Brother, can you spare a URL?

Taking a pause from the serious matters of the day, we all know that campaigning for Governor requires a boatload of cash on hand. But once the votes are tallied and the post-election parties over, what’s left to sell on the open market? Very little except for your campaign website URL (if anyone wanted it). The good folks over at have a nifty service where they estimate the potential value of a URL based on links to the website, traffic, age of the domain, verbiage in the URL, site category, domain keyword popularity and overall occurrences of the domain name on the web. Who chose their campaign website name best?

[UPDATE] Evidently massive shifts on the internets occurred between when I originally penned this post on Tuesday and finally got around to putting it up on Saturday. Indeed, several sites now have value (allegedly). Below are the revised numbers/values. Thanks to those who did the verification.

Ray McBerry ( – $7,440
John Oxendine ( – $1,150
Thurbert Baker ( – $638
Austin Scott ( – $515
Karen Handel ( – $399
John Monds ( – $309
Roy Barnes ( – $190
Eric Johnson ( – $185
Nathan Deal ( – $185
DuBose Porter ( – $127
Carl Camon ( – $90
Jeff Chapman ( – $90
David Poythress ( – $0

In case you were wondering, is valued at $83,544.


  1. edmund says:

    Looking at Handel’s anemic $439k cash on hand, wouldn’t be surprised if she sold her domain for the extra four hundred bucks.

  2. FACT CHECK: is worth $185 is worth $127 is worth $90 is worth $90

    Just saying…

  3. anewday says:

    And the worth of Scott’s site is $515.

    Site Value Report
    The estimated value of is: $515

    This value is calculated based on several factors shown above, including: Links, Traffic (Alexa), age of the domain, site category, domain keyword popularity, and overall occurrences of the domain name on the web.

    You can buy and sell established sites in the dnScoop Marketplace.

  4. Ludwig Von Beachbum says:

    Looks like the hinge pin is the commonality of the first name in the URL among other things. McBerry has “Georgia” in his.

    With a real good spring board buzz word in the URL, this is as scientific as reading tea leaves 🙂

  5. a4s4 says:

    Ludwig if your logic was correct than why are those url’s with the word governor in them not up higher on the list. The word “Governor” is searched close to as much as the word “Georgia” I am sure…

    • Ludwig Von Beachbum says:


      Results 1 – 10 of about 99,100,000 for governor [definition]. (0.31 seconds)

      Results 1 – 10 of about 266,000,000 for georgia. (0.35 seconds)

  6. Ken in Eastman says:

    Interesting for about sixty seconds, though I’m glad it was posted. Further revelations would require a gypsy who can read signs from belly button lint.

  7. Pete Randall says:

    Hey, thanks to those who did the fact check. I just revised the numbers on the post. For some reason between Tuesday (when I put the post together) and Saturday (when the post was put up) there have been “massive” changes in internet valuation (grin).

    Have a good weekend.

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