Karen Handel Aims to Win the GOP Gubernatorial Nomination

Right now the news is breaking across the state that Karen Handel is resigning as Secretary of State to focus solely on the gubernatorial race. WSB just broke the news despite an alleged 2pm embargo on the story.

Given all the ethical issues of the guys sticking around relating to fundraising and all the issues they are trying to raise attacking her for overseeing the primary and general election while being a candidate for Governor, this takes some serious news stories out of commission over the next few months.

With Johnson and Handel both giving up their seats so they can both raise money and avoid sticky ethical issues, this puts the spotlight squarely on John Oxendine who is about to come under a sustained media assault for questionable fundraising practices through his office.

Handel is now all in with no fall back just as a few of her opponents were starting to push out stories that she was going to drop out and run for re-election instead. She is also, given all the stories lately about the taint within the GOP, setting up a higher ethical standard for the gubernatorial race.


Her press release is below the fold.

I have spoken to Governor Perdue and informed him that I will resign as Secretary of State by the end of the year.

This was an extraordinarily difficult decision – professionally and personally.  However, I know that it is the right one – for the Office of the Secretary of State, the team there, and the citizens of Georgia who have entrusted me with this important position, as well as for my campaign for Governor.  

Over the past month, Georgia’s economic climate has continued to deteriorate, and we’ve all experienced disbelief and anger over the actions of some in the State Legislature.   As I’ve considered this new landscape, it became clear to me that, while certainly manageable, serving as Secretary of State while also running for Governor was no longer the best approach for the office or my campaign.

I also took into consideration that I did not want any perceived conflicts of interest concerning my overseeing the primary or general elections, investigating complaints that arise, and certifying the results of the elections while a candidate for Governor and serving as Secretary of State.

Georgia’s next Governor must be a real leader with solid, conservative principles, a vision for our state, and the executive/business management experience needed to actually run our state and achieve meaningful progress on the issues we face. 

Our next Governor must also have a commitment to ethics reform that is beyond question and a track record of ethical leadership.  These are the reasons I decided to run for Governor, and they are the reasons that I am going to win.

So, as we enter the new year, the people of Georgia need to know that I am all in for the Governor’s race. This decision allows me to focus 100% on becoming the Republican nominee and winning the election in November.

This decision allows the Governor to appoint an interim Secretary of State to focus completely on the important issues in the agency, including the ongoing situation with the US Department of Justice involving Georgia’s voter verification process and overseeing the 2010 elections.

The next Secretary of State will have the benefit of a team of very talented individuals who will continue to serve the office – and the State – with the same level of commitment and dedication that I have appreciated for three years.  I am confident that the transition will be smooth, and the people of Georgia will be well served by this team and whomever the Governor appointments to lead them.

Finally, I want to thank the people of Georgia for their trust and confidence in me to serve as their Secretary of State.  My thanks, as well, to the tremendous team within the Secretary of State’s office for their commitment and hard work.


    • Silent Outrage says:

      Fundy – you show your ignorance every time you post here. Karen Handel is Pro-Life and Pro-Family.

        • Silent Outrage says:

          Fundy – You’re retarded. Incest and Rape are wrong and no one should be forced to conceive a child as a product of either.

          I cannot even believe you think that it’s okay to FORCE someone to have a baby under those circumstances.

          • fundy1611 says:

            Pro-life has nothing to do with forcing or not forcing people. It’s about the LIFE! You are pro-choice. You choose to force people to have a baby under the circumstances you approve of. You’re acting as God. You and Karen are both pro-choice.

          • Silent Outrage says:

            Fundy – I am pro-life – w/ the exception of Rape, Incest, and the Life of the Mother.

            However, I am intelligent enough to know that this is a federal issue also and that as Governor, there is only so much anyone can do on the life issue.

            If you don’t know that, again, you are showing your ignorance.

  1. Praetorian616 says:

    Ballsy…perhaps. But I’d say desperate is more likely. Poor fundraising has a way of making candidates do “ballsy” things.

  2. I guess she wasn’t getting much mileage out of her national fundraising push that was based on her being in office and protecting the ballot box here in Georgia.

    So what does this mean…big end of the year momentum that she couldn’t afford to let up on or another disappointing report that would spell total disaster without an extra three months of raising?

    • Silent Outrage says:

      It means that someone is finally putting the taxpayers first unlike John “Blue Light” Oxendine who is flying all over the state on taxpayer paid airplanes campaigning for Governor.

