Shafer V. Johnson, Winner take all

With “real politics” taking precedence in what was thought to be our slow time, we haven’t updated Peach Pundit sports in a couple of weeks. But our Fantasy Football and Pick’em games have been rolling along, and the finals are upon us.

Last week, season leader Karen Handel (12-2) was upset by 4th seed Eric Johnson (8-6). Neither team limped into the semi-finals and both brought their A-game. Each team scored more than 50% than the Yahoo! predictions, with Johnson prevailing 125 to 120.

David Shafer (8-6) defeated John Monds (9-5) in a mild upset to take the other slot in the final game. Shafer’s Zero Based Ballers took this matchup 78-73.

This sets up the final showdown between Shafer’s Zero Based Ballers, and Johnson’s Johnson 4 Georgia. Shafer won a head to head earlier in the season, but this time, it’s for the coveted virtual Peach Pundit trophy.

In the consolation bracket, Rob Teilhet (6-8) defeated Lynn Westmoreland (7-7) 94-63, and Nathan Deal (6-8) defeated the Peach Pundit team (7-7) 94-63.


    • The Warsaw Ferryman says:

      and then of course there is the warsaw ferryman’s performance in the non celebrity pp league, all aboard (the ferry that is…..)!!!

      warsaw v molar – next sunday on ppv

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