(Un) Happy New Year

While most of us were content to spend yesterday preparing to ring in the New Year, Governor Sonny Perdue decided his contribution to the party would be to drop a turd in the punch bowl of the GOP grassroots. Below is a comment by Mr. Lawton Sack being elevated to the front page. Mr. Sack is the Bulloch County GOP Chairman, First Vice Chairman of the 12th Congressional District, and State Committeeman for the Georgia Republican Party.

From the Grassroots part of the Georgia Republican Party, I apologize for this mess. “Our” GA GOP is even more out of touch than I ever could have imagined.

This should have been a simple situation: Name an interim S.O.S. who would promise to stay an interim and not seek re-election. Doug Macginnitie and Brian Kemp ought to feel real good about the GA GOP at the moment. These gentleman have been campaigning for a long time and it was one race that did not appear to be turning into a circus.

Not to mention that we are going to have another special election to fill another seat under the Gold Dome. I am sure the GA GOP already has somebody in mind to fill that position, like they had Buddy Carter to fill Eric Johnson’s Senate seat and Ann Purcell to fill Buddy’s seat.

Have a field day with this one GA Democrats, Libertarians, and Independents! The GA GOP is planning your campaign messages for you.

Excuse me while I go read another GA GOP email from Sue and the gang about how much the Grassroots mean to the GA GOP.


  1. Hortence says:

    Word has it that is where you might find some State Lawmakers, but don’t worry, they aren’t spending their money – just the lobbyists’s money…

    • Game Fan says:

      Also might be a great place for “headhunters” for PR firms and Lobbying groups. 🙂 But seriously, I’m all about getting rid of the glass ceiling for women, but, well, this stuff. Oh don’t even get me started.

  2. Can someone please translate this post for those of us who aren’t subscribed to every GOP mailing list and blog in the state… and aren’t already familiar with every inside-baseball story long before it hits Peach Pundit? What is Icarus quoting from at the top? Who is Lawton Sack? What front-page did he get elevated to?

    • Lawton Sack says:

      I am not a front-page poster. I have not been given that privilege. Icarus quoted my post from another thread on Peach Pundit in regards to Perdue’s decision to select Rep. Cole as S.O.S. and Cole’s decision to seek re-election at the end of his interim term. The top part of Icarus’ post (in italics) are his words. The rest is solely mine.

      I am a Grassroots Republican. I have a bunch of titles that Icarus used in the opening of this post, but I am a Grassroots worker, so I prefer that title more than any other. I have been elevated to the positions/titles that I have because of the hard work I have put in to supporting candidates and the Republican Party at all levels. I didn’t get them because of who I knew or who I contributed to. I can relate to Kemp and McGinnitie.

      Why am I upset at this? I have seen the hard work that Doug MacGinnitie and Brian Kemp have put into this race. They have been into the small towns getting to know the voters and the Grassroot workers. They have worked the pavement hard. They have put a lot of time, energy, and money into a campaign that they thought they would not be running against an “incumbent.”

      Now Sonny Perdue has stepped in and named someone who will not simply fill the position until the position is voted on by the people, but decided to elevate one of his own to the position. This is a slap in the face to MacGinnitie and Kemp and to me as a Grassroots Republican.

      I know how the political game works and I know that this happens every single day, but that does not mean that I have to sit back and like it. It is not like there were no other candidates to fill the interim position on a truly interim basis.

      Perdue is a member of the GA GOP. I don’t know if the GA GOP leadership had any thing to do with Rep. Cole being picked, but with Perdue acting as an elected Republican official, he has “spoken” for the Republican Party.

      My frustration in all of this has been building for awhile. The GA GOP has turned a deaf ear to many of us in the State of GA. The GA GOP issued a call to for Republicans to make campaign calls for a Republican candidate who was running against other candidates, including a young Republican, in a recent State House primary. They went with the status quo and wanted to stick with and stick up for Richardson. They recently tried to pass rule changes that would weaken the Party at the local levels.

      Having Cole in the mix does hinder Kemp or MacGinnitie. Perdue has just “endorsed” a candidate in the race. We just went through all this mess with Perdue calling the Republican leadership a “family” and now he has picked someone from his close family.