      • Abigail Adams says:

        Karen is taking a stand and willing to go all in to become Georgia’s next governor. An admirable and smart move to prove she is dedicated to her campaign and in it to win!

  3. drjay says:

    so does this mean macginnittie won’t be able to steal ideas from kemp anymore? will her replacement be a caretaker or the new frontrunner for a full term?

    • that is the big question. What rumors are out there? Surely, there are rumors. Good Lord, we hear rumors about virtually everything.

      I hear the new speaker has purchased a truck load of suspenders and chasity belts for the incoming session.

  4. Andre says:

    Three years ago, Cathy Cox faced repeated calls to step down as Secretary of State as it raised questions about her ability to oversee Georgia’s elections in a fair manner.

    Ultimately, Cox stayed on as Secretary of State but ended up losing the Democratic gubernatorial primary.

    This move by Handel is a gutsy one. The saying, “A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush,” comes to mind. Handel is the Secretary of State and she has the bully pulpit on certain issues because of that. However, if Handel resigns, she’ll be able to raise money throughout the legislative session in addition to focus more attention to her gubernatorial bid.

    Honestly, it’s six in one hand, half a dozen in the other.

    • Andre says:

      Here’s how that first sentence should have read:

      During her gubernatorial bid three years ago, Cathy Cox faced repeated calls to step down as Secretary of State as questions were raised on whether she could run for governor and oversee Georgia’s elections in a fair manner at the same time.

  5. Silent Outrage says:

    Wow. Just Wow. What an incredible move by a politician. It’s pretty much uncommon anymore for a politician to put what’s right ahead of what’s easy.

    Good move today by Georgia’s next Governor.

      • Silent Outrage says:

        Yeah Yeah Yeah… Now she will be able to take more money because as SoS she couldn’t take money from regulated industries… Not that ever stopped the Ox…

        • edmund says:

          I’m sure Karen’s fundraising would be better if her campaign team wasn’t on Peach Pundit all day. Marty, better get back to work.

          • Icarus says:

            Actually, True Grit is just a “true believer”.

            Then again, look closely at all those fake facebook people who only have Ox logos as their profile photos, and celebrate every “attack on the Ox”, and you’ll probably see the handiwork of an Ox staffer who moonlights as a “social media consultant” and gets his other clients banned from facebook.

  6. Making Sense says:

    Personally I applaud Secretary Karen Handel’s decision to stop collecting a paycheck from the state while campaigning for the GOP nomination. Clearly, her attention will be focused elsewhere while on the ‘campaign trail’ and to resign, before the start of the session, shows Handel’s integrity and that she has her priorities straight. I hope Guv Perdue picks someone as stand-up and transparent as Handel to take the reins.

    • Elin is Hot says:

      Regarding Karen Handels supposed “ethics”, could someone explain to me how ethical it is that the following occurred earlier this year with regards to Karen’s campaign accounts for Secretary of State and for Governor:

      On March 26, 2009, her campaign for Governor “officially” registered with the state ethics commission. I say “officially” because it was talked about for months prior.

      On March 27, an expenditure in the amount of $10,000 was paid to Tactical Communications on Collier Road in Atlanta from her Secretary of State campaign account under the description of: contract work for Sec of State campaign related activities.

      The same company shows-up on her Governor’s race June 30 disclosure as well.

      Also on her June 30 2009 Secretary of State disclosure is a payment recorded on 01/01/2009 to Marty Ryall, and the reason given for this payment is “deferred payment of Sec of State political work as referenced in 6/30/07 finance report.”

      Well…I went to go look at her “6/30/2007” Secretary of State report…and, no notation is present on that disclosure as any kind of debt owed to Marty Ryall.

      When did it become legal for a candidate holding one constitutional-level office to use her contributions received from that office to help her run for another constitutional office like Governor?

        • Elin is Hot says:

          Upon a little bit more research, it would appear that she actually has two problems, one much more serious than mere violations of state ethics laws.

          1. Using campaign contributions from one elected office to pay employees for a higher level elected office when she had absolutely no doubt she wasn’t going to run for Secretary of State. This encompasses 2 violations of ethics in government act laws.

