Why Should One Man Get To Decide Who Runs Against Miss Angela?

There will be a primary contest for the Democratic nominee for Secretary of State. But with all apologies to Gary Horlacher and any other challengers, why would any of you think you are strong enough to overcome the musical talents of Miss Angela? But go ahead and run if you will, subject yourself to the will of those pesky voters.

On the Republican side, some think we don’t need to bother with trivial things like voters. After all, we have really smart and wise people who want to make these decisions for us. I’m told it’s “for the good of the party”, as a down ballot race won’t be taking up much needed funds for the top tier races. Interesting, especially since the two candidates who have been organizing, campaigning, and – oh yes – fundraising to the tune of about a million dollars between them for about a year now.

It’s also interesting that this is “for the good of the party”, given that the party officials I spoke with over the weekend went out of the way to say “This was Sonny’s audible. Sonny is not the party. The party is not behind this”.

Yet, many have taken their cue from our Governor, and have been pressuring both Brian Kemp and Doug MacGinnitie to make a quick exit. I hope they both stand their ground. They are both credible candidates, and good people. They’ve earned their opportunity to stand before the voters. Dropping out now neither serves themselves, their party, nor their state any favors.

Jim Cole took a look at the race over a year ago and passed. While he’s welcome to reconsider and change his mind, the expectation that he should receive a coronation as a follow up to his appointment is, at best, unseemly.

In addition, it is a risky strategy for the party. The primary process is a beneficial vetting process for candidates who wish to represent the party in November. I wrote here about the last time the party chose to “clear the decks” for one candidate, and that process resulted in Governor Mike Bowers Roy Barnes.

Not all party leaders are jumping on board at this point. Bulloch County GOP Chairman Lawton Sack has already weighed in on the subject. Representative Mike Jacobs has reaffirmed an earlier plan to endorse Doug MacGinnitie, as indicated on his Facebook status earlier today:

Mike Jacobs has given it some thought: I was close to joining “Lawyers for MacGinnitie” and will still endorse him. IMHO, Doug is the best qualified for SOS, but let’s not lose sight that all the GOP candidates are better than what the other side is offering.

And, of course, there’s the obligatory facebook group asking to “Say No to Sonny’s hand-picked SOS

Republicans would be wise to speak up, and insist that there remain an honest, open primary in this (and all other) races. We have a Lt. Governor that tells the Chamber of Commerce they need to hurry up and get their transportation bill written so he can get it passed. The people of Glynn County were told that big donor fundraisers/developers from Atlanta and Lake Oconee knew how to develop their Jeckyll Island better than the folks that lived there. And it is now well documented that a lobbyist with tall fundraising or a short skirt could trump conservative principles any day in the General Assembly.

With this backdrop, the hubris that the Governor and the large donors who follow him can anoint our 2010 nominee and circumvent a process that has already been in motion for a year should be obvious. Yet it is not.

There is a small part of me that hopes when it comes time for the formal announcement tomorrow, Jim Cole will change his mind, and announce that he will serve his remaining term in the Georgia House and stand for re-election there.

The realist in me tells me it’s time to gear up and ensure that either Brian Kemp or Doug MacGinnitie get any and all assistance possible to continue their bid for an office they have every right to persue.


  1. Doug Deal says:

    You make the mistake of using logic and an appeal to reason, Icarus, when everyone knows the only thing that works in the state government is dollars and d cups.

    • LoyaltyIsMyHonor says:

      MMMMMM D cups.

      I like your new Thomas avatar Doug. When are you ready to develop your animal fight club video game? I think it will work out well on the Wii. You were way ahead of you the times 😉

  2. Jeff says:

    I’ve tapped Kemp and Macginnitie both a time or two with issues I’ve seen with them, but I absolutely will not support Jim Cole. He was the author (at least officially) of Super Speeder, another of the bills he authored would raise both health care prices and taxes – with the expressed intent of INCREASING Federal involvement in Georgia healthcare, and another bill he wrote would mandate that users of dyed motor fuels submit to inspections by the State Revenue Department – without any regard to probable cause and warrants.

    And that’s just the stuff he did in 2009, without looking at his actual voting record!

  3. Fawkes says:

    I believe the Republicans will drop the ball on this one, I’m waiting to be pleasantly surprised.

    We need more people like Mike Jacobs and Lawton Sack to stand up and say this is wrong. I have a sinking feeling that more and more party officials will anoint Cole as the candidate for the sake of “winning elections”. Down ballot races are always looked at as “just another seat” by the Party and many don’t care who holds those seats, as long as it’s a Republican.

    With the turmoil that has come to the surface in the past few months, I would say that the Republicans cannot afford just anyone to step into a seat. The GAGOP needs credible candidates and the election process is that vetting system to help insure that, when problems arise, it’s not solely on the heads of people who chose to bow to one candidate and not the other.

    So how about it Republicans? Are you going to “play Pilate” and wash your hands of the situation and go along with the Party crowd? Or, will our elected officials and Party leaders step up and “show they got a pair” like Mike Jacobs and Lawton Sack? The choice is your’s to make. Choose wisely.

  4. Georgia Judge says:

    You humor me in that you never miss a chance to take a dig at Cagle,and your anaolgy of Jekyll is as far off base as it could be.Its Jekyll’s and the State of Georgia’s loss that Linger Longer had to move on,but thats another topic and one you might want to do some research on before sharing your wisdom with the public.
    As we all know politics is a fluid process so many times the best thing to do is sit back and let things play out,you never know what may happen.Its very interesting that Kemp the guy who is most affected by this and who was going to win this primary has set back and quietly let things develope rather than send their team out and attack the Governor on the appointment because their guy wasnt selected.Its very telling of the experience and caliber of leadership the two candidates possess.

  5. Part-Time Atlanta says:

    I could not agree with you more. Kemp and Mac both seem like strong candidates, either deserving of the job. If both don’t stay in, I hope at least one will so I’ll have a choice come July.

  6. BillonCapitolHill says:

    Georgia Judge, I do hope both candidates stay in the race, I like both Brian and Doug, but your comment is rather interesting as you state “who was going to win this primary” Are you saying that Brian will not be staying in the race as he can not win now?

  7. HowardRoark says:

    Instead of a “Sonny Do” list, we need a “Sonny Screw” list. First up, Georgia GOP primary voters.

  8. Comfortably Southside says:

    I happen to agree with the Georgia Judge on this. We really need people that study the situation, reacting only with well thought out plans that will succeed due to their patience in evaluating all options….

  9. Georgia Judge says:

    No,I do not believe Kemp will leave the race and believe that he will be the next SOS of Georgia,I was merely stating that his actions of sitting back and reading the situation before acting are traits of a true leader.It was well within the priviliges of the Governor to appoint whomever he so desired,and Kemp is most affected by the decision and yet he didnt overreact and start attacking the Governor because he didnt choose him or that he didnt choose a seat warmer.I think at the end of the day its leadership qualities like this that will prove to be yet another reason why Kemp wins.

    • BuckheadConservative says:

      Voters and GOP activist are upset because they believe the governor is trying to take the decision making process out of their hands. Doug MacGinnite has just (via the statement above) welcomed Jim to the race, and stated his resolve to fight on. I think that’s a reasonable and prudent action and look for something similar from Brian any moment now.

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