      This is not a personal attack against Rep. Cole. I have heard many good things about him. It is just this whole situation smells.

      • I follow now, thanks. Icarus’ formatting was a little unorthodox and it threw me off. I thought the italicized portion was a quote from somewhere, and the plain-formatted portion was Icarus’ commentary on that quote.

    • fishtail says:

      Sonny Perdue is a Sonnycrat, a one-person political party, himself. I believe everyone understands that now.

  3. Icarus , I’m showing my ignorance, but how is the Governor’s appointment of Rep. Cole an indictment against the GAGOP? Were they part of the decision making process?

    I don’t think having Cole in the mix hinders either Kemp or MacGinnitie. Incumbent or not, Cole is going to have to work his tail off to build a base in time for the primary.

    • mitchmartin says:

      Come on Maurice, where is your outrage. Sure it doesn’t make sense, but lets all be outraged nonetheless.
      There are great people all over this state who have put time, money and effort into helping either Brian or Doug, and this obviously changes the situation a lot. Brian and Doug have some decisions to make, I doubt either would have gotten in this race against a Republican incumbent, which there is one now.
      But I don’t fault the Governor at all for his pick. Cole is very well thought of and will be a great statewide candidate, whether he’s running in a crowded primary or if this clears the field. Regardless, this choice makes it a lot more likely that we keep this Constitutional office in Republican hands, which I’m happy about.

      • Didn’t say I loved the idea. I’m a MacGinnitie supporter. This hasn’t changed my tune a bit. However, I don’t see how this would create a beef with the GAGOP. To me, it would seem more of irritation with the Governor’s office.

        I honestly don’t see this as impacting the race at all. It may pull a few votes from Kemp in the Middle Georgia area, but as a whole, I don’t see it.

        Cole seems to be a good guy. I only know him from various campaigns. He doesn’t have the same persona as Karen. She has a strong likability factor that pull people to her. I don’t think Jim won by large margins in his district either time (I could be wrong, I didn’t check). Quite frankly, you don’t see him unless there is an election…

        I would really have an issue if the GAGOP decides to get into the mix during the primary. To me, that would be the only problem. These are unique circumstances and whether he could be legitimately called an “incumbent” when he didn’t run a race to win.

        MacGinnitie and Kemp are both running effective campaigns. They are meeting the voters, attending the functions and have a working knowledge of the office they seek. Cole has to prove he is capable, and can run a statewide campaign. Those issues will be the telling indicators. Heck, he can’t honestly raise money during the session (although I understand there are workarounds for that too). And of course, he’ll be vetted by the campaigns too. As of yet, he hasn’t even said what he intends to accomplish other than he is going to run for a 4 year term. Whether he is a “great statewide candidate” remains to be seen.

        People have short memories, but these politicians are gambling if they think they can continue “business as usual” at the capitol. The garbage they dealt with in the last quarter, which they tried to keep mum for the last 4 years will end up being their downfall.

        I can see a few middle Georgia elected folks coming to his aid to whoop the people into shape. However, this election cycle yields a significant risk in doing so. There are a lot of folks ready to whoop them into shape.

    • Ken in Eastman says:


      With all due respect, my friend, I must disagree in part and I’ll explain why.

      During the primary and general election the (I) beside a candidate’s name is an endorsement of the highest nature to those who don’t pay close attention to races below the governor’s level. Unfortunately, that’s probably 80% of the general election voters and well over 50% of the primary voters. Many would consider this a strong, perhaps insurmountable, advantage for Jim Cole over two other good Republican candidates who have been running hard for this position for months.

      Maurice, you’ve been a very good political operative for quite some time and so I’m sure I haven’t told you anything you don’t already know.

      There is one reason this bother me: Frankly, it smacks of manipulation by Governor Perdue – and I just can’t stomach that.

      The simple, right answer would have been to appoint an interim person who would not seek the office during the upcoming election, thus leaving the playing field undisturbed. Governor Perdue knows this as well as you and me, so there is a reason he hand-picked someone. I think he has overstepped his bounds and it makes me a very unhappy guy.