          2. The more serious law broken is that of O.C.G.A. 16-10-20 which concerns the following “A person who knowingly and willfully falsifies, conceals, or covers up by any trick, scheme, or device a material fact; makes a false, fictitious, or fraudulent statement or representation; or makes or uses any false writing or document, knowing the same to contain any false, fictitious, or fraudulent statement or entry, in any matter within the jurisdiction of any department or agency of state government or of the government of any county, city, or other political subdivision of this state shall, upon conviction thereof, be punished by a fine of not more than $1,000.00 or by imprisonment for not less than one nor more than five years, or both.

          Her statement that $6000 was paid to Marty Ryall due to “deferred payment of Sec of State political work as referenced in 6/30/07 finance report” is, if one goes to look at the June 2007 report, patently false.

          If you go back further in her 2006 SOS disclosures, you will see that Ryall got paid his monthly salaries of $6000, as well as a $30,000 win bonus. I couldn’t find any notations of “deferred payment”.

          It is one thing to just misuse campaign funds. It is quite another to lie about the purpose of an expenditure, and sign the document attesting to the “truth” of it when it is a false statement.

          If anyone from the Handel campaign were to try and shove in a quick “revision” to any disclosure now, that would just add another charge of “obstruction of justice” for the first violation of O.C.G.A. 16-10-20.

          • Elin is Hot says:


            Thank you for the clarification. I will stand corrected on that one regarding Marty Ryall.

            But the payment to Tactical Communications being so close to the time she registers for her governor’s campaign is still in the “suspicious” column. Unless Karen is one of these folks who makes life-altering decisions inside of 24 hours of receiving any kind of research done by Tactical, and would go “Um, golly, I was going to run for SOS again, but based on on what Tactical says, I’m not going to run for secretary again but run for Governor instead. Let’s go register right now!”

          • drjay says:

            maybe it was more like, i’m probably gonna run for guv, but want to weigh my options, so it is still a possibility that i will run for reelection instead, thus the 2 separate campaign accts…

  7. Doug Deal says:

    I think pretty much all politicians should resign a post in which they are not running for re-election when they move to another. It seems unethical *cough* Ox *cough* to take a state check for going around the state campaigning for your next job.

    Now that the new year is starting, anyone seriously running for governor should resign their current post and stop getting a guarenteed welfare check from the government.

    • Silent Outrage says:

      I agree with you Doug. Taxpayers deserve to have elected officials who are going to be focused on doing the job that they were elected to do. If you’re going to run for a different job, you should resign from your current one.

      • Making Sense says:

        Agreed. If someone is currently running an office and is focused on another office, that is a conflict. Far too many politicians stay in office when their attention is off in la la land. Constituents deserve better.

  8. Abigail Adams says:

    Finally! I am so excited to have a candidate to get excited about! A true, pro-life, conservative who can truly make progess in Georgia!

    • fundy1611 says:

      Pro-life? Georgia Right to Life refused to endorce her due to her own acknowledgment of her pro-abortion beliefs.

      Karen’s own website:

      “As a matter of law she believes society may allow for exceptions in cases of rape, incest …..”

      That’s not pro-life! If it is, then Obama is pro-life also!

      • Abigail Adams says:

        How is that not pro-life…what about the life of the mother?

        Karen has the same exceptions as National Right to Life. Was Obama endorsed by NRTL??

        • ByteMe says:

          At least Fundy is consistent. Those who claim to be “pro-life” and pro-death penalty are either hypocrites or useful fools for not being able to reconcile their position with the true meaning of the phrase.

          That’s why newspapers are starting to turn away from that phrase and use “pro-abortion” and “anti-abortion” instead. At least it’s an honest phrase that clearly describes the position in question.

          • Demonbeck says:

            Being pro-life and pro-death penalty is a lot like being a good fisherman. You let the little ones live so they can grow older.

            Being pro-choice and anti-death-penalty is just ridiculous.

          • ByteMe says:

            The original “fisher of men” would likely think you’re full of crap, but not necessarily put it that way for posterity.

          • seenbetrdayz says:

            You’re right. Fetuses should be put to death for their crimes as well, otherwise, it is very hypocritical.

          • ByteMe says:

            Which comes back to Fundy’s point: it’s just as hypocritical to claim you can kill them after they’re born with “mitigating circumstances” and only kill them pre-birth with “mitigating circumstances”, but you get to somehow proclaim that position as being truly “pro-life”.

            The Vatican is “pro-life”. Southern Baptists are more selective about what life is worth keeping around but still want to claim the “pro life” badge of honor.

