Atlanta Police Department: second verse, same as the first

Hope and change realized, Atlanta Police Department style. From the fine pages of Atlanta Unfiltered, comes word that the payoffs have begun before M. Kasim Reed even takes office as Mayor of Atlanta.

Heckeva job there, Dickie!

Kasim Reed hasn’t even been sworn in as Atlanta’s new mayor, but one of his key supporters has already been promoted.

Scott Kreher, the police sergeant who spoke of wanting to whack Mayor Shirley Franklin with a baseball bat, is now a lieutenant.

A memo announcing Kreher’s rise circulated a week ago, just a day after Reed chose George Turner as his interim police chief. Kreher’s was among about a half-dozen promotions approved by outgoing Chief Richard Pennington.

Kreher runs the Atlanta chapter of the International Brotherhood of Police Officers, which endorsed Reed Nov. 17 in his runoff race against City Council member Mary Norwood. Reed, who’s promised to hire 750 new police officers, wound up winning by a wafer-thin 714 votes.

In May, Kreher told City Council members he’d gotten so frustrated with Atlanta’s neglect of injured police officers that he felt like bashing Franklin in the head with a baseball bat.

Quality leadership they have in the APD. The psychological testing ordered on Kreher must have been a complete success. Sleep well, everyone.


  1. Chris says:

    Careful there Pete, or the pigs will bust in your door, shoot you and your dog, then plant some weed and threaten some informants.

  2. Icarus says:

    I think you’re mis-reading the situation, Pete.

    Kreher used some unfortunate words, but was totally exasperated at the contempt shown for the police force by the Franklin administration. They saw their numbers (outside of airport patrols) reduced, their workload increase, their pay remain flat, then furloughs implemented – all while crime was spreading within the city.

    I’ve spoken to many of the officers, and they feel they are not in a position to adequately do their jobs. They have been “led” by an absentee police chief. Their reputations have all suffered because a few rogue elements have been allowed to operate outside of regulations.

    The AJC did a story a couple of weeks ago about officers on the NW Atlanta beat (Hollowell Pky, Riverside, Bolton area). Many shifts, there are not officers even available to patrol, and those that are usually are called from one scene to another, without even time to do the paperwork to document what just happened.

    The police “unions” aren’t your typical unions. They aren’t allowed to strike. They are in place to provide a unified voice to combat the crap the Mayor and other electeds try to throw at them when they need a scapegoat.

    I’d say Mayor Elect Reed’s move has a lot more to do with earning the confidence back, as well as building back morale, of a group that has felt totally abandoned by leadership, and shell shocked by the demands of their job, all the while being given no tools needed to accomplish their mission.

    I’d say Kreher’s promotion is an excellent move on Reed’s part.

    • Pete Randall says:

      No disagreement that improvements in the APD are needed. My point is merely that the timing of promotions for this officer who can’t keep his temper in check towards the mayor is…curious.

      I hope that Reed makes changes where they are needed. But I have very, very little hope.

      On this point, though, I would be the first to be proven wrong.

  3. Rick Day says:

    Unlike you, Pete, I know Scott, albeit casually and through political allies.

    Unlike you, I got the facts.

    He was promoted to LT because he took the TEST for Lt.

    Sargents take the test and the higher scoring sgts are placed at the top of the list. Scott scored the highest of all the test takers and when the opening came up, he was promoted because he was at the top of the scores.

    The fact Reed won was moot to the endorsement from the police union. The fact that Scott And the union supported Reed had zero to do with Scott getting promoted. Scott took the Lieutenant test last fall, passed it with flying colors (top score) and when Pennington pulled up that major, it pulled the ranks up and a Lt spot opened. Nothing political about this decision.

    Scott wanted to work Zone 5, but was offered a sweeter position in Zone 4, where he has been working. That is about as political as the process gets, Pete. He didn’t even get his preferred duty. Sounds like that endorsement really helped him out right? Right?


    *throws shoe* Jesus, Pete….

    Did you try to call Scott or Reed or APD about this before you wrote this..this….blog?

    I wonder if any cops have the same problem with the qualifications-oriented officer promotion system as you?

    Why don’t you interview a few and find out? Report back to us when you call Scott and issue an apology for this public smear.

    *mutters* stoopid republicans…

    • Pete Randall says:

      Smear? Where?

      I said the guy threatened the Mayor (he did), was the head of the union (he is), supported Reed (he did), was ordered to undergo psychological testing (he did), and evidently passed. And, now, he’s promoted (he was).

      No apologies coming from me! Take care.

      • Rick Day says:

        You are entitled to your own opinion but not your own facts. By posting the story, embellished with YOUR words like “payoffs” and noting the bogus and obviously politically motivated “psychological evaluation, as well as parroting an obviously erroneous “story” you intimate the two are connected. ”

        Quality leadership they have in the APD… tell us all this was not sarcasm?

        Are you not insinuating that Scott’s promotion had something directly (or even indirectly) linked with Reed’s election and Scott’s personal and professional endorsement? If not, then….?

        Quack quack. Man up, Pete. You got owned.

  4. rugby says:

    Considering that this is fairly common in politics to promote supporters (and if you don’t know this, please refrain on ever commenting on politics ever again. Actually, please just do that anyway) I’m not sure what the issue is here.

    Second, Pete hasn’t shown why Kreher is a bad choice for the job or if others should have been chosen. Or wait, is that implied because he is a Union chief?

    As for “hope and change”, that was Obama’s slogan, not Reed’s. If you didn’t know that, please double down on not commenting on politics anymore. Unless “hope and change” is now the motto of all black Democratic politicians or all Democratic politicians? Considering this race is non-partisan, does that mean “hope and change” is now the motto for all candidates or just all black candidates?

    • ByteMe says:

      You’re looking for logic. Pete was aiming to excite the slobbering knuckle-dragging base with innuendo and emotion. Pete succeeded with his audience even if he tries to deny it now.

  5. Game Fan says:

    Well Petey may have a valid point here or there but not exactly “political gold” so to speak. That’s where the ole’ “rule of law” comes into play. Frankly I’d like to see the GBI come through Georgia and load up a few dozen politicians and bureaucrats. White, black, yellow, City, State, County, whatever. This begs the question: Why is the GBI facing funding battles? Where’s all the conservative Republicans when you need ’em?

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