      As for Mr. Sack’s problem with the state GOP, it could stem from the idea that the Georgia GOP Executive Committee is elected by grassroots people and that is who they need to represent. Well, someone is stepping all over the grassroots and even if that person is Georgia’s governor then the state GOP should at least raise their voices in protest.

  4. HowardRoark says:

    If Jim Cole thought he’d make such a great SoS, then he should have manned up and jumped into the race from the start. But then again, that could have taken away from some of his quality time at the Cheetah. He’s a big fan of the Thursday prime rib special.

    • Lawton Sack says:

      I was wondering why Jim Cole’s name was not put out there before the announcement. Why were we not given the opportunity to speak out on the choice, either positively or negatively? Why was he brought out and we were told this is who is filling the position and oh, btw, he is going to run in 2010 also. Why was this done at 3:00ish on New Year’s Eve?

      • Lawton Sack says:

        Just for the record: The “official” announcement for Cole will probably not happen until Monday, but the “unofficial” announcement has already been made in the AJC and throughout the internet world.

      • GOPGeorgia says:


        It’s the Governors appointment. He’s not running for re-election, and as far as I know, he not running for anything else. We don’t know his decision making process other than he didn’t ask you, me, or a lot of other people what we thought.

        Jim Cole is a good man, as are Brian and Doug. Anne Lewis (and others) may have been busy or not on his list. Doug and Brian are big boys. They know that a political landscape is fluid and things will change that are beyond their control. It could change again and Jim may not decide to run. Jim may have been thinking about running. Jim may have been asked to do the job and then decided that he would like to keep it.

        I am not saying Karen did the wrong thing, but she created this situation more than Sonny did. This was not a GOP appointment, it was the Governors appointment. You are not the only Grassroots Republican out here, and you don’t speak for all of us.

        Perdue was not acting as an elected Republican official, he was acting as Governor. He has not “spoken” for the Republican Party, he has spoken for the office of Governor on behalf of the people of Georgia.

        The rules that you mention that would “weaken the party at all levels” that were considered for passage by the GA GOP were suggested with the best interest of the GA GOP in mind. You are First Vice Chairman of your District. Your District Chairman, myself, and many others spent about 8 hours in a room going over every line of the GA GOP rules. Every state committee member knew that we were going to do that and had the chance to make suggestions. You are disrespecting my hard work and time as well as that of many others. If you need your District Chairman’s number so you can make changes to rules that would “strengthen” the party, I can give it to you.

        Being passionate is fine. Complaining when you don’t get your way is fine too. However, I think you have made an error at how loudly you want to complain. Sharing ideas with Dennis, Sue, or other EC members is great. I don’t know about Dennis, but I know you haven’t called or e-mailed me. Trying to put spin on PP that the world is out to get you, life is not fair, and it’s the GA GOP’s fault degrades the titles you hold, including “Grassroots Republican.”

        The GA GOP is not writing campaign messages for other parties. Lawton Sack is.

        • Lawton Sack says:

          I would degrade my position by being silent or being a part of the status quo of the GA GOP.

          I would be more than happy to talk with you, email you, or sit down and have a meal with you, but unfortunately I don’t even know who you are. All I know about you is what I have read here on Peach Pundit that you have wrote as GOPGeorgia.

          I speak with and email Dennis on a regular basis. I just spoke with him on Thursday. He voted against the rules that failed to pass at the State Committee meeting.

          I gave my input to the rule changes: 1. Allow the counties (at least 80,000 and under) to decide when to have their county conventions. 2. Allow the counties (at least 80,000 and under) to decide if a precinct meeting is necessary.

          I am not accusing the Rules Committee of trying to tear down the Party, but there is at least one part of the rules that we wanted revisited: If a member of the State Committee, a District Committee, or a County Committee shall publicly advocate the election of another candidate for an office for which the Republican Party has nominated a candidate, that advocacy shall be cause for which that member may be removed from party office.

          That gives the power to the State Committee and removes it from the District and County levels. We passed a resolution that was passed on to the GA GOP at our 12th District Committee meeting asking for more control to be returned to the county and district levels.