      • Clone Of B. Plyler says:

        Actually, the truth is that she has ignored GRTL’s statement. She doesn’t think she needs a GRTL endorsement in order to win. I think that speaks volumes about what she really thinks about the issue.

        Deal finally signed their statement, believing that he needed the votes! That also speaks volumes about what he really thinks about the issue.

          • Clone Of B. Plyler says:

            On the issue of pandering, why can’t candidates just be what they are & let the chips fall on elction day?

            What it says is that she may at the very least, be a three exceptioner on abortion, won’t sign GRTL’s statement, & does not think it’s important to have GRTL endorsment. Any way you look at it, that speaks volumes. Life is not an important issue to her.

            In Deal’s case, he didn’t want to sign until his campaign stalled. I think it says the same things about him.

          • Clone Of B. Plyler says:

            That’s right Ready2Rumble. (however, the 3 exceptioners lie & try to get endorsement anyway!) At least she & Deal are transparent on the issue. She doesn’t want endorsement & he wants it just for the votes!

            And Byte..you’re so predictable that I don’t want to argue with you. Merry Christmas !

  9. Making Sense says:

    fishtail, do you really think that just because the Ox and Nathan Deal spent 4 years drinking beer at the fraternity house and have a piece of paper that says they graduated from college makes them qualified to be governor? I went to college and graduated with people that aren’t qualified to make a cup of coffee, much less run a state. I say look at their records and vote based on that. It seems Ox and Deal have ‘skeletal issues’ at first glance on the google.

    • fishtail says:

      I said I was just kidding…but her educational achievements, or lack thereof, will provide fodder for her opponents who need to drag her down. She is a tough lady and she will need to be in order to fight in this arena. So how many minus signs will I get for saying this?

  10. IndyInjun says:

    What is she trying to do, make me forget that I swore to never contribute to an ‘R’ again?

    At least the GOP has a couple of candidates who don’t remind voters of corruption and sell-outs running in the primaries.

    Ox or Deal might win out of Obama revulsion in this red state, but they don’t stand a chance on anything looking like merit.

  11. GOPGeorgia says:

    I have mixed thoughts on the move. Some will say so she can raise money durring session, which I think is close to the truth. Others will say so she won’t collect a paycheck from GA while running for another office. That will be true, but I don’t think it’s the reason. I like Karen and most of the other GOP candidates running. They all have their pro’s and cons, but we aren’t electing a perfect person, just a governor.

    Let the negative conmments start to fall.

    I am wondering what the fallout will be in the SOS race. Will Sonny pick one of the two candidates running? I would be entertained if he offerered it to Bill Stephens who ran against Karen. I would be even more entertained if he accepted.

    • ByteMe says:

      To follow on to your question: if one of the current SoS candidates is offered the interim job, should they reject it or accept it?

      The chess board keeps getting more and more interesting.

      • Ken in Eastman says:

        If they are smart then they will reject the offer. Accepting ties one hand behind their backs and it equates to an unwanted endorsement.

        • ByteMe says:

          On the other hand, doing the job puts the “(Incumbent)” beside your name on the ballot… that you get to print. 🙂

          The pluses and minuses make this interesting.

          • ByteMe says:

            Unless I had a big lead, I’d pass as well, just so that I could be out fundraising during the upcoming session. But with a big lead, I’d take it and act like the job was always mine to begin with.

          • Ken in Eastman says:


            Richard Dawson: “Good answer!”

            Do you remember the guy (Collins?) that ran for every statewide office under the sun as a Democrat and then as a Republican and actually captured the GOP nomination for a PSC post?

            Anyway, he didn’t even have the “incumbent” label but had been seen on so many ballots that I believe people thought he was the incumbent..

          • ByteMe says:

            The Ag Commissioner in Florida is named … not kidding… Charles Bronson.

            Wonder how many retirees think it’s the actor.

    • Silent Outrage says:

      Well I for one don’t care what her reasons are… If you’re going t spend more time running for office than doing your job that’s paid for by taxpayers, you should resign your office and stand on your accomplishments for higher office.

      On the local level that is what has to happen and it should be the same for statewide office.

      Though, I understand since you’re in the tank for Nathan Deal in the 9th District.

      • GOPGeorgia says:

        Nathan is a friend that I have known since 1992, but I have not and will not openly endorse any candidate for Gov. until the runoff is over. I think we are blessed with several good candidates on the GOP side. Roy is a has been without an office to raise money like he has previously. Yes, Roy will get some votes, but I’m betting it will be less than 50+1.

