Fundraising Friday

I thought we had a thread going up yesterday to discuss disclosures, and they are now out in force.

I’m sure we’ll put some of the more interesting ones, especially for the top races, in individual threads for analysis/comment.

However, I’m working on other issues, including the day job, so consider this a spot to discuss the disclosure reports and their perceived meaning.

Sock puppet free-for-all ahead!


    • ReaganRepublican says:

      Now that the disclosures have been released we know why the Handel supporters have been so negative toward Deal, Ox, Johnson, and the rest. They officially support a candidate that:
      a) Released part of her campaign team before lackluster fundraising report before her 1st reporting period;
      b) Quit as Secretary of State because everyone but her supporters knows she couldn’t handle being a full-time public servant and run for Governor before her 2nd report;
      c) Could not financially sustain a campaign with the said lack of fundraising for three or four months during the General Assembly (like Ox will be able to withstand);
      d) Supported same-sex partners before she was against them;
      e) Established an anti-life record before she decided to run statewide and became pro-life;
      f) Aggressively courted legislators to get endorsements until the vast majority endorsed anyone but her;
      g) Then turned against the same legislators and labeled them as a culture of corruption;
      h) Has lived in Georgia less than the remaining candidates have been involved in the Georgia Republican Party.
      i) Performs the same, canned speech pretty well until someone from the audience asks her a technical questions;
      j) Will not raise the necessary fund to win the primary, much less take on Roy Barnes,
      k) Has yet to complete a full 4-year term in office;
      l) The same can be said about her college or technical school studies; or
      m) All of the above.
      Unless you have your rose-colored glasses , “M” is the correct answer.

      • Doug Deal says:

        Perhaps they are so negative toward Deal because he is a crook who used his influence as a state Senator and then as a Congressman to get a sweethart Deal from the state, ripping off taxpayers in the procesas.

        If you want to nominate a good ol’ boy thug who will likely have deserved Congressional corruption hearings going on in Washington as the general election progresses, by all means support him.

        Why not sink the entire GOP ticket from top to bottom as well? Good choice.

        • Doug Deal says:

          By the way, he was my second choice for governor until I learned more about him and had posted how I wanted him and Handel in the runoff. Now, I just want the corrupt (car program) idiot (birther) to go away.

          • Silent Outrage says:

            You forgot corrupt (car program) racist (ghetto grandmother) idiot (birther) from DC (deficit spending)…

          • Doug Deal says:

            Thinks for the advice Ken. I find it hard to stop beating around the Bush.

            Anyway, if the Deal camp would actually campaign on issues and what they would do as governor instead of bragging about some supposed momentum, name recognition or the lack of money of other candidates, I would not bother to call BS on their BS.

            When their candidate is dead in the water with no hope of rescue, and as other Republican candidates are coming to the realization that having him on the ticket would sink their campaigns in the general election too, Team Deal have very little choice.


      • Silent Outrage says:

        I don’t get it… Handel added staff…

        And the stuff on the other candidates – sorry but the media is covering what’s there which is a lot of scandal and corruption.

        I suppose we can elect a career politician, but then again, I for one would like to win this election and not lose to Roy Barnes…

        • Mountain Republican says:

          Even though Karen has never been able to actually serve out even one full-four year term, she is the ultimate career politician. Take a look at some of her previous reports and the way the ran the SOS for her very short tenure. Her calling for reform in ethics is about like having Barry Sosa demanding an immediate end to steriod use in Major League Baseball.

          • Silent Outrage says:

            Karen served a full term as Fulton County Commission Chairman MR. Perhaps facts are something that get in the way of your opinion from time to time?

            And as for her record as Secretary of State? I supposed being one of the better SOS’s in the country, implementing photo ID, standing up for the integrity of the voter registration process, reducing her budget by over 15%, reducing waste, fraud, and abuse in the office just doesn’t matter?

            But then again, who profits when you’re actually reforming and cleaning up government? Certainly not your fat cat friends, thats for sure.

          • Mozart says:

            Is there anything else the SOS is responsible for? How has has she done in the area of her job with respect to managing the professional licenses? The corporations division? Any of these exciting responsibilities?

            The truth is, we won’t know until Brian Kemp has a chance to review these departments and see where the cracks are.

          • ByteMe says:

            On another forum, I chat with small business owners from around the world and when I mention how simple and inexpensive it is to create or renew your corporation or LLC in Georgia, they are amazed. Although I think the site could use a redesign, the corporate functionality of the SoS site is better than a LOT of the “competition” in other states.

