Fulton GOP Lends Hand To Massachusetts Senate Effort

Orit Sklar, Executive Director for the Fulton County Republican Party, was kind enough to drop by the Peach Pundit Road Show last night. She won the door prize for a free press release posting, which follows:

Fulton County GOP Joins Fight to Elect Scott Brown in January 19th Special Election; Scott Brown represents the 41st vote against disastrous health care reform legislation

ATLANTA, Georgia – On Monday, January 11 the Fulton County GOP Headquarters will start a week of phone banks for Scott Brown, candidate for U.S. Senate, from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. The new, easy to use and efficient phone system acquired by the Fulton County GOP this Fall is a state of the art election-based G.O.T.V. resource that was instrumental in the Republican governors’ victories in New Jersey and Virginia.

“2010 is a very important year for Republicans and the U.S. Congress. Not only do we have an opportunity to gain back seats in the House, but Scott Brown has given us the chance to end the filibuster-proof Senate,” says Shawn Hanley, Chairman of the Fulton County Republican Party.

“Brown has closed in on his liberal opponent, closing the gap that was once around thirty to single digits. The most recent poll has him up by one point. By helping a fellow conservative in Massachusetts, we are going to jump start the G.O.T.V. volunteer training for all upcoming elections.”


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