Antisemite Jimmy Carter apologizes for his antisemitism to help his grandson’s Georgia Senate campaign

Following Icarus’ updates of some news that broke over the last week, the comedy that is Jimmy Carter provided even more material just before Christmas with the release of a letter in which he apologized for actions he acknowledged have stigmatized Israel. But, he wants everyone to know, this “out of the blue” apology has absolutely nothing to do with the possible campaign of his grandson, Jason Carter, for the State Senate seat which may soon be vacated by David Adelman. Nothing at all. A complete coincidence. No relation at all. None.

But it sure is curious when he has had no problem repeatedly defending his views on Israel to have such an abrupt about face.

Further, two years ago fourteen members of the board of the Carter Center in Atlanta resigned in protest over Carter’s writings. One of them was Liane Levetan, a former Georgia state senator and CEO of DeKalb County. Well, guess who Jason Carter immediately tried to contact after the release of his grandfather’s letter?

It seemed clear, however, that Jason Carter saw the apology, issued earlier this month through JTA, as a means of outreach. The younger Carter has been trying for days to reach Liane Levetan, a former state senator and CEO of DeKalb County, and as soon as they connected Tuesday, he directed her to the JTA Web site to read the letter.

But, of course, that’s a complete coincidence. Because there is no relation to the timing of Jimmy Carter’s letter being released within days of Jason Carter’s announcement concerning Adelman’s seat, we are told.

Jason Carter’s campaign shouldn’t be marred because he has a bigot for a grandfather. But the poor handling of this has served to merely draw more attention to his matter than he would perhaps like.


  1. Rick Day says:

    I am extremely disappointed in President Carter.

    He should have stuck to his guns. The leadership in Israel is Fundamentally Evil (pun intended) in its pursuit of Holocaust™ against all those not of their, um, faith/race, as Carter has maintained all along.

    “You guys” only side with Israel because your Jewish Messiah™ would be an Israeli if he were alive today. That, and they own our government, and have since 1967.

    Since when have Republicans gotten Georgia Jew-Love, given they were an oppressed group up until they bought all your dead relatives land and businesses?

    Oh right. Carter. Must diametrically oppose. Always.


    • Rick Day says:

      PS: I LOLed at Liane Levitan.

      Who? Why? My doctor or either of my dentists are more qualified to give the official “Torah inspired Blessing of Political Forgiveness” on a candidate, than… her.

      Those nutty Carters. Always kissing the backsides they should be kicking.

      What is she, the Queen of the Israeli Contention in GA?

    • objective says:


      i don’t know if or what faith you practice, but it is irrelevant- your posts are rife with generalizations and stereotypes that demonstrate monolithic bluntness in the face of complex institutions of democracy and faith.

      perhaps even you could learn something from jimmy carter, who has at least apologized for his offenses, even if they be not offensive to all, or even if his positions were right. that’s the nature of human forgiveness, and it is my guess that it is the christmas spirit of forgiveness, inspired by that great Jew, that has at least partially led to carter’s timing of his letter.

      btw, given that jesus was jewish, you might as well just substitute your reference to jews above with references to jesus.
      if you do that, perhaps your animosity may become even more clear, and clearly misguided, to you

  2. Ken in Eastman says:

    Jimmy Carter aka Georgia’s National Disgrace has become a buffoon which is slightly worse than the common clown he has been previously. His legacy as the worst US President in history is ensured by the fact that William Henry Harrison did more good for this country in 31 days (by doing practically nothing) than Carter did in four years of malaise.

  3. Three Jack says:

    good news is that jimmy has done such a great job of tarnishing the carter name, it is highly unlikely any carter will ever be elected again. keep on preaching it jimmy boy!

  4. GodHatesTrash says:

    Surprise, surprise.

    You Gomers and Goobers at Peach Pundit don’t like Carter, and you like spreading lies about him.

    The Palestinians are Semites, too.


    • Ken in Eastman says:

      You Gomers and Goobers at Peach Pundit don’t like Carter, and you like spreading lies about him.

      Did I miss where someone said something good about President Peanut Brain? That’s the only lie I can think of.

      Or did someone say the Killer Swap Rabbit was a Soviet hired assassin?