          Fairly or unfairly, Sonny Perdue, Casey Cagle, and other Republican elected officials are the face of the GA GOP. They are what the voter sees and connects with Republicans. What they say and what they do has an impact on how the voters perceive the Republican Party. The same way that Richardson’s affair, Sanford’s affair, etc. have have an impact on the Party. There is not a separation there.

          After the Richardson mess came to light, it became apparent that Republicans were going to have to be careful about how situations were to be handled. It was my hope that this S.O.S. decision was going to be handled in a very careful manner.

          I love life. The GA GOP is not out to get me, and I don’t hate the GA GOP. I just care too much about the Republican Party to sit back and watch a collapse here in Georgia like the one that happened on the national level. I care that Roy Barnes is polling as favorable at 42% with Republicans and Independents in Georgia. I am concerned that people are going to start talking about Perdue the same way that they are and have been talking about George W. Bush.

          I didn’t have anything to do with Richardson’s affair. I didn’t have anything to do with the Speaker vote. I didn’t have anything to do with Perdue’s selection. I do, though, have to do and say something when all of these voters (D’s, R’s, I’s, and L’s) ask me what is going on with the GA Republican Party and why our elected officials don’t listen to or care about the people and why they can’t keep their pants on.

          • Ken in Eastman says:


            You are exactly right. I’m a GOP county chairman and a former GOP congressional district chairman. I have always chosen to not endorse before the primary because I have always believed that to be the best choice – BUT that decision should be left to me.

            In this case, Governor Perdue has made a de facto endorsement while grasssroots GOP folks who hold positions within the party are silenced by party rules.

            I’m a lifelong Republican and intend to stay one, but playing politics, ignoring vile behavior (e.g. Glenn Richardson), herd-think and a shocking lack of honesty by the state GOP officials are hurting this party. Who deals with it? The grassroots folks who are now busy trying to hold together what we have instead of having the opportunity to build the party up.

          • GOPGeorgia says:


            I just had a phone conversation with Lawton and expressed some concerns and explained my position. We also went into a few areas that have not and should not find there way onto PP.

            I think he would now agree that the GA GOP rules that were proposes would not weaken the party at all levels, but if he wants to, I will let him address that. I think he knows that if he is having trouble getting his concerns addressed that I will answer my phone or emails. That invitation is open to any GOP party office holder throughout the state.

            We have some of the same concerns, but so far, we have had different methods of trying to resolve them. I never said he should be silent. I think he should go with a more select audience with the ability to do something more about it other than just agree that something needs to be done.

          • Lawton Sack says:


            I thank you for contacting me. I think that you could tell from the phone conversation that I am not an angry or unreasonable person, but that there are definitely concerns that I have about recent events in and around the GA Republican Party and that they have not always been handled in an appropriate manner. I welcome an open dialogue with you and other leaders in the Party.


            I have submitted this afternoon to my District Chair, GOPGeorgia, and Sue Everhart some ideas that I have gathered from listening to numerous people in my District for the GA GOP Rules Committee to look over. They mainly deal with allowing the decision making process on issues to remain in the hands of the County and District parties, when feasible and prudent. I have felt that some of that was being taken away, which I believe would ultimately weaken the Party. I did not mean to imply that the Rules Committee was out to destroy the Party.

            All I ask is that these ideas and some of these comments (Ken in Eastman is a good one to start with) on Peach Pundit be looked at and considered. It is a tough position that we have been put in. It is frustrating and very hard to make steps forward when things continue to happen, especially back to back to back.

            I get multiple phone calls, tweets, facebook posts, and emails from people every time something happens in the Republican Party. When I felt that the Republican Party, whether elected officials or GOP leadership, was not responding in an appropriate manner, I have used Peach Pundit as my source to vent and to share. From reading the replies, there are many that feel like I do. There are others that disagree with me.

            Maybe the GA GOP needs to open up a private forum for GA GOP leadership to express their concerns.

            I invite anyone with a concern about the GA GOP to email me at [email protected] I will compile those (legitimate) concerns and share them with appropriate Party leadership.

