Smith out in Speaker’s race

Wednesday evening State Rep. Tommy Smith was the second individual to announce in an e-mail to members of the caucus that he was withdrawing from consideration for Speaker. Always pushing his self interests, though, he made sure to note that we can all feel free to stop by his neck of the woods for blueberries. “Stop by and see me when you are in south Georgia and we will see that you leave happy and healthy with plenty of blueberries,” he wrote.

Smith now plans to return to legislative obscurity for another 29 years.


  1. Game Fan says:

    Eeeasy there Chopper. Pushing blueberries? WTF? Now if he was promoting rasberries or strawberries, I could see the justification in the outrage, but blueberries?

    • Ken in Eastman says:

      Thanks for posting the link to a newer photo. I wouldn’t have recognized him from the old one – even if we was wearing an ID badge.

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