FOX5 on Richardson and his lobbyist “hook up” friend

FOX5’s Dale Russell is reporting this evening on the relationship between Glenn Richardson and lobbyist Raymon White (pictured) in e-mails where the two discuss how and when the former can meet the female lobbyist who he was having an affair with. Russell also noted the many times White filed disclosure reports on meals he bought for Richardson, but failed to disclose who was at the meals and what specific client was paying for White’s lobbying services.


  1. IndyInjun says:

    The ironies these days are simply intense.

    You cannot call these folks dishonest when they point blank tell you they are in “Public Affairs” or “Government Relations.”

    The TARP boss was named Cash Carry.

    The Ponzi king was Made Off (with your money)

    The GE CEO is Immelt as in “I’m melting the share price.

    God in his wrath is showing he has a sense of humor.

  2. politicalwidow says:

    Funny thing. I am hearing “Mr. Change” Bill Hembree is cutting a deal with Ben Harbin, promising to let him keep his job at Appropriations in exchange for the skirt chaser vote.

    • flyonthewall says:

      I will assure you political widow, your sources are dead wrong. I just got off the phone with someone from Hembree’s team and that is preposturous. Let’s just all start telling whoppers here.

      • politicalwidow says:

        My sources are usually dead on. Hembree’s own supporters have overhead him say Harbin will be kept at Approps “because we can’t have change there in the middle of a budget crisis.”

        There’s lots of smoke on this. Lots.

  3. politicalwidow says:

    I’m sorry, Hembree is calling himself “Mr. Clean”

    I wonder what Mr. Clean is going to do when Fox5 runs the story about Harbin that everyone knows it coming.

  4. politicalwidow says:

    I’m also hearing Hembree is promising everybody everything to win.

    I wonder what the House is going to look like when Hembree has to rearrange all the committee chairs – and then gets beat next year in the election because his district will be 40% black by then.

    Very disappointing from Hembree. He’s a good guy who appears to be selling out to win this election.

  5. B Balz says:

    “Gypsies, whores, and thieves, I heard it from a …. ” – Cher

    Whatever. Move along people, nothing to see here.

  6. Lifetime367 says:

    why “nothing to see”? Please explain. Looks like a big deal to me. Are you saying it’s okay for a lobbyist to facilitate the legislators extra-marital affairs?

      • politicalwidow says:

        On this we totally agree. My Capitol buddies tell me this is a deep well they are looking into, and they frankly need to do so. This particularly lobbyist has a very bad reputation for facilitating the scummy behavior that has been going on down there.

        • Elin is Hot says:

          There is nothing illegal about free speech…which is all that a lobbyist is doing for their clients.

          Granted, it is “free speech” by way of sexual favors. But, hey, whatever gets the job done.

  7. Making Sense says:

    Tomorrow is like Groundhogs Day. The House Republican Caucus will come together and decide if we have months more of scandal or not.

    The cleanest break from the past of scandal, corruption, cheating, and inside Deals (no pun intended) may be David Ralston.

    Also, do the right thing and wipe out your entire leadership team and vote afresh for leaders.

    • Ken in Eastman says:

      Making Sense,

      I agree 100%.

      David Ralston, a completely new leadership and move forward in the RIGHT way.

    • ByteMe says:

      I like the metaphor! Now we only have to not have it like the movie where the next day looks just like the previous one.

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