        • Hortence says:

          Put me in the Lawton camp on this one. He at least seems to have a brain and can think for himself unlike some of you other cows that just follow the herd.

          Thank you Lawton for speaking out.

        • Dave Bearse says:

          Sure Karen created it, but it was a matter for Sonny, the head of Georgia GOP in the general sense for most people (as Mr. Sack below indicates), to handle. That combined with the current power of GOP incumbency when Mr. Cole is expected to seek election to the office in 2010, make it a GOP appointment. Not unexpectedly, the hoopla here largely seems to be focused on the partisan/party aspects. It ought to be on how the appointment of someone to a catbird’s seat that he would not have sought on his own, does not reflect a high democratic standard.

          I found the ridicule of SWGA (per the votes cast against his comments complaining about Handel’s resignation, which set this whole matter up) for complaining about the democratic aspect of the situation interesting. Combing it with the within-GOP party focus now indicates a confidence reminiscent of the national GOP of a few years ago, another aspect Mr. Sack seems to recognize.

    • Doug Deal says:

      I thought it was the Wednesday night breast and thigh buffet, chicken of course, what were you thinking?

      Not that I am alluding to anything in particular.

      • Lawton Sack says:

        You need to start a new website: The Lighter Side of GA Politics. You can be the Stephen Colbert of GA politics! Cracking jokes on all of the headlines. Of course, most of your material would be written by the politicians themselves. Invite Dr. Jay in as your sidekick for a few ARRRRRGHS or Brian Kemp comments.

        • Doug Deal says:

          Having Dr. Jay along would be as bad as pulling teeth. On the surface it would appear to be a gas. Some say Y2ES, but I say N2O.

          I do not see how we could extract any humor out of it, no matter how we express ourseleves. Perhaps if there was some cavity or niche that we could be filling I might reconsider.


  5. B Balz says:

    I said it before: Public officials ought not quit their elected job to run for another political office. Period.

    This public insider feud is both unseemly and unproductive, and will help Roy Barnes to be the only clear winner.

  6. Georgia Judge says:

    The last time I checked qualifing had not closed for any ’10 elections,so whats your point? As far as this BS about the Cheetah you couldnt be more wrong,and anyone who actually knows Cole can attest to this,but lets not let facts get in the way when attacking ones character.

  7. bartsimpsonisdaman says:

    You all are the schitz. This is too good. So let me get this straight.

    You out the speaker for porking a hot babe with a steep price tag. Look’s like y’all are still trying to cover his sorry ass.

    So what’s the deal with the “cheehtah? He spend his nickles there?

    • fishtail says:

      Jim Cole doesn’t need to spend a nickel on any of his extra-curricular activities in Atlanata, his lobbyist friends take care of him. According to the State Ethics Commission’s web site, Cole raked in $17K in gratuities from lobbyists, and that’s only what gets reported. No lobbyist with any brains would ever file a report that showed Cheetah lap dance expenses. Also, if you go to Cole’s legislative web site, he misleadingly claims that he played 4 years for the Milwaukee Brewers, when in fact he played Class A minor league ball. There’s nothing to be ashamed of in playing for a minor league club. I wish I could have, but perhaps it’s telling about Cole when he insinuates a bigger accomplishment than what was. Like his jock-sniffing master, Sonny Perdue, about the closest Cole ever came to the big leagues was when he was at an Atlanta Braves game with free tickets he cadged from a lobbyist.

  8. Sandy Springs GOP says:

    Won’t post this again….just covering both posts on the subject….

    While I am a Doug supporter, I have to admit this is a real knife in the back to Kemp. Everyone is trashing Sonny (as they should), but the guy who is really being a jerk here is Cole. It has been a real frustration for all of us Doug supporters that the General Assembly is almost universally supporting Kemp – and that includes Cole! Cole endorsed Kemp, gave him money, hosted a fundraiser for him. I have also heard they’re close friends, were roommates during the session, and are business partners of some sort. What does it say about Cole that he would sell out Kemp like this?

    They say if you want a friend in politics get a dog, but what dog would want to be friends with a guy like Jim Cole after this?

