Senate District 22 candidate roundup

The Augusta Chronicle has a summary of the candidates running for the Senate District 22 special election, now set for January 5, 2010. The candidates include libertarian Taylor Bryant and democrats Hardie Davis, Harold V. Jones and Sandra Suetta Cannon Scott (who doesn’t seem to have a website).


  1. jtimmons says:

    Being completely biased here, I hope Hardie Davis wins that seat. He has been one of the few Dems in the House who seems to have his priorities in the right place. Ethical, kind and understands economic development…and an engineer from Georgia Tech…sad that he is leaving the House, but he would make a great addition to the Senate.

    • No 1 reason not to vote for Hardie Davis:
      Promote economic growth and quality commercial development in throughout Augusta, with an emphasis on blighted and underutilized areas

      He has no respect for private property… he wants to use eminent domain to take from one (private citizen owned property) to give to another (cronies) in the name of “economic development.”

      He says he wants to improve the employment rate in the state but he wants to Increase the minimum wage in this state, which everyone knows has the opposite effect… It’s already hard enough for young people to find a job, this will price even more of them out of the market.

      I’ve said it over and over, the Dems hearts are most of the time in the right place, but their policies have the opposite effect… their policies feel good but lack logic and understanding of economics/business/free market. Therefore, they often resort to “take” and make you or “mandate” in order to get what they think will help… but ends up making things worse and more costly in the end.
      Augusta needs to be represented by someone who will push for an environment that is attractive to businesses by removing barriers, not adding to them. I think a blue collar, dedicated, middle class family man( and “turnip truck rider”) that understands the plight of the common person is exactly what Augusta and Georgia needs more of.

      • rugby says:

        I guess if you honestly believe a Libertarian candidate could win the Governorship, or any other prominent office in Georgia, making such a terrible leap in logic as the whopper you opened up with is just a regular part of your day.

        • No leap here. Ask him for yourself. The subject actually came up in a forum in Augusta. Taylor Bryant was the only candidate that said he would work to protect the citizen’s private property from government seizure through eminent domain.

          • rugby says:

            So there is no middle ground? At least you can’t be faulted for inconsistency. You’ve got that going for you.

            And BTW: saying you want an “an emphasis on blighted and underutilized areas” for economic development does not mean “eminent domain”.

  2. benevolus says:

    “…which everyone knows has the opposite effect”

    Except a simple google search shows that your assertion does not fit the facts.

    • Except a simple google search shows that your assertion does not fit the facts.

      Yes, it does.

      Except if you are willing to ignore common sense and just about every private sector employed economist (and our current economy) and go with the Keynesian theory pushing dumbass twins, Katz and Krueger (who, by the way, are the economist poster children for the saying; Those that can, do. Those that can’t, teach… or work as a government advisor).

  3. Holly says:

    I’ll be awfully surprised if Hardie doesn’t win the seat. It’s a district that welcomes the government interventions that Mr. Adams so dislikes. Further, most of these voters will know his name because he’s their current Representative, and they like him. A bonus for the rest of us in the metro Augusta area? In a district once held by Charles Walker, it is delightful for the area to be represented in the Senate by someone who will rise through the Democratic leadership ranks without the heavy-handedness, just as his immediate predecessor (Ed Tarver) has done.

    • Holly, that all depends if the “conservatives” get out and vote for the only fiscal conservative on the ballot.

      As for not liking “government intervention,” more and more people are starting to realize and see what we see, it never delivers and often comes with unintended consequences. Just like the minimum wage issue mentioned above… the sector of society that it was suppose to help, actually gets hurt the most.

      As for Hardie… If people are happy with the state of things, then yes, by all means, vote for the status quo candidate…. but if they are as sick and tired of the direction this state and country has been going over the last few years/decades… then they need to vote for the candidate that represents that disposition…. He’ll be the one with the “L” beside his name on the ballot.

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