Republican Lawmaker contributes…to Barnes?

According to a report on campaign contributions from the Georgia Ethics Commissions Roy Barnes has received a campaign contribution totaling $1,000 from the “Bob Lane Campaign Account”. Bob Lane (R-Statesboro) (pictured) is a REPUBLICAN State Representative from Statesboro, Georgia, House District 158. He is the Chairman of the Games, Fish, & Parks Committee and Vice Chairman of Intragovernmental Coordination.

Take it for what it’s worth, but my observation is that people give money to the person they believe has the best chance of winning. Perhaps his peers should ask Rep. Lane if he’s wanting a position within a Barnes administration.


  1. ByteMe says:

    Do a search and you’ll also find that in the current cycle he contributed to:

    Eric Johnson
    Brian Kemp (before he became “Brian Kemp”)
    Buddy Carter
    House Republicans
    GA Republican Party

    • macho says:

      The previous 5 are all perfectly normal, but contributing to Barnes is not. I don’t know what is in the water in Southeast GA, but Eric Johnson and Bob Lane will probably be honored at the next major DPG event for their financial contributions to Democrat candidates.

      Bob Lane is incredibly ineffective for the amount of time he’s served in his district. If I were the people of Statesboro, I would vote him out, as a decent freshman legislator could exceed his effectiveness in a couple of terms. I fully understand why some communities want to send powerful incumbents back to Atlanta, but have no idea why those folks keep electing a guy like Bob Lane, when somebody else in their community could have a meaningful impact.

      • Provocateur says:

        Is having “meaningful impact” passing more laws? Voting against new laws? What’s your definition on any legislator being “effective?”

  2. Ludwig Von Beachbum says:

    Has there been a problem with any democrats in Georgia lately? The front page is starting to look like democratunderground.

    • Well in all fairness… if they took back power, they’re probably be caught with their pants down by the end of the first term. I don’t think the GOP’s woes are necessarily anything inherent about them morally… but just that lobbyist dollars and women are most attracted to whoever is in power. The Dems have the clear moral high ground at the moment, but it’s kind of like high school… much easier to practice sexual abstinence when you’re on the debate team than when you’re on the varsity football squad.

  3. John Konop says:

    I know I am going to get attacked for this comment but in many ways it does not look good for the GOP. The two of the top three candidates OX and Deal do have major alleged ethical issues that more than likely will become a big weight on the GOP especially after the latest problems.

    Also the economy is not good. And the education system is a mess and Fulton county kick out the recycled failed math 123 curriculum from Kathy Cox which will spread like a wild fire in the counties.

    If the GOP was smart they would rally around Karen Handel or another candidate without the baggage. And they would support a new candidate to replace Kathy Cox.

    The candidate should focus on the economy and education.

    Education-the candidate could back the bipartisan HB-215 Graduating Everyone Matters Act by Steve Davis. The only thing I would add is let the colleges and tech schools set the standards not the state. This eliminates the one size fit all education that has been driving up our drop out rate.

    For jobs Georgia should replace tax abatement money and use it for a supplement for SBA loans to help small business. If you talk to the majority of small businessmen they need debt capital to grow.

  4. I don’t see the big deal. I contribute to the primary campaigns of both parties too… because I want to support and encourage the most reasonable voices in each against the extremists. I hate to burst any partisan’s bubble (GOP or Dem)… but your party label means NOTHING. The core mission statement of both parties is the same… “Talk populist, and do whatever Georgia Power and the developers want”. Historically, the majority of Georgia elected officials don’t hesitate to flip labels when it’s in the long-term political interests, and their style of governance doesn’t really change.

    The only purpose of party labels is to create an artificial “us” vs “them” dichotomy, so people will pull out the checkbooks rather than the guillotines. You guys networking and gladhanding at your county party’s monthly breakfast AREN’T the bosses… you’re the waterboys.

    You could argue that this situation is different because Lane is an elected official, and county affiliates have rules against this. Number one, rules only apply to the waterboys… you’re not going to see a party apply them to elected officials unless the s**tstorm is too enormous to contain. Secondly, the county affiliate rules that I’ve seen simply require you not to “endorse” another party’s candidate in a general election. Crossover support during the primary season is a time-honored Republican tradition (e.g. Cynthia McKinney).

  5. Goldwater Conservative says:

    PACs give to the candidates that are the most likely winners.

    People give because they can not say “no.” Plain and simple.

    I do not know what type of relationship Bob Lane and Roy Barnes have, but it is obviously “strong” enough that the pain of writing that $1000 check was lower than the pain of saying “no” to Gov. Barnes.

  6. Lawton Sack says:

    My two cents worth since I am from Statesboro and I am currently serving as the Bulloch County GOP Chair.