  9. bartsimpsonisdaman says:

    Sounds like you publicans have pulled the wool over us. Y’all ain’t as stuffed shirts as you let folks believe.

    Y’all still screw the people for a few bucks. Cheetah is the least of your worries.

    Go Barnes.

  10. Georgia Judge says:

    I wouldnt worry about Kemp too much its your boy who is going to be the third wheel in this race……

    Fish,he played in the Brewers system at several levels including the majors for a short while.I bet Cole has been to the Cheetah about the same amount of times you have accomplished anything of value…like zero.

  11. bartsimpsonisdaman says:

    You sound just an itsy bitsy nervous. Couldn’t be another red dog found with his pants around his ankles.

    So what if the almost kind of sorta major league world series, game winning guy got a lap dance. Not illegal for a fine specimen to rub themselves on your lap.

    You think the public rrrrealllyyy believes there aint more dirt under the dome? Its the biggest whorehouse in Georgia.

    • B Balz says:

      You are a clumsy and rude shill for King Roy’s team, Bless your heart.

      FYI, ‘the public’ is trying to pay Holiday bills, stay warm, and keep their jobs/businesses afloat. I’ll keep you posted as time goes on.


      • bartsimpsonisdaman says:

        Hey dude just pointing out the simple glaring fact that you red folk seem to have an issue with keeping your pants up.

        Barnes may not be much to look at and is boring as hell, but he knows how to do the job.

        Party on dudes. Keep covering up, the clock is ticking.

          • Don’t speak too soon… I don’t know that I see a Republican winning this election. My prediction is that either Monds will make history in Georgia as it’s first Libertarian Governor or Barnes will be re-elected.

          • GOPGeorgia says:

            Monds = about 5%, (maybe cause for a run off.)

            Roy is an unfortunate possibility.

            I haven’t decided who I will back in the primary (regardless of claims that I am in the tank for Nathan Deal.) Someone in the GOP primary will have to go pretty far off the beaten path for me not to support them in the general. Every candidate running will have baggage and things I don’t agree with, but I am willing to bet I will like the GOP nominee better than Roy.

          • GOPGeorgia says:

            I aslo think the anti-Obama and anti-congress vote in Georgia will bring us a Republican Governor in 2010.

          • Fawkes says:

            Works out perfectly doesn’t it? Georgia doesn’t get to clean House so well because of the sentiments towards Obama and Congress.

            Whichever way someone votes shouldn’t matter when it comes to ethical behavior. I, for one, hope that the filth under the Gold Dome is swept clean in 2010. The Republican Party needs candidates to primary these scumbags. The culture of corruption under the Gold Dome must end. I hope hatred for Obama and Congress doesn’t distract the voters from doing what is right.

  12. drjay says:

    maybe i’m in the minority here but i don’t get why we are so upset about sonny’s appt of the cole guy? it was a vacancy that he is given authority in the state constitution to fill, and he appears to have picked an ally of his to fill the spot, seems like pretty standard politicking to me, i mean to bad for kemp and macginnitie and all, but qualifying is still months away, the dems have no announced ltguv candidate yet, but i would assume they will field a candidate, so it’s not like it was too late for someone else to jump in here either, assuming cole decides to run, which i have only seen indicated in one sentence of a brief ajc article (which i thiught we all agreed was inhabited by liars and librels…) so maybe we should wait to see if there is actually something to get fired up about, before we get fired up, cole hasn’t even had a chance to steal any ideas from brian kemp yet for goodness sake…

  13. B Balz says:

    I agree: What’s more important?

    Everyone’s Child

    Sweet Marquel, your time with us on Earth was stolen from us all,

    You were here but for a brief moment, a wink in time, your beautiful smile, a window of Hope,

    A child who loved, who loved Church, is now with his God,

    Marquel Peters, you have left us for no reason we can discern, your Fate is not for us to understand,

    You are your Mothers son, yet you are a son to everyone,

    Gone in Peace, and your Gift is to never be forgotten, to stand with Change.

    Little Marquel Peters, the stolen boy.

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