      • GodHatesTrash says:

        Well, the statement that Jimmy Carter is an anti-Semite is a falsehood. Since the Palestinians are Semites, too, his defense of Palestinian civilians just means you don’t like the same Semites he does.

        Besides, being against murder and mayhem directed at innocent civilians does not make anyone an anti-Semite. Carter just reminds us that our “friends” the Israelis have blood on their hands, too.

        Of course the morons at Faux News and loudmouths at PP don’t like to be reminded of inconvenient truths…

        • Ken in Eastman says:

          Since the Palestinians are Semites, too, his defense of Palestinian civilians just means you don’t like the same Semites he does.

          I never said I dislike Palestinians. I have nothing against anyone because of who they are. I do have significant problems with what some people do, especially if it involves blowing up civilians in an attempt to coerce others.

  5. Progressive Dem says:

    Carter was at worst ineffective, but not particularly harmful.

    Carter started the deregulation of transportation, energy and communication. He focused the country on energy conservation and reminded the world that America stands for human rights. He bartered a peace treaty between Israel and the country with the largest standing army in the Mideast. Although Egypt fought three wars with Israel before Camp David, it has never been a threat to Israel since the treaty. He negotiated the safe return of the Americans held hostage in Iran. None of them were killed and they greatly appreciate his leadership. The Panama Canal Treaty was an appropriate step that avoided a potential long-term hostility while preserving valuable shipping lanes without any incidents. He negotiated and signed SALT II with the Soviets. When they invaded Afghanistan, he punished the Soviets with a trade embargo and tarnished the Soviets only summer Olympic games. He sent military assistance to Mujahedeen. That’s not a bad record.

    Since his presidency, he is the international gold seal for monitoring of free elections. He has worked to eradicate the Guinea worm disease, which has existed for centuries and killed millions of people. And of course he has been an advocate for Habitat for Humanity.

    The views of Carter on PP are among the most extreme and harsh, so the Carter basher’s should take any reinforcement of their views with a grain of salt. A more realistic assessment of the worst president will have to include George W Bush: our longest and most costly war for no justifiable reason; a failed war in Afghanistan where the real enemy was hiding; the use of torture and the indefinite confinement without due process; signing the Medicare Part D entitlement without providing any additional funding; and sitting atop the largest economic meltdown since the Great Depression. That leaves off the ignored warnings of Richard Clarke and the national security daily briefings concerning a potential attack using civilian planes as weapons, the loss of privacy under the Patriot ACT; and the complete in effectiveness of the federal response to the destruction of a major American city. This time Bush wins in a landslide.

  6. DMZDave says:

    The person to whom Carter has owed an apology since 1970 is former Governor Carl Sanders who he defeated by running one of the more openly racist campaigns in modern Georgia history. In South Georgia, Carter blamed Carl Sanders for not fighting to maintain segregation and not blockig the desegregation of the University of Georgia. He left voters with the impression that Sanders was a friend of the Black man although there was a more colorful and nasty way of saying such things back then.

    Carter went on to reinvent himself after coming to office but his campaign for Governor was disgusting. It helped his image somewhat that Lester Maddox, one of Georgia most infamous segregationists, despised Carter and as Lt. Governor, ensured that Carter’s legislative initiatives died but on issues of race, Maddox and Carter were not that far apart particularly when it came to playing the race card to defeat their political opponents.

    Here’s how Carl Sanders’ recalled that campaign with some bitterness years later, “I thought, just like many people think, that the people of the state or the people of the country have a memory of the things that you did when you were in public life and the accomplishments that you were able to achieve for their benefit, and that I had such a good administration — no scandals, a lot of progress, a lot of opportunity for people that they never had before — that to run in 1970, that would give me a good edge to be reelected. Jimmy Carter, much to my chagrin, took the position that he was going to play the racial card.”

    • GodHatesTrash says:


      I knew that Zig Zag Zell ran as a segregationist several times, but I didn’t know ol’ Jimmy stooped that low, too.

      Georgia politics was, is, and always will be a moral sewer.

      I blame the electorate. Trash votes for trash.

