1. AthensRepublican says:

    Thanks for the heads up. I am on my way to stockpile as much milk and bread as I can since I will be stuck inside for months.

  2. Donna Locke says:

    Snow is forecast for us in Middle Tennessee also. We don’t get the several deep snows we used to get every winter when I was growing up here decades ago. Al is still a hypocrite though. Anyway, I went to the store to get ginger ale and frozen vegetables and noticed all the chicken and most of the spaghetti sauce were gone. It is interesting to walk through the grocery and see what people are planning to eat.

  3. Howard Roark says:

    In this age of frivolous litigation (there is a pony tailed lawyer behind every tree) schools have little choice but to take this action. Surveys of the general public show that the first expectation for schools is student safety.

    If a bus has an accident (statistically a school bus is the safest place a student is during the day) due to inclement weather and other schools in the area have released due to the threat of freezing precipitation the school will be subject to legal action which they might / probably will lose.

    Blame this one on pony tailed lawyers.

  4. kdoc says:

    It’s all George W Bush’s fault. If he hadn’t invaded Iraq, we wouldn’t have the global warming which brought this blizzard to us.

  5. ByteMe says:

    Amazing how quickly people snark the schools for putting our kids’ safety first. In Metro Atlanta, we have almost no snow plows (the DOT won’t buy them for something that happens only about 3 times a year). School buses do not have chains or snow tires. Most cars here do not have chains or snow tires… or tires with tread, for that matter. And with only 3 days a year to practice on snow or ice, it’s not like there are lots of opportunities to get good at driving on it.

    The likelihood that this will go from rain to snow and then freeze on the roads is quite high (low tonight is 19). The northern counties will freeze long before Atlanta roads do, so those are the schools looking to close the earliest so that the buses can get the kids home AND get back to the bus depot AND get the bus driver home.

    Meanwhile, the Kroger’s out of milk, white bread, and condoms. I can’t figure out what the white bread is for. I get that the milk is to test the condoms….

  6. Nathan says:

    Walker County Schools: Closed.
    Catoosa County Schools: Closed.
    Dade County Schools: Letting out at 12p.
    Whitfield County Schools: Letting out at 11a.

    My measurement of snow on the ground as of 8:15a: 0.00″

    Since when did schools shut down at the mere hint of snow?

  7. debbie0040 says:

    It is a conspiracy plot against Crimson Tide fans not being able to attend the NC game in sunny California. Because of snow, we won’t be able to venture out on the roads to watch the game with fellow Bama boosters at bars..

  8. Every time the thermometer dips below freezing, the same two tired and boring cliches come out: (1) “See? It’s snowing! This means that climate change MUST be a myth… just like evolution, and homosexuality-as-something-other-than-choice!” (2) “Atlanta people are such babies for closing schools two days a year on account of snow, aren’t they?”.

    Yeah, I know that people in Chicago or Boston can easily handle driving in a small amount of snow. But that’s because it snows half or more of the year up in their frozen sh*thole of a town, so everyone is accustomed to it and has practice. Atlanta residents only see road ice 3 or so times a year, and only see snow that STICKS once every few years. Few have the experience and skills to reliably drive on ice… and rather than be foolishly cocky, I’ll just admit it. I don’t have kids yet, but I would not them traveling to school on days with ice on the roads… and I’d look at anyone who did like they had a screw loose.

    • Mozart says:

      It’s become such a lost tradition for kids to trudge 2 miles to school and back daily. Didn’t your grand-folks tell you how they use to get to school before public funding of school buses? By walking a mile to and from school through the snow?

  9. The thing is, nobody can drive on ice. I’ve seen those videos of car after car sliding down a hill and crashing into each other, nearly crushing people between cars or hitting people on sidewalks from up north. Slush and snow on the road is one thing… ice is a totally different game altogether.

    I know I for one intend to stay at home in front of the fireplace if the roads ice over. Slush and snow I have no problem getting the 4×4 Excursion with mud tires out into. If the roads aren’t iced over to get there, I might just go sight seeing on some forest service roads this weekend. 🙂

    • GOPGeorgia says:

      As a rule, we get more slush than snow. No one can drive on ice, (unless they own a zamboni) but slushy roads aren’t much better. If we had packed dry snow, it would be easier to drive on.

  10. chefdavid says:

    Update from Dade.
    We have about 1/2-1″ on the ground. Off of the main roads everything is ice with that snow on top. I tried to take my 17 year old to the County Commission Meeting but couldn’t make up the hill. The report I got from the meeting is that 3 citizens were in attendence. I wouldn’t have tried except he is trying to get a scholarship and gets points for attending such things where he can learn about the community.
    No disrespect to our local emergency workers but listening to the scanner is better than SNL.
    One the snow issue I wonder if we could load all the snow in dump trucks and send it to ATL before it melts and trickles into the TN river.
    Dade Schools are closed tommorow. My friend who owns a store said Milk, Bread & Beer are huge sellers. Thinking everyone is trying for a three day weekend. I bet that is multiplied because of the game tonight.

  11. UrbaneRenewal says:

    Mayor Reed’s 1st crisis: Grade — FAIL.
    Only 4 of 8 sand trucks working??? Don’t give us that crap about 370 miles of roads – no one expects a sand truck on Tuxedo Road. At least put some sand down on Forsyth Street.

    • Icarus says:

      I can’t believe that Kasim Reed didn’t personally go and rebuild 4 sand trucks as his first act as mayor within 72 hours. Let’s impeach him now.

      Jeez, folks. Let’s let the guy find out where his desk is before we decide he’s already failed as mayor.

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