And just when you thought it was safe for Georgia’s women to be out late at night…

Snuggles is looking at dipping a toe into the race for the 4th Congressional District, a seat currently held by Hank Johnson, who has been suffering from Hepatitis C.

According to B. Camille Kesler, a Jones spokeswoman, Jones has indicated that he has been approached by many people to run and that he is currently “contemplating all his options.”

In a Christmas e-mail to supporters, Jones also wrote that “[a] decision will be made soon as I continue to listen to you and your ideas as to how I can best serve Georgia and the American people[.] I intend to make my plans clear in the near future.”

Those already considering entering the race are DeKalb County Commissioners Connie Stokes and Lee May.

More from The Crossroads News of DeKalb County.


  1. Ludwig Von Beachbum says:

    What is the significance of the black guy and women not being safe? Is this some kind of back door racial slap? I don’t understand Atlanta politics. Fill me in cause Buzz Light Year kicked me off the live blogg Sunday for saying the state should tax baggy pants and oversized rims. 🙂

      • NonPartisanGA says:

        No Romegaguy….Pete likes to criticize black politicians; anyone whose followed this site for a while knows of Pete’s predispositions…

        I dislike Vernon’s actions as much as the rest and he should have been prosecuted for his crimes.

        The pimp picture is over the top however and is insulting to others as much as Harry Reid’s comments, and NO as far as I know Pete IS NOT A RACIST.

  2. Provocateur says:

    Too bad you cannot cue an audio clip to start playing when we pull up a thread like this one. I’m thinking either the theme from Shaft or the bit from Starsky & Hutch whenever Huggy Bear is in the scene.

  3. apsmith76 says:

    Yes – the Vernon-Jones-as-neighborhood-pimp reference is wildly inappropriate, given its racist undertones, but I won’t let that get in the way of voicing my utter disdain for this man…and this is coming from a fairly liberal Dem here.

    Vernon’s Jones’s transgressions are not about political party or race or socioeconomic standing. Jones is just simply a wretched human being. He is guided by self-interest, bound to those private interests which may garner him the most favor in terms of future campaign contributions. I know very personally about how he gutted DeKalb County of any mechanisms for accountability. He was so tied to the drug trade in DeKalb, it was ridiculous. His ties to the murder of Derwin Brown, who was trying to rid DeKalb County of corruption, are undeniable. He has complete disdain for people in need of legitimate assistance and protection by the government – e.g. victims of crime, battered women, abused children, etc.

    I DARE Jones to try and run against Johnson. Only his cronies want him in. The rest of us know he’s an incorrigible being.

  4. Making Sense says:

    It doesn’t have anything with the legislature being back in session? That might put some women at risk too, especially if they have on a short skirt…

  5. Progressive Dem says:

    I think Connie Stokes or Lee May do more damage as County Commissioners than they could ever do as members of Congress. Kicking either one “up stairs” might be a net win.

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