Jim Martin Endorses Rob Teilhet

Received via email to the tip line:

For Immediate Release:
Contact: Rob Teilhet
Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Former U.S. Senate Candidate Jim Martin Endorses Rob Teilhet As Georgia’s Next Attorney General

Martin Says Teilhet is Best Choice to Prevent Crime, Get Tough on Ethics, and Stand Up For Georgia Consumers

SMYRNA, Ga. – Today former United States Senate Candidate Jim Martin announced his endorsement of Representative Rob Teilhet to become Georgia’s next Attorney General. Martin was the Democratic nominee for United States Senate in the 2008 election, forcing incumbent Saxby Chambliss into a run-off that made Georgia the political focus of the country.

“Rob Teilhet understands the need for Georgia’s Attorney General to be a powerful voice for people,” said Jim Martin. “As our Attorney General, he will get tough on ethics reform, protect families from rip-offs and con artists and work tirelessly to prevent crime, just as he’s done for years in the General Assembly.”

“Jim Martin has been a champion for Georgia families his entire life, and I’m proud to have his support,” said Representative Rob Teilhet. “Jim stands with us because he knows that as Attorney General, I won’t rest until we’ve done all we can to keep people safe from criminals in our streets, crooks in our government, and con artists in our communities.”

Jim Martin is a Vietnam veteran who served in the Georgia House of Representatives for eighteen years representing parts of Atlanta. A respected lawyer and the longtime Chair of the House Judiciary Committee, Martin also served as Commissioner of Human Resources under Governors Barnes and Perdue. In 2006, he was his party’s nominee for Lieutenant Governor. He’s been married to his wife Joan for 38 years and has four children and three grandchildren.

Jim Martin’s endorsement is another clear sign of momentum for Teilhet. Already leading all candidates in fundraising in the initial round of reports, he has the support of Senator Emanuel Jones, Chair of Georgia’s Legislative Black Caucus as well as numerous other members of the General Assembly, and has garnered significant attention around the state for his recent proposals on ethics reform and expanding Georgia’s DNA database.

Rob Teilhet (pronounced tuh-lay) has represented Smyrna and Marietta in the Georgia House of Representatives since his election in 2002 at the age of 28.

He is the Chief Deputy Whip of the House Democratic Caucus and serves on the Judiciary, Education, and Industrial Relations Committees. He is a partner in the Marietta law firm of Rogers, Strimban & Teilhet. More information about his campaign can be found at his website, www.robforgeorgia.com.


  1. Icarus says:

    Pretty good coup for Teilhet. Hodges and he have been having endorsement battles for months, but Martin is the last Dem to have a statewide organization that got anywhere near 50%.

    • Jack Smith says:

      Ken Hodges supported Roy Barnes, Mark Taylor, Thurbert Baker, etc. Probably did support Saxby as well.

      Contradiction there? With Hodges, it isn’t about beliefs, it’s all about self-promotion and “I endorse you, you endorse me.”

      He’s going to play the game of running to the left with endorsements from people like Khomeini-supporting, Andrew Young in the primary (check this out if you don’t know the history: http://news.google.com/newspapers?nid=888&dat=19790208&id=wf0NAAAAIBAJ&sjid=PHwDAAAAIBAJ&pg=6820,5803827), then, if he gets the Dem nomination, run back to the right by touting what a tough proscutor he claims to have been.

      Hodges is simply a disgrace. If you liked Mike Nifong or Eliot Spitzer, you’ll love Ken Hodges. I hope Teihet pulls off a win.

        • Jack Smith says:

          Rural Dem,

          I have no problem with Sam Nunn, though I think this particular endorsement is very poorly chosen. I DO have a problem with Hodges endorsement from someone like Andrew Young, and I have a very special problem with someone as morally and ethically bankrupt as Ken Hodges running for Attorney General.

          If you consider that Hodges’ greatest claim to fame consists of making frivolous “courtesy prosecutions” on behalf of, or as he said “as a favor for” (see the decision Galloway posted) certain parties, then resigning from office to take a position as legal counsel for those parties, I’d rather not have such a person as Attorney General.

      • Ken in Eastman says:

        Excellent link. I love the part that says:

        Young, going considerably further in his views than has the Carter Administration, declared it would be “impossible to have a fundamental Islamic state” in Iran because “too much Western idealism has infiltrated that movement.”

        I also liked:

        Young . . . predicted that “Khomeini will be somewhat of a saint when we get over the panic.”

        Yes, Democrats on foreign policy. I sense the potential for a sit-com spin-off!

          • Ken in Eastman says:


            We all know Andy Young was a “without portfolio” kind of diplomat. He ran his own show, but you’ve got to admit it’s interesting to compare his predictions and what actually happened.

            John Stewart on “Terrorball” was EXCELLENT! Thanks for the link.

          • ByteMe says:

            I think most people, short of Jules Verne, would like us not to go and look at our predictions from 30 years earlier.

            I think Andy Young did the best he could with what he had to work with at the UN (both personally and institutionally). But I don’t paint him as “Democrats on foreign policy”, because that’s just not reality.

            Glad you liked the clip!

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