  12. Making Sense says:

    As a conservative having followed the Guv race very little, it seems Oxendine, Deal and Eric Johnson all have major ethical baggage. As constituents we must have ‘blind faith’ in our elected officials and therefore they should be held to a higher standard than most.

    I don’t know much about Jeff Chapman, Ray McBerry or Alvin Scott, which is probably a good thing, since they’ve managed to stay out of the headlines. The sunshine is only starting to shine in on Oxendine, Deal and Johnson it seems, and it is a bit disappointing that they are 3 of the top 4 candidates on the GOP side.

    It seems to me that if the R’s threw up Ox, Deal or Johnson, Roy Barnes would literally eat them alive.

    Just one old man’s $0.02

  13. Silent Outrage says:

    Personally, if I were going to get all mushy here, I’d be gushing over Jeff Chapman.

    He is honest to God one of the few decent people serving in office.

    I so do wish he would run for something he could win though. God can you imagine if he were Lt. Governor serving alongside David Ralston with a Governor Karen Handel?

    Three honest and ethical people serving in the top three positions of Georgia. At least we will have Governor Handel and Speaker Ralston to keep an eye on the Lt. Governor.

  14. Goldwater Conservative says:

    Allright then…

    As a liberal (conservative), former political op, retired researcher and Professor, I state the following: I am impressed.

    I am still a supporter of Nathan Deal and Roy Barnes, but I think Handel is making the correct and, more importantly, ethical move here.

    As a qualifier for the statement about Deal and Barnes, I do not support them because of issues only. I agree with about half of what Deal thinks and about three-quarters of what Barnes thinks (I can only give these percentages because I know both personally). I believe either would be the best choice for governor, regardless of past controversies, because they are the most intelligent two people out of the entire group of candidates and they are both running for what I believe are the right reasons.

    Personally, I just think Handel is out to have another title on her resume.

    • Silent Outrage says:

      Well I suppose that if we want to elect an intelligent corrupt person than that makes sense…

      But, we’re talking about someone under investigation by 2 different ethical committees and when it is all said and done – someone who very likely will be under a Justice Department investigation before it’s all said and done.

      So if the goal is to have someone who will be indicted – than go with Deal and have fun at that…

      • Making Sense says:

        Even if Nathan Deal is not indicted, the fact that he is even under investigation SHOULD eliminate him from LEADING A STATE.

        The man needs to stay in Washington where he can disappear into the anonymity of being a Congressman, rather than in the media glare of a gubernatorial campaign. He gives all Republicans a bad name, especially Georgians.

        Not to mention that he was a Democrat before he was a Republican. I don’t hear this mentioned very often for some reason.

    • South Fulton Guy says:

      So “personally” if a women aspires to do more for the citizens of GA it is for another title on her resume, but not for the men Deal, Johnson, Oxendine, Baker or Barnes?

  15. Making Sense says:

    Both Oxendine and Deal are out at this point, but it seems Eric Johnson has yet to fully explain the Glenn Richardson saga. I’ve gone to hear Eric Johnson speak and he seems like a decent man. As President of the Senate AND head of the ethics committee that was supposed to investigate Glenn, why did he do nothing?

    This shows that he either was protecting his old buddy Glenn, or does not have the gall to be the leader of a state. Actions speak louder than words. His inaction in this case is very disappointing, and unless he discloses a very compelling reason for not investigating this, he will remain ‘tainted’ and just another ‘good ole boy’ in my mind.

    The sad part is that the GA GOP is painted in a bad light, due to the actions of a few thoughtless politicians.

    • IndyInjun says:

      Same here, Making….

      I have not totally eliminated supporting Johnson.

      There is absolutely no way I silently go along with a Deal or Ox nomination.

    • Ken in Eastman says:

      Making Sense,

      I have not decided who I will support for governor. (Disclaimer done)

      If you read the complaint filed by Bobby Kahn, the dismissal makes more sense. There is no proof offered or promise of proof to come or where to get evidence. It uses the phrase “common knowledge” instead.

      I’m not sure how far the ethics panel can go in acquiring evidence, but I don’t think “common knowledge” would give them the right to begin an investigation.

      Having said that, I am extremely disappointed in Johnson’s failure to address ethics in a meaningful way. He is in a unique position to do so and he just sits there watching one batting practice fastball after another float by while he should be slapping them into the bleachers.

