Loudermilk out in Speaker’s race

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Dear Friends,

Over the past three weeks, I have been honored and humbled by the many citizens across our district and the state that have actively and publicly encouraged me to be considered as the next Speaker of the Georgia House of Representatives. I believe this grassroots effort is evidence of the growing interest the public has in ensuring that their elected representatives and government leaders hold to the highest standards of conduct and moral values.

Since being elected to the House of Representatives in 2004, I have worked hard to represent the people of the 14th District, and I have held firmly to my faith, my personal values and convictions, and my conservative political ideals.

As an undeclared candidate for the Speakers office, I have received significant support from a number of my colleagues in the House and many local elected officials, as well as public endorsement of local Republican Party committees.

I am very grateful to those who have given their public and private endorsement to me, and I believe this overwhelming support shows the desire for true conservative leadership in our state.

After much prayer and careful consideration, I have decided that, at this important juncture, the state would be best served if I, and other conservatives, combine our support behind a candidate who also holds to the principles of less government, lower taxes, more personal responsibility and traditional American values.

I will not seek the office of Speaker of the House during Thursday’s meeting of the House Republican caucus; however, I will be encouraging my colleagues, to get behind the candidate that most closely represents the ideals and values that we represent.

I am confident that, through this united effort, we will emerge with a solid nominee to take on the role of Speaker of the Georgia House.

Barry Loudermilk
District 14, Georgia House of Representatives


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