            And, yes, MR is fact-challenged on Karen’s work history.

      • ready2rumble says:

        Guess folks are really concerned about Handel now, they are resorting to the same losing tactics that were used in the 2006 SoS race.

      • Lawton Sack says:

        There are sock puppets and then there are realists.

        Thankfully, most money does not always equal a win. In a perfect world, races would be decided on ethics and issues. I really hope that is what happens in Georgia this year, but it is politics and I am realist, so I will not hold my breathe.

        Money is very relevant and vital to a campaign, though. In Bulloch County it usually takes $6-10k to run a commissioner’s race. Chapman is running a statewide Governor’s campaign and has $18k on hand with no fundraising during the legislative session. Reality has to sink in at some point.

        I hate the word fail to be used for a sincere candidate, though. Chapman looked at this race and saw a need/desire to run and he did it.

  1. G. Moxley Sorrel says:

    Nathan Deal has spent half of what he has raised and hasn’t moved a point in polling. This is what will happen when you bring Washington style government to Georgia. Deal spent thousands of dollars on “air rental” and other bloated budget items. I’m sure he will do the same for Georgia’s budget as governor. Remember, that how one spends his campaign cash is an indicator of how they will spend taxpayers’ dollars also.

    • Mozart says:

      “Remember, that how one spends his campaign cash is an indicator of how they will spend taxpayers’ dollars also.”

      No, it isn’t. Sonny Perdue spent an austere campaign budget of around $3 million in 2002, but demonstrated no problem in allowing the budget to increase, despite his promise for a New Georgia that would bring-us efficiencies (and less expense) in government.

    • Making Sense says:

      The best example of how Deal will lead Georgia is how he is leading his campaign.

      This period he raised about $550K and spent over $800K. If that ain’t Washington style politics I don’t know what is…

      Georgia doesn’t need a big spending DC Republican…

      • Joshua Morris says:

        Difference is that he had the surplus to spend and that the purpose of the account is to be spent on getting elected. If you’re gonna rant, you might as well make some sense.

    • Back in Black says:

      Yep. He wasted it on a bad website and the dumbest marketing project in Georgia 2009/2010: “bold / deal” and “deal real” is about as fake-o as it gets.

      sad thing is, if he was campaigning on something less fake-o, like ‘been there for us’, it would be less obvious.

      but deal’s marketing reminds me of the amount of fun i was told i’d have with my Chia pet when i was 10.

  2. I Am Jacks Post says:

    “Deal spent thousands of dollars on “air rental” and other bloated budget items”

    You clearly have no understanding of the demands of a statewide campaign. So please, “shhhhh,” the grown ups are talking.

      • ByteMe says:

        Scott tried that. He’s not budging in the polls either. At least if you’re not going to move the numbers, you should be comfortable, right?

        • Icarus says:

          I knocked Scott on these pages for the walk, because it didn’t do what it was supposed to do: generate earned media.

          But, I live in the Atlanta media market. My assumption was incorrect about rural Georgia.

          Now that I’ve been attending events in far corners of the state, Austin is generally at least known in the rural areas, thought of positively, and in many cases is at least a second choice among these voters.

          If you believe, as I do, that when voting begins, Ox and Deal will not be a factor, there is significant room for Austin to move from second to first place with a lot of these rural voters.

          This doesn’t get him votes in metro Atlanta, but if the race changes as I expect it to, Austin is nearly equal to Johnson (though with less cash on hand) and far superior to Chapman as to position to take advantage if/when the other guys fall.

          • ReaganRepublican says:

            Deal will not be a factor? Are you out of your cotton picking mind? The 9th district will make up 30% of the primary vote in which Deal gets 90%. Are you trying to be a comedian or are you that clueless?

          • Fawkes says:

            Deal will be a factor if 9th District voters refuse to look at Cash 4 Clunkers, “ghetto grandmothers”, Deal’s back-room Salvage company deal with the State of Georgia, etc.

          • If by 30% you mean 13% then you are correct.

            Congressional Districts and shares of Republican primary vote:
            3rd, 9th – 13%
            6th – 12%
            7th, 10th – 11%
            11th – 9%
            1st, 8th – 7%
            12th – 5%
            13th, 2nd – 4%
            4th – 3%
            5th – 2%

          • HowardRoark says:

            You can be a bonified loon, but with a milly in the bank you’ll always be factor. Scary, I know.

          • Progressive Dem says:

            Deal will get 90% of the vote in the 9th??? Come on. He isn’t exactly a rock star with fans swooning on his every word and appearance. With his baggage (sweetheart salvage contract) and the number of well funded and widely known candidates, he’ll be happy with 60% of the 9th.