      Both Karen Handel and Austin Scott have done much better in addressing the issue.

    • Mozart says:

      hmmm. how does one open an investigation with no one offering anything other than “everybody knows he’s doing her”?

  16. Garth Algar says:

    This is beyond impressive. Handel’s laying it all on the line. Any leader dedicated enough to make this kind of personal sacrifice has her heart in the right place.

    • Elin is Hot says:

      “Beyond impressive.”

      So, a constitutional officer giving two weeks’ notice of her departure is an impressive show of character to you?

      Hope there’s no need for any special elections to occur in-between the time Sonny has to find a suitable, qualified replacement and the time such a person takes office.

      Yes…”impressive”. Most people outside of politics would call it dereliction of duty, but in the mind of a Handel fan, this is A-OK procedure.

      To answer anyone’s question, a 4- to 6-week notice would have been more appropriate for anyone in such a position to give notice they are leaving that type of position. That is how such things happen in “the real world,” as opposed to Alice’s Political Wonderland.

  17. Three Jack says:

    savvy move by karen, all in! makes ox look even more foolish than he does naturally just being the ox.

    • You’ll definitely honk em off. It was pointed out that I was a member of an anti-Ox group last spring. These folks read way too much into what groups a person is a member of, which begs the question, who are they to say what you ought to think?

      I got the phone call and it honked me off. However, I did remove myself from the group. Big Brother is watching.

  18. hopefulconservative says:

    I think the honorable thing is to complete the term to which you were elected. She probably will need the extra time to raise money after her next disclosure.

    • South Fulton Guy says:

      Correction: The honorable thing to do is not take a paycheck like OX while you are campaigning on the people’s nickle…..

      • Silent Outrage says:

        Or wreck 4 cars and order a new one during a budget crisis and fly around the state on the airplane campaigning.

  19. B Balz says:

    This is not necessarily a crack on Ms. Handel, but am I the only one that finds quitting the job you were elected to do to run for another office wrong?

    I understand that running for office is a full time job, and that quitting office to run for another office, should be the right thing to do. I also know that turnover is costly.

    So who runs the ship at SOS? Will that office suffer, I cannot how any office can run when the leader quits.

    Maybe I am way off base on this, but when Gov. Palin did it, i felt the same way.

    • Icarus says:

      Normally I would agree that it is a problem, especially if there is a cost to a special election involved.

      In this case, Handel was open for criticism either way. She either maintained her position and collected a salary and campaigned for another job while, more importanlty, overseeing her own election to a higher position; or, she resigns and gets called a quitter.

      In the end, with this being an “ethics” election, I’ll give the nod to saying she did the right thing here. Not overseeing her own election to a higher post avoids the appearance of impropriety. That’s much better than some of the other Governor candidates whose ethical standard seems to be “I haven’t been indicted yet”.

    • Elin is Hot says:

      Did she quit as Fulton County Commission Chair to run for Secretary of State, or did she just let her term expire?

      • Andre says:

        Karen Handel continued to hold the office of Fulton County Commission Chairman while running for Secretary of State. But she didn’t have to resign the office because the office was on the ballot in 2006 to begin with.

    • ready2rumble says:

      Palin is making a million bucks on a book deal. I don’t know how much she gets for speaking gigs. She is not an announced candidate for higher office. She just quit.

      Handel took the ethical high ground and resigned as SoS, which oversees elections. No one can claim that she is doing anything as SoS to sway the election.

      • GOPGeorgia says:


        You realize that there are big differences between running for President and and running for Gov., right? I don’t think there will be any announced candidates other than the incumbent until after the elections of 2010 are over. That doesn’t mean people aren’t running.

    • Game Fan says:

      Generally speaking, whenever an “office” is left without a “leader” and the sky doesn’t fall, this is like an “oh wow” moment for small government conservatism.

  20. fishtail says:

    Karen Handel’s reaction to Glenn Richardson and the boys and their illicit activities — she told WXIA the following:

    “To be told in my first days of being Secretary of State that the best way to get my legislation through in the legislature was to have a young hottie as my legislative person was rather… disturbing.”

    First, who told her that? Second, why is she just waiting until now to say something? Her silence makes her part of the “culture of silence” if not the “culture of corruption” itself. To stand by idly and do and say nothing while the merry pranksters partied away in the same building she was in does not say much for her as a reformer.

