Txt Updates. 12:40 – Ralston elected Speaker (pending approval of the full House).

As Clayton mentioned, Legislators, staffers and media can text information about the House GOP Caucus meeting to us.

Legislators, staffers, media: Send a text message to 404-425-9969 instead of using our tipline. This will hit the same chain as our tipline, so you can get straight to the heart of the PeachPundit staff in a fraction of the time.

Here are some of the texts we’ve received:

11:10 AM: 103 members voting in house caucus election. Majority is 52 votes
11:13 AM: David Knight nominated O’Neal. Mike Coan nominated Hembree.
11:14 AM: Wendell Willard nominated David Ralston.
11:30: Speaker candidates allotted 10 minutes each. Ralston first, then Hembree, then O’Neal.
12:46: Ralston by 3 votes.
12:55: First vote totals: O’Neal 43, Ralston 33, Hembree 27.

Other Texts:
Rep. Peake doing roll call “Congressman Tom Graves”. 🙂
Glenn is here…another vote for O’Neal I assume…they must think it’s going to be close.

Updates From Buzz:

11:30 AM: Ralston speaking now.
“It’s clear that change is needed”
“We need someone who will protect the independence of this body and respect the principles of our Republican Party.”
“We better walk out of here unified, strong, and headed in the right direction because if we don’t next fall someone will be running for minority leader, and someone over there will be organizing the People’s House” points to where the Dems. sit.
“This is not just an internal problem anymore”
“The people want us to be about what’s important to them”
From the AJC: “Update 1:25 p.m.: One lawmaker inside the chamber just texted to say Ralston won the speakership in a 55-48 vote.”

For those of you logging on via mobile device, I’ll try to post some updates.

11:55: They’re voting now.
12:10: Ballots being counted.
12:12: Sheldon: We will have a second ballot for Ralston and O’Neal
12:14: They’re handing out the 2nd ballots now.
12:22: Voting concluding on the 2nd ballot. Glenn Richardson about to speak.
12:30: Richardson concludes his remarks “Good bye my friends.”
12:40: David Ralston is the new Speaker of the House. He’s speaking now.
12:45: They’re moving on to election for Speaker Pro-Tem. Speeches going on now.
1:25: Candidates for Speaker Pro Tem speaking.
1:57: Counting of the ballots for Speaker Pro Tem begins….round 1
2:10 Round 2 begins with Jones, Cox, Walker, & Golick
From the AJC: Update 2;28 p.m.: Rep. Jan Jones of Atlanta has been chosen as speaker pro tem
3:10: Rep. Ed Lindsey is the new Majority Whip.

Folks I’m going to switch to Live Blogging this. Join in using the console below.


  1. bartsimpsonisdaman says:

    Bring on the scotch and hairy legged babes. This is just plain good. Y’all look like a bunch of shell shocked used car salesmen.

    The implosion is entertaining!

    Remember vote Barnes. He’s boring as hell, aint much to look at and certainly wouldn’t tolerate the bs you rpublicans are pulling.

  2. bartsimpsonisdaman says:

    B balz, hahahahahahahahaha. I’ve watched with humor as you spineless Republicans have trashed Democrats. Yet when you had the ability to do some good for the state what did you do?

    You sold yourselves out for head jobs and gave $300,000,000 to AGL because of the speakers whore? You call me a moron? Now we see Richardson’s pompus strolling in for his last hurrah. I’m sure there were plenty of hugs and backslapping. Scum like you is what is wrong with this state.

    Leave my beer alone, and the babes better have shaved legs.

  3. AthensRepublican says:

    Just back from the Capitol! Ralston is the right man for the time. Our representatives did the right thing.

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