    First of all, I thank Peach Pundit for bringing out this fact on a statewide level. I discovered it last week and I have been in discussions about how to best handle this situation in Bulloch County. He is also the Rep. for Bryan County.

    I contacted Rep. Lane’s office last week to find out if he was seeking re-election and I was told that he would contact me later. No word yet. I have contacted his office today to see if he has an official statement on this donation, which I left for Pat Harris, who is the Administrative Assistant for the Agriculture and Consumer Affairs Committee.

    The Bulloch County GOP Committee is going to meet and discuss how to handle this situation. I will be recommending to the committee to run an ad in the Statesboro Herald and simply show his contribution to Roy Barnes. I will also encourage members to contact Rep. Lane and write a letter to the editor. At our meeting this Thursday, January 14, I will be sharing the disclosure report to the entire group in attendance.

    We have a huge problem in Bulloch County with candidates running as a Republican because they know that is the only way that they can win the nomination. We have three Representatives here in Bulloch: Jon Burns, Bob Lane, and Butch Parrish. None of these has come to a Bulloch County Republican meeting in years. The following local elected Republican officials have not shown up either: Sheriff Lynn Anderson, Commission Chairman Garrett Nevil, Commissioner Robert Rushing, and Commissioner Roy Thompson.

    I am trying to change the political landscape for the Republican Party in Bulloch County and in Georgia. I am going to hold these Republican candidates accountable for what they are doing and not doing. In Bulloch County, we will publish the answers to the questionnaires that we will give to the candidates, along with their prior attendance and support of the County party. I may not be re-elected come 2011, but I cannot sit back and watch this stuff happen in Bulloch County or Georgia.

    I am repeatedly told that I am to walk the Republican line, but that is crazy if the elected officials are not going to be held to the same standard as the Party leaders. I will probably get another phone call or two for coming out against an elected Republican official, but that is fine, because this is wrong.

    Why is it wrong? 59% of the people of Bulloch County said no to Barnes in 2002. Barnes is the leading candidate (money and polls) of the opposing Party. Barnes does not reflect the principles of the Republican Party or Bulloch County. It also shows that Rep. Lane is out of touch with Bulloch County.

    • GOPGeorgia says:

      “In Bulloch County, we will publish the answers to the questionnaires that we will give to the candidates, along with their prior attendance and support of the County party.”

      I agree with these tactics 100% and they do not violate the (state) rules, IMO.

        • GOPGeorgia says:

          Konop the liar,

          I am concerned about making sure the county party has the tools to hold people who claim to be Republican accountable without violating the rules. I’m not going to tell the people of Bulloch County who they should vote for. If they have a problem with their reps or commissioners voting record, contributions to members of other parties, GOP party meeting attendance, or lack there of, that’s something they can sort out for themselves. I just want to make sure they have the tools to make the changes they need. Local control is better and Lawton is on the right track.

          • John Konop says:


            Are you hung-over from last night or did you not have enough cash and or trade material for a lobbyist last night? Chill out take two aspirin drink a big glass of water and it will all work out.

          • RuralDem says:


            I think it’s hilarious that you whine and moan about people attacking your character, then you start resorting to childish names.

            I’m guess since Konop wouldn’t call you, now you’re upset! It’s strange that you fuss on here and say all kinds of mess, then want to have a private one on one conversation with people to explain things. It’s silly.

            Instead of taking the easy way out, why not tell us your thoughts on Lane’s contribution.

            Do you approve or disapprove of his actions?

          • GOPGeorgia says:

            Konop is a liar, not because he’s insulted me, but because has stated that I voted told others who to vote for in the GOP primary for Gov.

            I d0n’t know Rep. Lane and he doesn’t represent me. I can say that if my State Rep or State Senator did the same thing, they would be probably be looking at a primary challenge and a lot of their friends would not support them. I wouldn’t support them in the primary because of it. I might work against them, depending on who was running. However, I live in a much more Republican district than Rep. Lane is in and that might be fine down there.

            What would you do if you had dem rep give to a GOP candidate? Don’t ask questions that you aren’t willing to answer yourself.

          • RuralDem says:

            “What would you do if you had dem rep give to a GOP candidate? Don’t ask questions that you aren’t willing to answer yourself”

            There’s a disturbing trend appearing in many of your posts. Either you run out and try to compare the current situation to something completely different, or you try to attempt some odd logic that is very, well, out there.

            I guess though, from now on, before asking any question, I need to answer it myself? That’s the GOPGeorgia logic. Great.

            Besides, if you actually READ the thread, you might see that I clearly stated:

            “I understand the whole party loyalty stuff, but I also understand Lane’s reasoning from what Lawton posted. Lane is putting the interests of his county above that of his party. That’s what a legislator is supposed to do.”