          • Making Sense says:

            There is no way Deal gets 90% of the 9th District vote.
            There is only so much corruption and arrogance people will put up with and I have to think the good conservative people of North Georgia will realize this…

          • ByteMe says:

            ProgDem: he’s not running for the 9th Rep, he’s already that. He’s running for Gov. And about to be unemployed.

          • BuckheadConservative says:

            I don’t think Deal will ultimately win (or make the runoff), but with this kind of cash he’s got a huge roll in this race. He’s going to be a pretty heavy player with substantial baggage. How many resources will be dedicated trying to highlight his baggage. You can’t just ignore a man with that much cash, reguardless of how foolish he is.

          • GOPGeorgia says:

            This might be right historically speaking:
            Congressional Districts and shares of Republican primary vote:
            3rd, 9th – 13%
            6th – 12%
            7th, 10th – 11%
            11th – 9%
            1st, 8th – 7%
            12th – 5%
            13th, 2nd – 4%
            4th – 3%
            5th – 2%

            However, 12 candidates running for congress in the Ninth changes the voter turnout and the math. I could see 15% to maybe as high as 17% in the Ninth. We should have a huge turnout. I can see Deal getting 60% out of loyalty but not 90%. It still gives him a great base to work off of, but he’s got to do well across the state. I still say he has a decent shot at a runoff, but I can’t predict who would be there with him. If I had to guess, it would be OX, but things can change. What would help him in a statewide runoff, if he makes it that far, is the runoff for congress in the Ninth.

    • Back in Black says:

      Jack’s Post Toasties, did you get listed on the Deal disclosure?

      or are you really that stupid to think this campaign is going well?

  3. debbie0040 says:

    My disclosure is that Alabama won the NC last night. 🙂 I won a bet I made with my hubby 3 years ago. I bet that Alabama would win a NC before Georgia would..

  4. Making Sense says:

    Well, if you’re tied for 2% the stakes are higher than ever… You’ve got to raise over $1 million to even be considered having a chance, otherwise, why even continue?

    I mean, at this point, Scott has no realistic path to becoming Governor. Same thing for Jeff Chapman.

    That doesn’t diminish their contribution to the debate, albeit in Scott’s case, a very caustic and sometimes drunk contribution.

    It’s time for the GOP to get serious about winning and less serious about a pissing match.

    • anewday says:

      What are you talking about? Making Sense is a horrible handle for you. I have seen Scott many times and his message is the most on point message. He doesn’t use the same tired speech every single time he is at an event (see Karen Handel). He actually has realistic solutions to our problems. Can you give me any candidate that actually has a realistic solution any of our problems. And no Ox fans the Fair Tax is not a realistic solution.

      Can you name any of Scott’s solutions, and if so where do you find fault in them?

  5. IndyInjun says:

    As far as Nathan Deal may go,
    may his campaign coffers overflow
    Let the bankers fortunes show
    With donations of Synthetic CDO.

    (Those are totally worthless and are instruments of FRAUD, hence they make terrifically appropriate gifts for most any Congressman.)

  6. Progressive Dem says:

    Admittedly I look at things differently than most at PP, but Karen Handels fundraising numbers have to be dissappointing given her political acumen, name recognition and organizational strength. With cash on hand, she’s between Dubose Porter and Thurbert Baker, whch is to say she is in deep doo. The election cycle is advancing and her fundraising numbers are now turning into an impediment. She needed to prove she could beat expectations about fundraising and she has failed. I thought she would make it into the runoff and she still may, but her stock went down this week.

    • Ludwig Von Beachbum says:

      I say we make her Governor anyway. It is going to take a woman to clean up all this sex stuff and she has eluded to as much.

      I mean hell, look how much sex stuff Gena Evans over at DOT cleaned up.

      All the stains came out.

  7. Ludwig Von Beachbum says:

    This was up at the Franklin Counties GOP web site

    This is far from Senator Chapmans district. He has 85% of the vote on that poll and I think he ran strong on a GOP poll just west of Atlanta.

    My guess is that he dominated this poll because Jeff did not attend the GOP Glynn dog and pony show Icarus attended put on by the ambulance chasing, steal a cookie from a baby GOP chair there that has donated money to a democrat seeking office.

    Remember the barge pilot in that Clint Eastwood movie Outlaw Josey Wales that said at any given moment you had to whistle the Battle Hymn Of The Republic or Dixie ? That’s the chair.

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