Jan Jones elected Speaker Pro Tem.

I’m actually trying to get some work done today and stepped away from the computer for a few minutes. I’m back now and see this from the AJC:

Update 2;28 p.m.: Rep. Jan Jones of Atlanta has been chosen as speaker pro tem.

On the second ballot. Wow. Congrats to Rep. Jones.


  1. acoalson says:

    How did Rep. Jones get a promotion in this debacle? Either she was complicit in the wrong doing by saying nothing, or she was nieve enough not to know what was going on. Either way, she should have been tossed.

    • AthensRepublican says:

      I will be interested to hear some inside perspective on how this race shaped up behind the scenes. Erick? Icarus? Pete?

      Regardless, Congratulations to Rep. Jones.

  2. Icarus says:

    First, Congrats to Representative Jones.

    As to AR’s request, there never appeared to be much of a race.

    This slot appeared to be hers from the time it became clear there was going to be an election. I heard more than one rep tell me it was “hers to lose”, and it appeared to remain that way as the other races shaped up.

    She is respected by those closest to the old leadership team, but also by those who wanted changes made. She has a reputation as someone who works hard on actual issues. Her main criticisms were her closeness with Burkhalter, but most viewed that as one that made good politics as to an ideological attachment.

    As far as her being part of the scandal, she was elected in to leadership just one year ago, after Ralston challenged Richarson for Speaker. She was not part of leadership when the Richardson affair occurred, and in fact, was added to the leadership team to placate those who demanded change last year. As such, in the minds of most house members, she is not tainted with the current scandals.

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