Disclosure Question

Looking into something I discovered that Perdue PAC hasn’t filed since July 2007.

Perdue PAC

Since his last report listed about $770k in the bank, isn’t he required to do so?

<b>Updated to add</b>: This rundown of Glenn’s MMV PAC answers some questions too. Looks like Sonny can do whatever he wants with that money with no disclosure.


  1. fishtail says:

    I wonder if Sonny will figure out a way to use his PAC money to pay down his $20 million note with the AgBank in Perry?

  2. G. Moxley Sorrel says:

    Maybe some of y’all should read the law and rules regarding how PACs operate before posting here on peachpundit. While I appreciate the open discourse and opinions expressed here, the ignorance of what some posters write is unbelievable and reflects just their hatred of particular politicians not an honest discussion.

    PerduePAC has filed the required disclosure reports every due date with the IRS. PACs are exempt from state reporting requirements until they make aggregate contributions of $25,000 or more directly to candidates or candidates committee’s in one calendar year or make expenditures to or on behalf of candidates of $25,000 or more in one calendar year.

    Also on a side note, Bobby Kahn filed an ethics claim on this that was later dismissed.

    • I would wager that more people would read the laws if there weren’t quite the number of laws that there are. We have way too many laws and regulations on the books. (Let’s start with Sunday sales and go from there…)

    • drjay says:

      it seems he asked a question, and now assuming your information is correct, he got an answer, and we all got to learn a little something…

    • fishtail says:

      Moxley…I know Sonny is limited by law to what he can do with the PAC money. My comments are related to how he will attempt to manipulate the law to personnally benefit from the PAC proceeds. That much money to a greedy fellow like Sonny who is in financial trouble may prove to be irresistible to him. We won’t know until later how he does it, but I would wager his brain is working on it full-time.

    • Debra says:

      Or if they receive $25,000 in contributions. Are you ssuggesting that this PAC hasn’t received $25,000.00 in donations since 2007? That would be unbelievable.

      • Chris says:

        Actually Debra, if you look at the 2007 filing, there were two contributions. One for 787k and one for about 1.8k both from Sonny’s campaign organization.

        Perdue PAC is sitting on almost $800k and hasn’t done diddly with it.

    • Mad Dog says:

      Posted this in the wrong place.

      “Bobby Kahn filed an ethics complaint on Richardson the Impaler, too.”

      Which was missed by Johnson et al.

  3. fishtail says:

    Chris…My reading of what Sonny can do with his $800K PAC would allow him to donate all the money to the GA GOP for the General Election support of the Republican Party’s candidates. Will he do this? I seriously doubt it. He is personnally broke and needs to live off the PAC money until it runs out. I predict he will connive with his tax attorney (Larry “Loophole” O’Neal) and come up with a scheme that legally permits him to launder his PAC money through a foundation that he creates and runs. For example, he could start a foundation called GO Fish Georgia, appoint himself Executive Director at a salary of $200K per year with all expenses paid, including new bass boat and truck, and claim to travel around promoting bass fishing. He could then use the salary to pay off his personal debts. We will know in a couple of years when he has to report.

    • Mad Dog says:


      You the man. Now how did you learn how to be as good a tax attorney as Loophole Larry?

      Nevermind, just please will you do my taxes?

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