      • AthensRepublican says:

        DMZDave is absolutely correct. Carter ran a blatantly racist campaign for Governor back in 1970. If you have access to a newspaper archive, check out the Carter ads posted in the small rural newspapers.

        • GodHatesTrash says:

          Running as blatantly racist a campaign as possible is still the best way to get elected state-wide in Georgia.

          Karen Handel and V0ter ID (wink, wink – keep the coloreds from the polls)! She’s your gal, GOPers.

          We know what motivates the southron GOP voter – xeno- femi- homo- and negrophobia.

    • GodHatesTrash says:

      I guess we shouldn’t be surprised at Carter’s clumsy remarks about Israel and Palestine.

      First, the poor man attended Georgia public schools. Second, he grew up in a very narrow, close-minded, superstitious religious tradition where spreading superstitions and lies about Jews was commonplace.

      Not too much of a chance for sophistication or enlightenment in either of those places, I’m afraid.

      Then, he joined the Navy, he got to see the world, but mostly underwater in a submarine. I’ll venture to say there’s still not a lot of cultural diversity amongst the Navy submarine forces, and it was even worse in the 1950s when Jimmy was floating around. Then he goes back to the stultifying cultural atmosphere of Plains, and Georgia, and doesn’t leave until 1976.

      He’s done very well to do as much as he has, especially given the strikes against him.

      And I have to hand it to Jimmy. Unlike the vast majority of professed Christians, he does take the example of Christ seriously – you know, the stuff about helping the poor, loving one another, etc.

      If more Christians were like him, the world would be a much better place.

      Carry on, friends, and have a Happy and Peaceful New Year.

  7. The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is something I’ve been hearing about all my life. However, I only hear about it sporadically… as it really flares up once every few years, and it’s not discussed very much between flare-ups.

    I don’t really have a “side” in that conflict, and the bits of knowledge I do have about the situation leave me more confused than enlightened. Suicide bombings against civilians are never justified. However, the occupation of the Palestinian territories has been particularly brutal and condemned by the entire non-U.S. world. However, Israel wouldn’t have come to occupy those territories if its neighbors hadn’t tried to altogether destroy them in 1967. However, the sentiment behind that war is to be expected, as the WWII Allies basically stole that land in an effort to clean up their own sins back in Europe. However, as you look back you can argue that the land has been stolen and stolen back so many times over the centuries that the whole thing is a blur.

    Since I only really know the broad strokes, and am probably mistaken about even those, I think one of my personal goals for 2010 will be to do some research and better understand that conflict. I imagine that several other commentors on this thread would be well to do so likewise. Whatever the answers may be, I’m pretty sure that the truth is a much bigger picture than simply: “(1) I hate Democrats. (2) Jimmy Carter is the most well-known local Democrat. (3) I therefore hate Jimmy Carter and everything he says must be wrong”.

    • nast says:

      Steve, try picking up Karen Armstrong’s “Holy War.” Reading it can be a bit of a slog at times and there are probably better historical analyses out there, but it gives an interesting analysis of the roots of the conflict from the times of the Crusades, and how the Muslim, Christian, and Jewish faiths shape different perceptions of the conflict.

  8. B Balz says:

    Gimme an X: X, whatcha got?

    Gimme an F: F, whatcha got?

    Gimme an H: H, whatcha got?

    Gimme an N: N, whatcha got?

    Put it all together, whatdya got:
    xeno- femi- homo- and negrophobia.

    What a putz!

  9. Game Fan says:

    Well if Carter had any BALLS he’d go after the military industrial complex. But he doesn’t. Many Democrats deride the Republicans f0r playing the race card ect… but they’re doing the same thing: Mucking around in other countries’ affairs and taking sides, stirring up trouble, ect… And don’t get me started on Jimmy Carter apologizing. He’s the worst ever at this. Why did he have to go on national television simply to apologize for his brother Billie taking a whiz on a runway in Libya? Say what you will about Reagan but he never apologized.

    • GodHatesTrash says:

      I thought ol’ Billy peed on the tarmac at the ATL, but I could be wrong.

      Typical Georgian.

  10. gatormathis says:

    “Well if Carter had any BALLS he’d go after the military industrial complex.”

    …well…..he just ran a coup de gras on the airport in Americus and took it over so what else will be next………

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