    Lowering interest rates to zero sends even modest plan funding requirements to infinity.

    Good luck funding that with Keynesian claptrap.

    Off-topic, eh?

    I guess SOME Georgia Republicans hope to emulate Bush 43’s war costs and just ignore them, but Georgia has no printing press.

    If PP is going to be a successful place for the exchange of ideas, how can that happen, when somebody like me can enter a topic on state budget, bring home the apparently under-reported reduction in the Teacher’s retirement fund of an amount that is danged near 50% of the annual budget, and then get personally attacked by someone with dictatorial control for a discussion of the factors that make funding said retirements intractable?

  7. janna says:

    I be guilty of this..I hereby consider myself warned. Of course I think it is all just an Atlanta conspiracy intended to shut out the peasants in the hinterlands.

  8. TPNoGa says:

    I hate Nick Satan and the Crimson Tide. I say this as a Dolphin fan as well as a Gator fan. I guess it could have been worse, at least Lane and the Vols still stink.

    Glad I could get that off my chest. Gee, these open threads rock.

          • Ken in Eastman says:

            I know Pete Carroll says USC’s program is clean and that there are no impending NCAA investigations. So he’s going to the powerful Seattle Seahawks (Wait, THAT’s not right) . . . He’s going to the much better Seattle climate (THAT’s not right either) . . . Maybe he wants some really good coffee and he’s still into grunge.

            Anyway, is it wrong of me to want Lane Kiffen to walk into an imploding program that is about to lose large quantities of scholarships and restricted recruiting trips? Is it really wrong for me to want that?

          • TPNoGa says:

            Why on God’s green Earth would a school on shaky ground with the NCAA hire Lane Kiffin? That just seems odd to me, but what do I know.

          • Icarus says:

            Not wrong. Not wrong at all.

            Tennessee will be lucky if they don’t get a strong slap too.

            But let’s be sure to get some good hate on Nick Saban before Debbie shows up to talk about ‘Bama.

          • Icarus says:

            As for why would a school make a decision filled with such cloudy judgment, I have no idea.

            BTW, anyone see on Drudge today that California is going to try to legalize pot? Not “medical” pot. All pot.

            Anyway, about Kiffin. I have no idea why the good people of USC would make this decision.

            Pass the nachos.

          • TPNoGa says:

            California and pot. Hmmmmmm. I get it….they are whacked out anyway, why not get stoned too. They already sell “medical” pot in vending machines. But if you dare light up a cig……watch out! The city of West Hollywood would defend someone’s right to smoke crack on their own property, but tried to make it illegal to smoke a cig in your own home. Ugh! So many, many reasons I left….besides the cost of living, taxes, traffic, smog, multiple natural disasters…etc.

          • Tyler says:

            “BTW, anyone see on Drudge today that California is going to try to legalize pot? Not “medical” pot. All pot.”

            Kiffin is going where the grass is greener. Literally.

          • Ken in Eastman says:


            Speaking of California’s potential legalization of pot. I wonder how Arizona, Nevada and Oregon feel about having to guard a border for drugs?

      • TPNoGa says:

        I just read espn.com. Wow. I heard that he might go to USC on 680 this morning. I guess they were right.

    • AubieTurtle says:

      Do you really *HATE* Saban? I’m an Auburn grad and even I don’t hate the guy. Sure he’s a weasel but so are half of the other guys in his profession. Pretty much the only college football coach I’ve disliked is Pat Hill at Fresno State and that’s because he’s a whiny baby.

      If’s too short to waste such a strong emotion as hate on a football coach.

  9. Kellie says:

    I just want everyone to know that I am back after a long holiday and weeks of computer problems. My avatar has changed to a resent picture but it’s still me. 😉
    Is this a threadjack Icky? 😉

  10. IndyInjun says:

    “That’s a much harder call in for us when trying to moderate”

    Especially when it is YOU doing the threadjacking.

  11. Bucky Plyler says:

    There has been absolutely no smack talk about the PP Fantasy Football League & how the Bucksters would have destroyed the top 4 if the season would have lasted 4 more weeks. Just sayin..

  12. AubieTurtle says:

    You know, PP might have less threadjacks if the open threads appeared more frequently and on a somewhat more consistent basis. Many times I’ve seen a political story I wanted to comment on here only to find no recent open thread.

    • Icarus says:

      You are correct sir. In the event that one is needed, I don’t think I’ve ever refused to open one on request, and try to make sure we open one at least a couple times a week. When I forget, it’s o.k. to remind us.

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