Lib’ral Atlanta Newspaper Reports Health Care Reform To Be Large Unfunded Mandate To Georgia

The AJC reports that the current Health Care Reform Bill will cost Georgia about $100 Million/year initially, with costs soon rising to upwards of a half billion dollars per year.

In Georgia, the state Department of Community Health has estimated the additional state costs would start at $100 million to $200 million a year when the program begins in about 2013, and increase over a half-dozen years to upwards of $500 million a year.

Worth noting in the current verson of the Health Care bill, is that a much larger number of people currently not covered by insurance are picked up by Medicaid. Medicaid is mostly funded by the State, not the Federal government funded 1/3 by the state, 2/3 by the Federal govt (thanks for the correction JS). Medicaid is also one of the fastest growing segments of the State budget, before these “reforms”.

Expect this bill, if passed, to not only increase personal insurance expenses, but state taxes, too.


  1. ByteMe says:

    You forgot to include this part of the article:

    State officials acknowledge that their analysis is far from final, as the Senate bill changed after the analysis was done.

    I do expect it to cause us to increase personal taxes … or start capturing more of the taxes from Sonny’s real estate transactions. Yeah, ok, too easy of a shot.

  2. BubbaRich says:

    I don’t want to accuse the AJC of incompetence (hi to Craig Schneider and Bob Keefe
!), but the article didn’t mention the roughly $100 million currently paid by Fulton and DeKalb Counties. I would expect this to change in 2013, although thanks to Republicans there will still be a substantial population of uninsured people in Atlanta.

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