    • Elin is Hot says:

      3rd: Neither of your questions really matter to you as far as having an answer.

      Why did she not say anything about it until now? Because not all stupid things one is told should be spilled the moment one hears them.

      What is the “stand by idly” refer to? What power or authority did she have over the legislature as Secretary of State?

      Unlike real fish, you are apparently rotten from the tail up.

    • What about the janitor’s? Fishtail, that is about the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever read. According to your statement, perhaps we should fire every intern, every legislative assistant and ban all lobbyist, because Richardson and a few dropped their pants???? Get real.

      The fact is, Karen has been one of the most effective elected leaders we’ve had in some time, in any office. Who knows if she’s achieved everything should would have hoped, but she’s done darn good!

      The vetting process will produce the nominee, but I do appreciate how she handles the process and the pressure. The field of candidates we have is, quite frankly, pretty impressive. However, to label her as complicit is laughable.

      • jtimmons says:

        You seem to have all the information, why did you do nothing to address the problems? You choose to attack people for “idly sitting by”, and it appears, that other than blogging, you are just as guilty as those you choose to attack. Be man an actually practice what you preach….or are you just a self-absorbed as most of the elected officials in this state?

  21. Ludwig Von Beachbum says:

    Handels ethics influx would mean something if she had it when her old boss Perdue was screwing us, getting his tax break and giving away state owned beach front property on Jekyll to donors.

    • ByteMe says:

      You could generalize it a bit further to “this person said something I like and agree with” vs. “this person said something negative about something that I believe and that makes my head hurt”.

      • True, but something about the governor’s race is special. The magnitude of pluses and minuses flying about on Handel and Oxendine posts far exceeds that of posts about gay marriage, socialism, and other Peach Pundit intellectual pursuits. It even trumps college football!

          • IndyInjun says:

            The Bushites don’t dare bring that up, after Gannon/Guckert, Ted Haggard, Larry Craig and Mark Foley, because we have too much fun then.

        • Ken in Eastman says:

          It almost makes me want to pick a candidate just so I can participate more. You know, have somebody to root for and against. If I didn’t actually like to think, it would be so much more fun.

          “When ignorance is bliss, ’tis a folly to be wise.” – Thomas Gray

          • IndyInjun says:

            Exactly, I get heat for holding GOP incumbent’s feet to the fire and for being ‘negative.’

            The last time I made a big stand on PP FOR a candidate was for Casey Cagle……….uh, maybe I should wait and see on Handel…..

            (For the sake of disclosure I was more militantly anti-Ralph Reed….. this oughta bring Debbie out of hiding….)

  22. Elin is Hot says:

    Just curious if anyone else noticed the “2 weeks notice” Handel decided to give the entire state?

    She was elected to serve the state, not the Governor. While political supporters hail this as a “gutsy move”, I suspect most people, when having it framed that she gave the Governor 2 whopping weeks’ notice of her departure for him to find an interim choice, would look upon her as more of being just another political opportunist out for herself and her own self-interests.

    Haven’t we had enough of these kinds of people running for office?

    • NonPartisanGA says:

      Elin is Hot,

      Clearly you are an operative of an opposing gubernatorial campaign. Is “Elin is Hot” an alias for True Grit? These transparent visceral baseless attacks will not get your candidate out of his ethical quicksand…

  23. Silent Outrage says:

    What we really need are more people like this serving in public office. People that when they realize a conflict between the job they are serving and the one they are seeking step up and do the right thing. People who aren’t afraid to speak out about the issues important to Georgia. None of us are priveledged to her conversations with the Governor. For all we know she could have told him months ago.

    Frankly, ethics is at the core of every issue. Ethical compromises are standing in the way of doing what is right for the people of Georgia. Certain industries get tax breaks over others not because of the merits of their worth, but the influence of their lobbyists.

    We need a Governor who will see through that and do what’s right for the people of Georgia.

    • Mozart says:

      if she told “him months ago” it would have made her look a lot better to have announced it back then, don’t you think?

      I think Rick Thomson gave Sonny a 60-day notice that he was leaving as ED of the Ethics Commission, and he was just hired help.

      You don’t think someone who was elected owes the state at least that amount of time? Really? And her deputy left several months ago, so there really is no one there to “take over” unless Sonny can find a “yessir, Boss” to takeover for the remainder of her term.

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