            But, hey, if that’s difficult for you to comprehend….. I’d have no problem with a Democrat doing it under their personal account, though I do think it is wrong to do so under a campaign account.

            Next question?

            Oh wait, I’m sure now you’ll say something stupid like “Got a problem with what I’m doing? Come challenge me”! Blah.

          • John Konop says:


            YOU SAID:

            …..Konop is a liar, not because he’s insulted me, but because has stated that I voted told others who to vote for in the GOP primary for Gov…….


            Did you take your medication today?

          • GOPGeorgia says:

            Konop the liar,

            I stand corrected. You did not say that I asked Indy to support Deal, I you said I was mad at him for not supporting Deal and there is a difference. However, you are still a liar. I have no (public) preference on who anyone supports in the primary.

          • John Konop says:


            Have you totally lost your mind? You ripped Indy for negative comments about core votes Nathan Deal made and than told us you agree with Indy but he was wrong for telling people not to vote for Deal. Please get your medication readjusted!

          • GOPGeorgia says:

            Konop the liar,

            You are still reading what isn’t there. I didn’t “rip” Indy’s comments on Deal. You said its hard to argue with his logic. I said it’s easy because no logical person would want to throw everyone out of office. I then showed you where he posted it.

            I never said he was wrong for telling people not to vote for Deal. Why do you lie so much?

          • John Konop says:

            You sound like Bill Clinton giving us the definition of “is”! The reason Lawton has credibility and you do not is he does give us straight answers agree or not with him and does not play cover up! No rational person would accuse me of lying for what I said about you.

          • GOPGeorgia says:

            Please point out where I have told anyone who to vote for or not to vote for, or telling anyone he they were right or wrong in telling other who to vote for or not to vote for.

            If you can’t, we all know you are a liar. If you keep lying, every time I see a post from you with a lie in it, I will point it out.

            Comparing me with Bill Clinton is silly. He gets more women than I do.

          • GOPGeorgia says:

            Hypocrite: Someone who says one thing and does another: Konop: “stop the spinning and attacking” and “Please get your medication readjusted!” = Konop = hypocrite.

    • bartsimpsonisdaman says:

      Hey dudes, maybe Mr. Lane has a problem with the republican frontrunner.? Y’all been sayin how squirrelly the Ox is. I’m dumb as hell and if I say that Oxendine is a flippin fool, that’s sayin something.

      Shhhhhh no one say anything but the wife swappin, blue light drivin egomaniac would be a disaster for georgia. What a fruitcake.

  7. Lawton Sack says:

    I spoke with Rep. Bob Lane this afternoon. His reasoning for his donation is that he got to know Roy Barnes while they were seatmates for six years. He felt that Roy Barnes did a lot for our District, including the following:

    1. Roy Barnes built the Georgia Southern University School of Information Technology — $33 million

    2. He appointed Martin Nesmith, from our District, to the Board of Regents

    3. He put forward the appropriation to the local cotton farmers after their money was taken — $10 million

    • John Konop says:

      Lawton Sack,

      Your post demonstrates why are country is in such a large financial mess. Both parties are all about what they brought back to the district with no regard how we pay for it. The best example is Medicare; both parties promise more when any rational person who knows the math will tell you that the system will BK our country in 10 years. And both sides refuse to tell people that we cannot pay out 3 dollars in service while taking in only 1 dollar per person. This is just one of many examples of people no longer asking what they can do for the country and are only concerned in what they get out of it.

      You are a breath of fresh air I wonder what is your solution?

      • Lawton Sack says:

        Politics is full of human beings, so there will always be people in politics looking out for themselves and $$$.

        We are all limited to our personal perspective on situations, also. That is why I like Peach Pundit, because I can see other people’s views and think about them. Hopefully people will listen to what I have to say, as I listen to them, even if we disagree.

        I don’t have all of the answers, but I have ideas. A lot of the problems that we have should have been prevented. We are dealing now with generations that have become accustomed to certain things and lifestyles, and they see them as rights to have them. I was taught that you get what you work for, but others feel they deserve things without effort.

        We have to organize as voters to get things accomplished. We have to say Enough is Enough. The Political Parties have to step back and say that it is time to listen to the voters AND the opposite Party and quit making it just about the Party. There seems at times a disconnect between the voters and the leadership (elected officials and Party leadership).

        I have been caught up in the Political Party games before. I literally felt sick after campaigning for Saxby in the run-off in 2008. I knew that he had voted for TARP and that it went against what I stood for. That was when I made the commitment to stand for what I believe in, even if the Republican Party didn’t like it.

    • ByteMe says:

      The contribution would be more reasonable if he gave it from his own personal account instead of from his campaign account. That it came from his campaign account seems like it might annoy people who contributed to it.

