Senate District 22 Special Election

Tens of voters in Senate District 22 are braving the results of global warming to vote today in the special election there. The Augusta Chronicle has an early report here.

Also, agents of the Tanalach Media Empire has set up an internet video feed at one of the polling stations in Richmond County. Click here for sequential video stills of all the action.


    • GOPGeorgia says:

      Based upon what I heard and nothing else, if I lived in that District, I would probably vote for Bryant. (I would find out more about the other candidates to be sure what I heard was true.) I’m almost currious enough to see what the demographics and vote history of that district is.

      • drjay says:

        it was charles walker’s district back in the day, downtown augusta over toward the bottom by the sav’h river s.e. of downtown, it was won once by a gop, but that was when walker was under indictment and local clergy backed hall over walker. otherwise a very safely dem inner city district.

  1. rugby says:

    So does this finally change the Libertarian Party’s campaign strategy from “just mention we are ‘true conservatives'” to something like “hey, maybe we should look at voting trends and demographics and actually target winnable races and recruit decent candidates”?

    • Actually, I think we continue what we’re doing… GROWING! I just compared percentages in past elections in Richmond County with 3 or more candidates that a libertarian was on the ballot. Taylor Bryant more than tripled the best showing I’ve seen so far. Not bad, since we just started to organize the county just over a year ago.

      As for continuing to recruit decent candidates, I agree with that. But as for testing the prevailing winds and offering to be the one at the front of the line to lead for more of the same, we’re too principled to do that. Let the D’s and R’s potential leadership compete on whom can lead the people off the cliff they’re heading towards the fastest and we’ll stay over here warning people to get out of line and follow us if they want to survive by offering Freedom instead of “Free” stuff.

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