Larry O’Neal was the Governor’s lawyer…and for lobbyists, too?

As Doug Richards at 11Alive is reporting this evening, fresh from the explanation concerning work State Representative Larry O’Neal (pictured, left) did as Governor Sonny Perdue’s personal attorney and later with revisions to the tax code as a legislator, comes information that O’Neal also has helped friends of Speaker Glenn Richardson.

On January 19, 2007, O’Neal (as a private attorney) filed papers with the Georgia Secretary of State’s office to establish the organization and corporation of MMV Consulting, LLC. As the paperwork filed with the Secretary of State’s office shows, MMV Consulting, LLC was the lobbying firm of Jarrell “Jay” Walker, Jr. (pictured, right), who was Speaker Richardson’s first Chief of Staff and later, obviously, a lobbyist. Indeed, Walker registered as a lobbyist with the the State Ethics Commission just five days later, on January 25, 2007. Walker, it should be noted, is no longer a registered lobbyist.

It is important to note that there is absolutely no suggestion, belief, or even hint of any illegality or that O’Neal was paid for this work. He very easily could have simply been helping out a young man establish his business with the Secretary of State’s office. But some are asking this evening just how much of an independent, free spirit a “Speaker Larry O’Neal” would be when he has such layered connections to the proverbial “Old Guard.”


  1. politicalwidow says:

    Did Larry O’Neal do a single thing wrong in this?

    The unfair feeding frenzy in this election is beyond belief.

    • Pete Randall says:

      I do not necessarily disagree. At least with my post above, the purpose was just to convey information, not pass judgment.

      In recent weeks I have been hard on O’Neal but accept his statements this week concerning the land deal at face value. With this latest “news,” I’ve made sure to note the complete lack of any illegality.

  2. Lifetime367 says:

    I agree that the feeding frenzy about Larry O’Neal is ridiculous and over the top. “Mistakes were made” as Reagan said years ago, but O’Neal is not the type of guy to deliberately set out to do something unethical or illegal.

  3. Bloodhound says:

    All the things he did may not have been “deliberately” unethical or illegal but there is no denying that he did them all the same.

    Republicans have a lot of heavy lifting to do in the coming years. We don’t need the added burden of carrying extra questionable burden.

    He is simply not the right man for the job.

    • politicalwidow says:

      This is the perfect example of the “when did you stop beating your wife” tactic.

      Raise false complaints and overblown attacks, make the candidate respond – then say “it may not be unethical, but it looks bad and we can’t have the taint of scandal.”

      Since when did Republicans flake out on a guy who has been attacked by a Democrat Party Chairman and the liberal media for what appear to be no more than bad coincidences and harmless filings?

  4. ByteMe says:

    But some are asking this evening just how much of an independent, free spirit a “Speaker Larry O’Neal” would be when he has such layered connections to the proverbial “Old Guard.”

    Here’s where the whole thing fell apart. You were good up until this point.

    There’s really no “there” here. No smoking gun. An associate needed an entity set up and a lawyer creates it.

    BTW, I wasn’t here at the time, but did any front pagers semi-snark like this at Richardson’s divorce proceedings being hijacked by his former law partner (now a judge) and then sent to an undisclosed secure location? There are “layers” and there are layers.

  5. Justin Tomczak says:

    What is the point of this post?

    Helping Jay Walker (a really sharp guy who I worked along side of while at the GAGOP) form his own business is somehow newsworthy?

    Don’t we have more substantive issues to talk about in relation to tomorrow’s vote?

    Just saying.

    • AthensRepublican says:

      I agree. We could be discussing Larry O’Neal’s lack of leadership abilities.

      I assume this Jay Walker is the son of County Commissioner Jay and grandson of Homer Jay?

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