      • RuralDem says:


        I agree 100%. If he had donated from his personal account, then that’s fine. The fact that it came from a campaign account does make it problematic. The best thing for him to do would be to ask for a refund then pay out of his personal account.

        I understand the whole party loyalty stuff, but I also understand Lane’s reasoning from what Lawton posted. Lane is putting the interests of his county above that of his party. That’s what a legislator is supposed to do.

        Besides, that’s politics….. isn’t it?

    • I’m a bit confused. Earlier today, this was horrible in the extreme. Now it’s very matter-of-fact, with no editorial or opinion offered either way. The only thing that’s changed is that he started taking your calls and paid some attention to you.

      I never had a problem with this in the first place, but I wonder if you would clarify what your current position or thoughts are? On it’s face, this change of tone is amusing.

      • Lawton Sack says:

        I did not feel like anything further was needed to be said. I felt that I said everything I needed to say in the first post. Out of fairness to Rep. Lane and to share with each of you, I posted his response to my phone call. As I have stated before, I am not setting policy but just sharing how I feel. I shared my feelings with Peach Pundit and Rep. Lane.

        My current position is still the same as the first. The County Committee will meet and make a decision about how to handle this situation. The Disclosure Report has and will be shared with the Bulloch County Republican Party.

        Roy Barnes does not share the principles of the Republican Party, and it does not bode well that a Republican elected official is supporting a Democrat financially from the campaign funds donated by people in the District. The voters in the District voted against Roy Barnes in 2002, and I think that should play some part in the decision making of the Republican officials.

        Each of you has made your decision on this donation. I made mine. I respect your view and I hope that you respect mine in return.

        • Making Sense says:

          I’m just curious, what are the principles of the Republican Party?

          Do they include acception the unethical behavior that has happened at the legislature?

          Do they include eliminating the state property tax exemption resulting in a $300 property tax increase?

          Do they include unfunded mandates on county’s because the state won’t reimburse counties for housing state inmates?

          Do they include tolerating over $2 billion in education funding cuts and teacher furloughs?

          Do they include doing nothing about traffic congestion and the general lack of progress on transportation for 8 years?

          Perhaps they mean less spending? Nope, the budget has grown dramatically under Republican leadership.

          Honest to God, I’m having trouble here with understanding what Republicans stand for anymore. And considering that Oxendine is on the path to being the standard bearer, we can only assume that ethical leadership is not what the GOP stands for.

          • Lawton Sack says:

            I don’t blame you for being confused.

            As for Republican principles that I was referring to:

            1. Ethical leadership. Therefore, I do not approve of the unethical behavior that has gone on.

            2. Small as possible government to insure the Rights of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

            3. Limited taxation . I hate property taxes with a passion. I don’t know why we are taxed on something that we own.

            4. End unfunded mandates. Over 50% of Bulloch County’s expenses are unfunded mandates by the state. That is unacceptable.

            5. I hate Atlanta traffic. I think 8 years is shortsighted, though. Atlanta traffic has been bad longer than that, so I think both parties can take full blame for that. I still have not seen a realistic plan presented by either Party.

            6. Furloughs stink. Should GA have been ready and planned better for this? Yep. My mother works for DFCS and their furloughs and cuts have been terrible.

            7. Least amount of spending as possible. It is the taxpayers’ money and government needs to be responsible for it.

            8. Open government. I think all votes in the legislature, including committees, need to be roll call votes. I believe there needs to be easy access to elected officials. I believe that meetings need to be open.

            Has the GOP lived up to all of these? Nope.

            Are there people in the Party that desire to return to these principles? Yep, including myself.

        • AthensRepublican says:

          Lawton- I am a GSU grad (now live in Athens). I remember Bob Lane and thought he was one of the better Democratic legislators way back when. Lane has been in the House since 1980 (30 years) and most of that time as a Democrat. Did you get the sense that he had any idea this much attention would have been brought by his contribution to Barnes? Will he be voting in the Democratic primary for Barnes or the Republican primary for someone else?

      • John Konop says:

        Steve Perkins

        I disagree I thought Lawton Sack demonstrated a lot of class and was very clear with his position agree or not. I may not always agree with Lawton but no one can deny he is not a very straight shooter who calls them like he sees them!

        We could use more like Lawton on all sides of the debate!

  8. BuckheadConservative says:

    I remember Ralph Reed going after Casey Cagle for giving $1k to Mark Taylor. Never really got much traction. Casey’s response was something along the lines of having to “go along to get along”

  9. Howard Roark says:

    Our county party chairman is asking David Ralston to remove Lane from Committee Chairmanship. I know of at least 1 District chairman who is on the warpath as well.

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