Who knew the time between the election and being sworn in was so difficult?

You’ll recall that back in November, Jennifer Sudderth, fresh from her recent electoral win for Mayor of Hartwell, was charged with DUI in South Carolina. While being arrested, she allegedly tried to use the “power” of her future office to get out of trouble. Shockingly, it didn’t work. Well, she’s now requested a jury trial (set for sometime in 2010) and attributes her allegedly poor driving to “texting while driving.” We still don’t have an explanation for this exchange, though:

The officer asked Sudderth if she had been to any bars that evening and she answered that she had not.

“I then inquired about why she was wearing a ‘Crocs Food and Spirits’ wristband,” the officer wrote. “She looked at her wrist and stated, ‘Sir, I haven’t been to any bars.’”

Oh, those pesky wrist bands just never come off, do they?

Meanwhile, down in Guyton, Alderman-elect Michael B. Johnson was charged by Effingham County deputies with simple battery, criminal trespass and two counts of simple assault.

The arrest was related to an alleged domestic violence incident on Christmas afternoon. Let’s learn more, shall we?

The deputy called for additional help after arriving and finding Johnson in a “rage,” and throwing all of his wife and child’s belongings into the yard. The deputy reported he also saw Johnson “rack a round” into a black semi-automatic pistol.

The deputy reported Johnson did not point the weapon at anyone, but went back inside the home and barricaded himself in.

Johnson was then ordered to come outside, where he was taken into custody.

During a search of the home for the weapon, deputies found a “large” amount of damage and a destroyed Christmas tree, according to reports.

Johnson’s wife reported the incident began with an argument about their juvenile son’s ability to tie his shoes.

Fun times.


  1. Dave says:

    Fine examples of humanity, just fine! Maybe one day boys and girls you, too, can grow up to be an elected official. Just take a gander at these fineeeeeeeeeee specimens.

  2. Howard Roark says:

    The gal in Hartwell said her arrest would be cleared up quickly. It has been a month and no word for her “Clearing.”

  3. Cavalier says:

    Might not be just them who have issues between being elected and taking office. Word on the street is that two investigative reporters from Atlanta television stations are chasing two stories about Speaker-elect Ralston. The first is the story about his tax issues… most everyone knew that the media would look into that more closely. However, the other story, if true, could be more damaging in today’s environment. Supposedly, the Speaker-elect may have done some traveling recently with a woman other than his wife. Again, rumors all, but anyone who thinks the media is going to leave the new Republican leadership team alone is kidding themselves. There is blood in the water, and they all want a scalp to enhance their Emmy chances.

    • Chris says:

      I wonder at what point honest & faithful legislators will have to fire their young attractive female staffers?

    • Mozart says:

      Good thing the founders of this great country (who had the guts to write and sign their names to what they wrote) did not spend their days dreaming-up tall tales by using the word “supposedly” to implicate their fellow men.

      • rugby says:

        “who had the guts to write and sign their names to what they wrote”


        If you can’t see the humor in this….and if you can’t see the irony in me pointing that out….

  4. Game Fan says:

    So judging by Pete’s article the crime committed by the black male is far worse than that of the white female. I think I’m honing in on a trend here.

  5. vickimossie says:

    I am ashamed of this guy in our town politics. I live in Guyton and can tell you I and others will do everything we can to get this jerk out of office before he even begins. This is not someone I want making decisions for me!

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