1. kyleinatl says:

    HB 866 is a good bill for the GHA to support. The lack of good physicians and specialists throughout the more rural parts of the state is shocking.
    If you need a good neurologist or oncologist and live in say…Metter (just a random example)…you may have a drive ahead of you.

  2. B Balz says:

    Had to dig to get it, but HB 866 does seem like a good Bill. Here is a recap from GHA:

    Physicians are not uniformly practicing in all
    areas of the state, with rural areas being the most
    affected, especially within specialty fields, making
    Georgia rank 37th in the nation in per capita
    physician capacity.

    In an effort to address the ongoing crisis in
    health care personnel shortages, GHA supports HB
    866, which would authorize the State Medical
    Education Board to make grants to hospitals for
    the purpose of enhancing recruitment efforts in
    bringing physicians to rural areas.

    Being sick in the sticks is a real problem for our citizens.

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