Cason Sisk Chases Cates From CD 10 Race?

Apparently, Dr. Christopher Cates has decided that there isn’t room for both Mr. Sisk and Paul Broun in the race for CD 10. Too crowded I guess.

Instead, he’s apparently going to try his hand at the open 9th Congressional seat, which already has 11 other folks in the race for the Republican nomination alone.

Apparently, Blake Aued who is one of those people we like to call “journalists”, and candidates like to call “lib’ral media”, decided to make some phone calls. He found the following:

However, a woman at Emory University, Cates’ former employer, pointed me to his Web site, still under construction, which says Cates is running in the 9th. That’s Rep. Nathan Deal’s district. Deal, of course, is running for governor, and just about every white male Republican over the age of 25 is lined up to take a crack at it already.

Cates’ Web site says his campaign headquarters is in Blairsville, which is in the 9th.

I could have made those calls too, but I was too busy trying to track down an invisible candidate for Governor, so I could speak to him and determine that he isn’t a viable candidate first hand, instead of relying on the fact that no one I know has seen him at a campaign event of any kind.

O.K., for those of you whose browser doesn’t read my sarcasm font, here’s the deal: We have a candidate who has filed for a congressional bid for the 10th CD, plans to actually run in the 9th CD, and appears to live in neither district.

Please provide some feedback for Tom Perdue as to whether he should claim he was trying to shop for the proper congressional district to purchase, or if he can’t handle paperwork and/or single digit numbers well.

Mr. Perdue can then make a recommendation to his client, and charge him a large retainer for the information you provide him here for free.


  1. JDP says:

    Icarus, your question assumes that Perdue takes feedback.

    Either way, what the heck does an Atlanta doctor think he’s doing out in Blairsville? And Emory at that! They don’t have a friggin football team how can he relate to anyone in Georgia!

    I love the forthcoming excuse “uhhh well I meant to write 9th but the clerk read it wrong!”

  2. GOPGeorgia says:

    I will confirm that the Walker County GOP Chairman has scheduled Cates to Speak. That’s solidly in the Ninth and a very long way away from the Tenth. Can anyone tell me who’s running here? I am loosing track. (j/k…kinda)

    • Nathan says:

      I’ve invited him to give a brief introduction/campaign commercial on January 19th. Our meetings are open to all those who are interested. We’d love to have folks from the Peach Pundit crowd!

      • GeorgiaValues says:

        Why did this guy qualify to run in the 10th?

        Maybe he thinks the Emory University area is in the 10th?

  3. joe says:

    Maybe he should run in the 13th; we already have a representative who lives outside the district, so we are used to it.

    • GOPGeorgia says:

      He’s campaigning in the Ninth. His campaign manager is seeking opportunities for him to speak in the Ninth. You don’t have to live in a district to run or even serve. It just helps.

      • Jeremy Jones says:

        Correct, I do not argue he should not do it for legal reasons. If he thinks he is the best man to be in Washington, then run in the district in which he resides.

      • JDP says:

        Right of course you don’t need to, but just look at the message it sends. This guy doesn’t share the same zip code, who knows if he shares the same priorities

  4. Jeremy Jones says:

    If I may.

    This beyond frustrates me. Not because it will add yet another candidate in my race, in fact, the more, the better chance I have! No, what frustrates me is the mentality of people. I was the only candidate willing to run against the odds and challenge a sitting Representative. Once Deal decided not to run, then in comes the people who believe it is their “turn” to be in DC. I don’t mean a lot of offense to the good men that have entered the race, but most of them admit they would not be running if Deal was running, but yet, those same people say they will be a better Rep than was Deal. Go figure.

    If you think you are the right person to be in DC, then run for the office, in the district in which you reside. Carpetbaggers need not apply.

    Just another example of people the game of politics.

    So, Dr. Cates, I welcome you to the ever crowded field of candidates. I am honored that you feel the 9th district is the place in Georgia you wish to live. It is a great part of the state if I do say so myself.

    14% of the vote gets one into the runoff!

    • GOPGeorgia says:

      8.5% is enough to make the runoff if everyone gets an almost equal amount of votes. I am under instructions to keep recruiting candidates up until qualifying. (just kidding….kinda)

  5. slyram says:

    And Dr. Honeycutt is running against Rep. Scott. Wow, options in Georgia. I wish we had better options last night during the Orange Bowl. If you are running the option and the defense takes the pitchman, hit the tightend with a pass. Speaking of pitchmen, Honeycutt’s campaign manager from the last race should (in my opinion) be running in the 8th CD; which would compel Marshall get a new jersey. Just trying to help brother Steele out a little. In my logic, contested races justifies Dems moving to the center and the center is a good place.

  6. Stump Barnes says:

    I don’t have a dog in the fight for the 9th. However, I do know for a fact that Dr. Cates has been planning on running in the 9th (and based in Blairsville). I have a family member who knows the Cates, and that family member had been in touch with Dr. Cates about his 9th district campaign prior to Thanksgiving.

  7. Jane says:

    Good luck to you. You do not often get the chance to go down in history as finishing 12th in a congressional race. Or get 0 votes because you are not a legal voter in the district. But if this floats your boat, go for it.

  8. GOPGrassroots says:

    Dr. Cates, Dr. Hawkins, Dr. Loftman.

    Someone had a meeting with some doctors and told them all to run for Congress.

    The only real Doctor who lives in the District – Dr. Loftman.

    • GOPGeorgia says:


      Looks like you are wrong, unless you are claiming Hawkins and Cates aren’t Doctors.

  9. GOPGeorgia says:

    I’m not sure about Dr. Cates. I’m fairly certian (95%) Sen. Hawkins lives in the district, but I could be wrong.

    • GOPGeorgia says:

      I aslo taked with Dr. Hawkins campaign manger today, and he confirmed Dr. Hawkins does live in Hall County.

  10. GOPGeorgia says:

    I talked with Dr. Cates campaign manger today. I have been informed he lives in Union County and is running in the Ninth.

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